Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 8 (8 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 8 (8 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 Review

Sheikh Edebali plans to give sacred treasures on the condition that he takes Osman Bey back. This situation surprises Bala Hatun. Sheikh Edebali sends Bala Hatun to the Kayi plain. Meanwhile, Princess Sophia tortures Osman, but Osman Bey does not tell her where Sheikh Edebali is. Princess Sophia stabs Bogac Alp. Efendi Yannis comes and rejoices at the view he sees. Bamsi Alp wants to attack the castle, but Dundar Bey does not allow him. Selcan Hatun’s insistence on this matter makes everything worse. Gunduz Bey and Bamsi Alp will go to the castle and talk to Princess Sophia. Dundar Bey assigns his son Batur Alp and his Alps to search for Osman. Efendi Yannis is happy to catch Osman Bey and thinks he has won everything. Osman Bey resists Efendi Yannis’ torture and says nothing to him. Efendi Yannis tortured Osman Bey with a hot iron.

Efendi Yannis continues to ask where Sheikh Edebali is but receives no answer. The Alps of Osman Bey begin to read surahs and thus they endure heavy tortures. Batur Alp and Samsa Chavus meet in the forest. They are not good because of what happened to Osman Bey and the recent events. Bamsi Alp and Gunduz Bey go to the castle and talk to Princess Sophia. Princess Sophia says that she does not know anything about Osman Bey. Bamsi Alp says that if something happens to Osman Bey and the Alps, he will destroy the castle. Princess Sophia says that she will keep the peace and even she has lost her husband to achieve this peace. She even assigns all her soldiers to call Osman Bey to persuade them. Efendi Yannis returns to the castle.

Dursun goes to the castle to convey Sheikh Edebali’s message, but the soldiers recognize his face. He tries to go to Princess Sophia by using a soldier taken hostage. Batur Alp tries to learn the location of Osman by bribing the Christian soldier named Huan that he has taken hostage. The soldier agrees to bring Osman Bey’s head. Meanwhile, Osman Bey faints because of torture and has a dream. In this dream, Osman Bey wears a white dress and talks to Sheikh Edebali. Osman Bey says he is helpless and asks Sheikh Edebali’s help to be free. Sheikh Edebali gives Osman Bey a handful of clay, but Osman Bey cannot take it because his hands are tied. Osman Bey continues to try and get rid of his chains and take the clay in his hand. Sheikh Edebali tells that the real treasure is knowledge, that he should save himself from his evil features and not give up hope from Allah.

Osman Bey continues to extract the clay and wakes up from his dream. Then he begins to say Al-Inshirah. Bala Hatun comes to Kayi plain, but Aygul Hatun does not meet her well. Bala Hatun does not accept Aygul’s charges. Meanwhile, Selcan Hatun comes and ends their discussion. Thanks to Andreas, who was the hostage, Dursun comes across Princess Sophia and states that he wants to say the offer of Sheikh Edebali. Princess Sophia is ready to listen to the offer, but Dursun starts waiting for Efendi Yannis, as he is not in the castle. Selcan Hatun is worried about Osman Bey and Bala Hatun tries to calm her down. This situation bothers Zohre Hatun. Osman Bey and the Alps try to get rid of the chains. Osman Bey saves his one hand and neutralizes the military who comes to control him. Then Osman Bey gets rid of all the chains.

The tension between Zohre Hatun and Selcan Hatun is gradually increasing. Selcan Hatun wants to host Bala as a guest in her tent, and if there is a problem, she asks Dundar Bey to come and talk to her face to face. Osman Bey removes the chains in the Alps. Meanwhile, Byzantine soldiers noticed this situation and the fight started. Dursun’s waiting does not take long and Efendi Yannis comes to the castle. Dursun says that Sheikh Edebali will give the sacred treasure to save Osman Bey, but the only condition is that Sheikh Edebali sees Osman Bey as safe and sound. Efendi Yannis accepts this requirement and asks Megala to take Osman Bey to the exchange location. The Christian soldier released by Batur Alp returns to kill Osman Bey and tells that Batur Alp wants Osman to die. But Batur Alp comes at the last moment and helps Osman Bey.

