Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Review

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34, When Sanjar and Tapar go to the forest, Mitras appears. Mitras says he trapped the Turks and attacks them. Meanwhile, Melik Shah and his army come. Melik Shah predicts that this is a trap and prepares accordingly. A great war begins between the two armies. Melik Shah gets injured in his arm but manages to seriously injure Mitras. Mitras and Hassan run away at the last minute. Nizam thinks a man wandering in the forest is Tajul and stopped him, but that man is a doctor. Hassan tells Mitras not to go to Kuvel and takes him to his cellar to cure him. Ali gets rid of his chains and comes out of the cave. The Sultan comes and helps him. Ali says that Hassan is working with Mitras.

Sanjar offers to take both Sultan and Ali to the plain for treatment. While telling Zubeyde that she was suspicious of Tajul, Nizam learns that the Sultan went to the plain for treatment. Terken notices that Nizam is secretly following Tajul and sets out to the plain to see the Sultan. Hassan treats Mitras. Mitras learns that Melik Shah saved Ali and the materials. Mitras wants to return to the castle immediately, but Hassan asks him to remain calm and tells him that great trouble will come soon. Turna and Basulu try to heal the wound on Sultan’s arm. Hassan goes somewhere in the woods and meets Basulu’s brother. Hassan tells lies about Melik Shah and deceives Baturalp. Basulu makes a special medicine for Sultan. Baturalp says he will take his sister after all that happened.

Sultan says that the medicine Basulu made will work and sends the palace doctors back. Then Terken comes to the plain and says she wants to talk to Melik Shah. The Sultan talks about the dream he had when he came to the plain before because of poison. The Sultan says that he saw his father in his dream and that he got strength from what he said. Melik Shah says that to conquer Constantinople, they will take Kuvel first. Meanwhile, the Kipchaks come to the plain. Basulu is happy to see her brother again after years and hugs Baturalp. Baturalp talks to Sanjar and Tapar. Basulu asks Baturalp to get some rest, but he says he came to get his sister. Melik Shah is surprised to hear this. Mitras says that the Kipchaks will stop Melik Shah for a while and the Emperor will send new soldiers during this time. Baturalp blames the Sultan for what happened to his sister.

Melik Shah says that no one can take Basulu and change his decisions. Sanjar and Tapar try to change the decision of their uncle, but Baturalp says he will act according to the custom. Baturalp says that if he cannot take Basulu to Kipchak territory, he will summon his entire army. Sultan says he postponed the Kuvel attack until he solves the Kipchak problem. The soldiers of the Sultan ask Baturalp to leave the Seljuk lands, but they arrest those soldiers. Basulu blames herself for what her brother has done. Basulu says that she will go with her brother for Melik Shah’s future, but Tapar stops her. Sanjar and Tapar go to talk to Baturalp to get the soldiers back. Terken blames Basulu for what happened, but Zubeyde says that they should protect Basulu no matter what happens. Melik Shah learns that Baturalp has arrested his soldiers, but decides to wait when he learns that his sons are going to talk to him.

Tapar and Sanjar try to change Baturalp’s decision and give him a day to think. The Sultan learns what his sons did and decides to wait one day. The man Hassan sent to Baturalp’s years ago comes and tells about what Sanjar did. Hassan plans to kill a few soldiers of Baturalp with Seljuk arrows. Melik Shah realizes that there are some problems in the country and orders a constitution to be drafted to solve them. Nizam shows the works of lawyers on this subject to the Sultan and explains some of the articles of the new constitution. The Sultan approves the constitution. Some of Baturalp’s soldiers died that night and he thinks that the Seljuks did this. Baturalp goes to the plain and tells everyone that the war will begin now. Sanjar says his father would never do such a thing.

Sanjar orders the security of the plain to be increased. Melik Shah sees the arrow sent by Baturalp and realizes that he will start a war. Melik Shah asks the soldiers to be prepared against the attack of the Kipchaks. After what Zubeyde said, Sultan orders Sanjar and Basulu to come to the palace. Mitras and his soldiers celebrate what happened to Melik Shah. Mitras says that the soldiers sent by the emperor will come to the castle soon. Basulu decides to return to Kipchak lands with Baturalp secretly to help Melik Shah. Terken asks Tajul to call the Karakhanid soldiers so that Basulu does not come to the palace. That night, Zubeyde tells Nizam that Terken might create a new problem and that she will follow her secretly. Gevher says bad things about the arrival of Basulu to the palace. Tapar cannot take it any longer and says he will no longer stay in the same room with Gevher.

While Turna is talking to women who weave rugs, she learns that the Sultan invited Basulu to the palace. Turna sees that Basulu is not in the plain and tells this to Sanjar. Basulu goes to her brother’s tent and tells him that she will return to Kipchak land with him. Baturalp is very happy about this and sends his army back. Sanjar realizes that his mother is going to Kipchak land with Baturalp and immediately takes action to stop her. As Sultan is about to go to talk with Baturalp, the letter sent by Basulu arrives at the palace. Melik Shah reads the letter. Hassan realizes that there will be no war, and makes a new plan. Hassan wants the Kipchaks to attack the Seljuks by killing Baturalp and Basulu. As Hassan is about to kill Baturalp, Melik Shah comes and stops him. Sanjar and Tapar then attack Hassan.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 English Subtitles HD 1080

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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