Watch Kurulus Osman Full Season 1 English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Full Season 1 English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Synopsis

The theme of the series is the life of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi, the difficulties he faced, and how the Ottoman state was established. Famous names such as Burak Ozcivit (Osman Bey), Ozge Torer (Bala Hatun), Ragip Savas (Dundar Bey) play in the series. Starting after the end of Dirilis Ertugrul, the series continues with almost the same cast.

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No matter how fictional the series is based on, it successfully tells the life and challenges in Anatolia, inspired by Turkish and Islamic history. In the first episodes, the relations between the Kayi tribe and Byzantine are displayed. Osman Bey’s uncle Dundar Bey ruled the plain in the absence of Ertugrul Ghazi. Dundar Bey wants to make a deal with Byzantium and earn more money for his tribe, but things do not go as he intended. Byzantine governor Yorgopolos is killed by a plan made by his wife and commander Kalanoz. Sofia, the governor’s wife, blames Osman Bey for this incident. Osman Bey escapes proving his innocence. Meanwhile, Bamsi’s son Aybars is martyred. This event deeply affects Bamsi.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, When Osman is searching for the murderers of Aybars, Sheikh Edebali and Ahis come. Efendi (Master) Yannis begins to make treacherous plans while their arrival makes the Turks happy. Soon, Osman Bey saw Bala Hatun, Edebali’s daughter, and fell in love with her. Bala takes Osman Bey to her father and introduces them. Osman Bey remembers Sheikh Edebali from the stories told by his father and respects him. Meanwhile, Dundar Bey threatens Byzantine due to Aybars’ death and the agreement to be broken. Osman is arrested because of Sofia’s charges and waits for trial. But for Osman Bey this wait will not be easy because Bala has been kidnapped. Yannis and the soldiers attack the market and kill everyone. Alisar Bey wants to judge Osman in Sogut, but Kalanoz objects to it. Yannis poisons Bala and wants to take the treasure in the hands of Sheikh Edebali. Osman Bey catches Teokles, but Batur kidnaps him. Osman gets very angry and punishes Batur. Osman Bey has to take over the antidote to save Bala. The tension between Dundar and Osman is increasing day by day.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, Osman Bey takes the antidote from Yannis’s hand and gets rid of all charges. Sheikh Edebali is not happy with Osman’s behavior and thinks he is not mature enough. Selcan Hatun comes back to the plain, but Zohre, the wife of Dundar, is very disturbed by this situation. Yannis turns out to be guilty, but someone else is executed instead of Yannis. Sofia thinks that she has fooled Dundar Bey. Abdurrahman Ghazi comes back to the plain and says that Ertugrul Ghazi is sick. This news upset everyone. Yannis’ soldier Salvador sets up a trap and catches Osman. Sheikh Edebali tries to save Osman Bey. Thanks to Sheikh Edabali, Osman and his Alps are freed from the dungeon of Yannis. Osman Bey sends Selcan to Edebali to marry Bala, but Sheikh Edebali does not allow this marriage. Osman Bey cannot understand Sheikh Edebali’s decision and is upset. Yannis continues to make treacherous plans. The existence and movements of Sheikh Edebali disturb Yannis very much. Then Yannis tells Kalanoz to set up a trap to kill Sheikh Edebali. Osman saves Sheikh Edebali when he is about to lose his life. While Alisar and Sofia are about to secretly form an alliance, the news of the Kalanoz’s death comes. Sofia blames Osman Bey again. Alisar goes to Kayi plain and gets angry with Dundar to find the responsible for this event. Osman Bey gets angry at Alisar and leaves the tent.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, Alisar attacks Gunduz Bey to take revenge on the Kayi and injures him. Osman Bey begins the search to find those who attack his brother. Alisar wants to marry Bala to control Sheikh Edebali, but Edebali does not allow him. Yannis disguises and tries to control Alisar by giving news about the future. Dundar tries to prevent the Mongols from coming to the plain by giving back the gold of Alisar, but the Mongols are already coming to Sogut. Mongolian soldiers led by Commander Balgay begin killing everyone and looting their homes. Osman Bey is the only person who resists the persecution of Balgay. The main purpose of Commander Balgay is to capture Byzantine castles in the border area. Balgay offers Osman Bey a duty and asks him to work for him, but Osman Bey does not accept it. The only important thing for Osman is freedom. Balgay thinks that Alisar is no longer useful and tries to cooperate with Princess Sofia. Sofia leans towards this offer by Balgay to destroy the Turks.