Batur Alps says that he made a plan to find the location of Osman and Osman Bey is released. Osman, who sees Abdurrahman Ghazi, thinks his father has come, but Gunduz Bey says that Ertugrul Bey is sick. Meanwhile, Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun get closer and closer. Selcan Hatun talks about Osman’s childhood. Bala Hatun asks about Osman. Selcan Hatun says that Osman loves Bala Hatun. Osman Bey, Gunduz Bey, Bamsi Alp, Abdurrahman Ghazi and the Alps come back to the Kayi plain. Osman Bey sees that Dundar Bey represents his father’s place and kisses his hand. Dundar Bey congratulates Batur Alp for saving Osman Bey. Selcan Hatun tells Osman Bey that Bala is in the tent. Megala and soldiers learn that the prisoners have escaped. Osman Bey comes to see Bala. Bala Hatun is happy to see Osman, but at the same time, she is sad that Osman was injured. Efendi Yannis and Dursun wait for Sheikh Edebali in the forest. After a while, Sheikh Edebali comes and talks to Efendi Yannis.

Efendi Yannis tries to make fun of Sheikh, but Sheikh Edebali does not give up his ideas. Osman Bey comes to his tent and looks at the wounds on his body. Osman gets stronger and becomes more determined as he looks at his wounds. Efendi Yannis says he will deceive and use more Turks. Sheikh Edebali says that Yannis is a devil’s toy. Zohre Hatun tells that Bala is on the plain. Dundar Bey, who learned this, gets angry and goes to Osman’s tent. Dundar Bey asks Bala Hatun why she came to the plain and how Edebali learned the location of the Alps. Bala Hatun says that her father had a dream and that this issue should be discussed with her father.

Dundar Bey laughs at this dream and says that with the arrival of Sheikh Edebali, all the troubles have increased. Dundar Bey says that he does not want any more trouble in the plain, Bala Hatun and her father should go and Osman should not cooperate with them. Hearing them, Bala Hatun leaves the tent. Osman says that Princess Sophia injured him and Bala Hatun was innocent. Osman leaves the tent to catch Bala and asks her where Sheikh Edebali is. Bala Hatun says that she does not know where her father is going. Osman Bey is angry at this situation and asks what is going on. Bala Hatun says that her father will give the treasure to Yannis. Osman Bey guesses where Edebali is going and goes to save him. Dundar Bey warns Selcan but Selcan Hatun warns him back.

Megala tells Efendi Yannis that Osman Bey has escaped. Efendi Yannis, who learns this, stars the war and the fight begins. Osman Bey and the Alps come to the fight place. Efendi Yannis is injured and runs away. Osman Bey kills Megala. Bala Hatun is prepared for the arrival of Selcan Hatun. Osman Bey and Sheikh Edebali walk together. Osman Bey asks questions to Sheikh Edebali and asks his forgiveness. Efendi Yannis comes to the castle in a wounded state. Commander Kalanos asks questions about what happened. Everything is exposed now. Bala Hatun talks to her father about marriage. Osman Bey pours water into the graves of the martyrs and swears that he will win this war.

Selcan Hatun comes to the inn and talks to Sheikh Edebali. Aygul Hatun agrees to marry Alisar, who learns that Selcan Hatun went to the inn. Selcan Hatun asks permission from Sheikh Edebali for the marriage of Osman Bey and Bala Hatun. But Sheikh Edebali rejects this offer by saying that Osman Bey and Bala Hatun are not equal. While Osman Bey is having dinner with the Alps, Selcan Hatun comes back to the tent and tells Osman that Sheikh Edebali does not want this marriage. Why did Sheikh Edebali refuse this marriage? What will Osman Bey do next? What is Yannis’ next move to stop Osman and take the treasure?

Kurulus Osman Episode 8 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitle

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