Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 with English, Urdu & Bangali Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 5 Review

Commander Kalanos, Princess Sofia and Alisar Bey come to Kayi plain and talk about what happened with Dundar Bey. Commander Kalanos wants to judge Osman Bey at the castle, while Alisar Bey wants to judge him at Sogut. When Princess Sofia accepts this, a decision is taken on the prosecution of Osman in Sogut. Sheikh Edebali sends a man and summons Osman Bey. Gunduz Bey is concerned about the court’s decision and wants to find Dundar Bey and his brother. Osman’s Alps bring Dursun and Bala Hatun to the plain who are wounded. Meanwhile, Osman Bey meets Sheikh Edebali in the forest. Osman Bey wants to take him to the plain as soon as possible, but Sheikh Edebali collects clay. Dundar Bey sends Osman’s Alps to the caged tent. Bala Hatun is in a difficult situation and can die at any moment. Hatuns in plain try to heal her. Sheikh Edebali says that Princess Sofia is the daughter of Efendi Yannis and Osman will kidnap her.

Efendi Yannis, Commander Kalanos, and Princess Sofia plan to create chaos in the Kayi tribe. They think of using the love between Osman Bey and Bala Hatun to get the treasure back. Alisar Bey learns that Bala Hatun was poisoned and went to Kayi plain. The relationship between Sheikh Edebali and Osman bothers Alisar Bey and immediately sends a man to talk to Osman Bey about the court. Batur Alp tortures Osman’s Alps and beats them. Alisar Bey’s man finds Osman and invites him to court. Sheikh Edebali comes to the tent of Ertugrul Ghazi and visits his daughter. Dundar Bey learns that his daughter Aygul loves Osman but Zohre Hatun proposes to marry her daughter to Alisar Bey. Edebali’s arrival disturbs Dundar Bey.

Gunduz Bey is worried about his brother Osman and therefore plans to kidnap him if something else happens. Commander Kalanos proposes to attack the Turks to get the treasure, but Sofia refuses it. Princess Sofia wants to isolate and divide the Turks. Osman Bey, Bamsi Bey, and Samsa Chavus attack Princess Sofia and Commander Kalanos and take them as prisoners. While waiting for the Qadis (judges) to come, Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey talk about the court and Osman’s trial. Osman Bey sends Commander Kalanos to tell Efendi Yannis that he has taken Princess Sofia hostage.

A man of Commander Kalanos comes to the court and tells the court what Osman is doing. Alisar Bey is very angry with this situation and sets out to find Osman. Dundar Bey and Gunduz Bey accompany him. Commander Kalanos tells Efendi Yannis that Princess Sofia has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Osman comes with Princess Sofia to Kayi plain and visits Bala Hatun. Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey rush into the plain and talk to Osman. Alisar Bey tells the Alps to capture Osman, but Osman’s Alps stop them. Osman Bey wants Sofia to be judged, not himself. When Osman Bey will tell the truth, Commander Kalanos arrives and brings the antidote. Edebali makes her daughter drink the antidote immediately. Commander Kalanos points to the monk Yannis as the person responsible for all the crimes and withdraws all the charges against Osman Bey and tells him that he will execute Yannis tomorrow.

Alisar Bey believes in what commander Kalanos said and accepted his offer. Bamsi Bey objected to this decision, but Osman Bey convinced him. Efendi Yannis prays to God and whips his back for forgiveness. Bala Hatun wakes up and talks to Osman. Osman, who got permission from Bala Hatun, tells her that he will marry Bala Hatun after his father returns and soon learns that the Alps have been arrested and goes to Dundar Bey’s tent. Dundar Bey asks what Osman did to Batur. After Dundar Bey said “blood washes blood” to Osman, Osman stabbed himself in the shoulder.

Princess Sofia returns to the castle and talks with Efendi Yannis. Efendi Yannis has agreed to be executed tomorrow. When Aygul cries for Osman, her mother comes and gets angry. Zohre Hatun says that Aygul will marry Alisar Bey. Osman is injured and comes to his father’s tent and his brother Gunduz treats him. Bamsi Bey and the Alps wait for Osman to eat, but Osman, who is wounded, cannot come. Bamsi Bey hides this from the Alps and eats together. Sheikh Edebali comes to Osman and wants to talk to him. Edebali talks about Osman cutting off a thief’s hand at the new bazaar and injuring himself and teaches him a lesson about justice.

After singing together, Bamsi Bey prays. Aygul Hatun comes to Bala Hatun and blames her for everything that happened. Aygul Hatun is angry with everything that happened to Osman and asks Bala Hatun to stop following Osman Bey. Bala Hatun says that Osman cannot be controlled and wants to be alone but Aygul gets angry. Aygul wants Bala Hatun and others to leave the Kayi plain. In the morning, Osman Bey learns that Sheikh Edebali and his daughter have left the plain. Osman Bey goes to the market to find them. He enters the secret room he had previously spoken to Sheikh Edebali but someone’s waiting for him there. Osman Bey walks towards that man. When he gets close to him, he sees that he is Efendi Yannis instead of Sheikh Edebali. What was Yannis doing in there? What will Osman Bey do next?

Kurulus Osman Episode 6 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitle

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