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, Commander Balgay goes to Kayi plain and threatens everyone. Gunduz and Batur are on the brink of death. Dundar Bey accepts what Balgay said and obey him to avoid further confusion. Meanwhile, white-bearded men emerge and say they will help Osman. Osman listens to what these men say and starts to set up a trap against Balgay. Osman’s actions disturb Dundar. Dundar orders Osman to be exiled from the plain. Osman Bey accepts this and goes to Samsa’s tent. Although Osman and Samsa have the same goal, Osman’s failure to share information about white-bearded men with anyone disturbs Samsa. A controversy arises between Samsa and Osman. Balgay became stronger as he took over the dagger belonging to Genghis Khan. Meanwhile, Alisar secretly killed Batur and blamed Osman Bey. This incident makes Dundar and his wife Zohre hostile to Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, Osman Bey comes to the plain to take back the belongings of Genghis Khan, but Batur betrays him once again. Osman Bey is hit by an arrow in the middle of the plain because of Batur. For Osman, his uncle Dundar and his son Batur are nothing. Meanwhile, Samsa Bey starts preparing to attack the Mongols alone. Commander Balgay is out of control now and takes Gunduz captive to catch Osman. Balgay’s soldiers tortured Gunduz in a variety of ways, but Gunduz says nothing. Dundar Bey is completely under the control of Balgay and he thinks that he has made his plain a safe place. Osman Bey and Samsa reunite and attack Balgay’s secret place. Osman Bey rescues his brother Gunduz Bey. Osman catches Princess Sofia and Kongar as the next move.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, Dundar Bey arrives when Osman is attacking Commander Balgay. Dundar Bey blames Osman Bey for the death of his son. While Osman Bey and Dundar are fighting, a soldier of Alisar hits Dundar with an arrow. Dundar Bey is seriously injured and Alisar plans to use this situation. Osman Bey sends him to a safe place and treats him to save his uncle’s life. During Dundar’s absence, an election is made in the Kayi plain and Gunduz Bey is elected as the leader. The murderer of Bamsi’s son, Salvador, becomes a Muslim and starts working for Osman Bey. Alisar Bey goes to the Byzantine fortress and tries to persuade Princess Sofia. Alisar’s only goal is to eliminate Osman and the Kayis. Soldiers of Alisar attack Abdurrahman Ghazi and kidnap Dundar. Meanwhile, Zohre and Aygul say they will leave the plain. Alisar invites them to his mansion. Mongolian emperor Geyhatu wants to ally with Byzantium and will, therefore, marry Adelfa. White-bearded men give Osman Bey a duty to break this alliance. While Princess Adelfa is on her way to Konya, Osman Bey kidnaps her and takes her to the Kayi plain. Balgay is angry because he could not take Genghis Khan’s laws to Geyhatu and wants revenge on Osman Bey. Dundar meets with his family and starts to plan for revenge from Osman Bey. Osman Bey meets with Balgay. Balgay says that Alisar worked for Geyhatu Khan and killed Batur. Osman Bey forms an alliance with Balgay to finish Alisar. Balgay accepts this offer because he thinks that he will take Genghis Khan’s laws.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, Selcan Hatun tries to hide Princess Adelfa in the plain, but Burcin sneaks upon her. Osman Bey and Balgay go to Alisar’s mansion and ask where Dundar is. Alisar lies. Osman Bey continues to implement his plan and says that the laws of Genghis Khan are in Yannis. Balgay gets angry and sends his troops to the castle. Dundar Bey and his family decide to return to the plain and set off. Kongar takes Genghis Khan’s laws and sets out to hand them over to Balgay. Dundar Bey goes to the plain and accepts the leadership of Gunduz Bey. The main purpose of Dundar Bey is to find the princess. Alisar sends a letter to Geyhatu Khan saying that the princess is in the Kayi plain, but Osman Bey’s Alp catches the messenger. Bamsi Alp and Gunduz Bey think Dundar is responsible for kidnapping Princess Adelfa. Meanwhile, Ertugrul Ghazi’s brother, Sungur Tekin, who has not been visible for years, emerges as a monk and learns the person who will take over the Byzantine throne. Osman Bey rescues his uncle Sungur Tekin from the hands of Mongolian Commander Boke. Sungur Tekin goes to the Byzantine castle. Dundar Bey calls his son Bahadir, whom he had previously sent into exile, to the plain. According to his father’s plan, Bahadir comes to the plain and causes new problems.

In Kurulus Osman Season 1, To become stronger, Alisar hides Princess Adelfa in his mansion and waits for a suitable time to deliver her to Geyhatu Khan. Alisar will marry Aygul to control Dundar Bey. Aygul accepts this marriage because she wants revenge from Osman Bey. Osman Bey comes back to the plain and argues with his uncle. Balgay’s soldier Kongar remembers the facts about himself and takes action to take revenge on Balgay. Osman Bey wants to use Aygul to show the facts about Alisar to Dundar. Alisar takes action as soon as possible to save Dundar from the hands of Osman Bey. Aygul says he will help Osman Bey. Then Osman Bey sends Aygul to Alisar’s mansion. Aygul talks to Alisar and asks him to save her family. Kongar kidnaps Princess Adelfa from Alisar’s mansion to help Osman. Aygul betrays Osman Bey and Alisar attacks Osman. Alisar takes Dundar from Osman’s hand and tells that he will send Osman Bey to Geyhatu Khan. What will Osman Bey do next? Who will help Osman and Kayis?

Kurulus Osman Season 1 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles

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