Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 77 (77 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 77 (77 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 76 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 77, Konur starts looking for Osman in the forest. Osman kills some of the Vizier’s soldiers and starts looking for a place to hide. Turgut and some soldiers dressed as merchants enter the castle. The vizier’s men begin to announce in Sogut that Osman is a traitor. Malhun goes to the inn and tells the Vizier that Osman is actually innocent. The vizier learns that Osman escaped from the soldiers and sets out to go to the tribe. Osman goes to one of the caves in the mine and cauterizes the wound on his shoulder. Selcan says Osman has a plan and asks the tribe to wait patiently. Nikola invites Mari to have dinner and starts talking to her. Mari says Turks are strong. Meanwhile, Turgut sneaks into the castle and starts looking for Mari. The vizier goes to the tribe and tells them that Osman has escaped.

Sheikh says all the truth will come out. The vizier says that someone should replace Osman and declares Gunduz to be the new Bey. Mari attacks Nikola with a knife, but fails. Nikola stabs Mari and in the meantime, Turgut comes. Turgut helps Mari and escapes with her through the tunnel in the castle. Nikola begins to follow Mari with his soldiers. Gunduz sits on the throne of Osman and says that he will now ensure peace. The vizier asks Konur to find Osman as soon as possible. Osman thanks Allah after everything that happened to him. Osman realizes that Konur is approaching and runs away from the cave. Turgut asks Mari who kidnapped her.

Mari says she fainted after drinking the sherbet made by Aisha and when she woke up she saw the Seljuk soldiers. While searching for Mari, Nikola learns that the Vizier has summoned him to the inn and changes his plan. The vizier’s soldiers come to the tribe and say that Osman is against the Sultan’s order. Malhun argues with Gunduz and starts looking for Osman. Turgut goes to Malhun with Mari. Turgut says they have to find Osman as soon as possible and starts searching with Abdal. Vizier’s soldiers begin to secretly follow Turgut. Osman comes out of the forest and goes to a shepherd. The shepherd recognizes Osman and hides him among his animals. After a short while, Konur comes and starts asking questions to the shepherd. The shepherd does not help Konur. After Konur moves away from there, Osman reappears.

The shepherd says he will help Osman and gives him his food. Osman thanks the shepherd and says that he will never forget his kindness. Osman then starts walking towards the shepherd’s tent on the mountain. Some of the vizier’s soldiers stop Osman and attack him. A man in the forest comes out of his hiding place and helps Osman. Osman thanks this man and asks him who he is. This man says he came from the Caucasus and is looking for Osman. Osman starts walking towards the shepherd’s tent together with these men. The vizier calls Gunduz to the inn and tells him that he will send Osman’s soldiers to Konya. The lords go together to Sogut. Turgut and Malhun go to the tent where Osman is hiding. Abdal immediately tries to treat Osman’s wound. Osman asks how is Mari’s condition and who kidnapped her from the tribe. Malhun tells her husband what the Vizier did in Sogut. Osman says that the real plan of the Vizier is different and asks about the situation of the tribe.

Malhun says that the Vizier has declared Gunduz the new Bey. Osman is surprised by this situation but says that if Gunduz does good deeds, he will accept his new administration. The vizier holds a meeting with the Beys and lords. The vizier says that everyone living in the border area has suffered a lot. The vizier continues to speak and says that he will establish a new market in this region. The vizier says that the new market to be established will be in Inegol for a month and in Sogut for a month. Turgut tells Osman that Gunduz kidnapped Mari. Osman asks Turgut to be calm and says he will punish even his brother if necessary. Malhun says that the Vizier will send the Alps to Konya. Osman asks Malhun to talk to Sheikh and tells him his plan. Osman then asks Abdal to talk to Kosses about Mari.

After the meeting is over, the Vizier says that all the Lords will fight each other. Gunduz asks questions about the mine, but the Vizier says that it now belongs to the Seljuks. The vizier learns that Konur still has not found Osman and thinks that he will try to take the Alps back. Aygul returns to the tribe and tells Bala that Osman is in good condition. Malhun tells Osman’s plan to Sheikh and asks him to hold a ceremony. Sheikh accepts Osman’s plan and goes to talk to the vizier. That night, Abdal goes to the castle and tells that Mari is with Osman. Kosses is very surprised by this situation. Abdal continues talking and tells that Nikola injured Mari. Kosses is very angry with Nikola and says that he will help Osman to take revenge on him. Hearing the invitation of Sheikh, the vizier is very happy and says that he will go to the ceremony.

Kosses goes to Osman’s tent and talks to Mari. Osman asks Kosses for help and says he will use his car to go to Sogut. The next day, Kosses’ soldiers secretly take Osman to Sogut. Abdal gives drinks to the Vizier’s soldiers and makes them sleep. Sheikh’s students read the Quran first and then start the ceremony. Osman sneaks into the inn with Turgut. Osman learns that Bahadir is the traitor in the tribe and attacks him. After Osman saves his soldiers, Konur comes. Osman kills Konur. Sheikh speaks at the Ahi ceremony and congratulates the new master. The vizier learns that Osman entered the inn and saved the soldiers. The vizier tells Sheikh that he has a very important job and immediately goes to the inn. Osman leaves Sogut with all his soldiers and says they are going to Inegol now.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 77 English & Urdu Subtitles

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