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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 145, Mahmud stabs Selim’s throat with a chicken bone and says that now he has silenced his voice. Sabahaddin sees what his father is doing and wants to escape immediately. Shehzade tells Hunkar the next day that Selim was injured by someone and is now in the hospital. Abdulhamid realizes that the mason Pasha did this and calls the doctors to the palace to talk to. Other doctors at the palace treat Fatma. After Fatma wakes up, she talks to Tevfik and asks him to find her sister. Mahmud takes Sabahaddin to a house and starts telling him the truth. Mahmud tells that he lied to everyone for years and thus hid his plans. Mahmud says that he entered the Masonic lodge as Murad’s heir, but still hid his identity. Sabahaddin asks his father how he carried out his plans for years alone, and Mahmud pulls a phone out of the closet. The doctors tell Hunkar that Selim will not be able to speak again. Mahmud calls the palace and says he will give information about the mason Pasha.

Hunkar picks up the phone and starts to listen. Mahmud changes his voice using an instrument and starts talking to the Sultan. Mahmud says that he is the mason Pasha and that he was very close to Hunkar for years. Mahmud hangs up and asks Kani to start the big game. Mahmud calls Hunkar again and says he will explain everything. Mahmud tells Hunkar that everything started after Murad’s death and tells him that he cracked the secret code in the musical composition. Mahmud says he never killed an innocent person and tells Hunkar how the murder on the train happened. On the way back to Payitaht, Soghutlu says Esref that Lena took Ali Osman. Hunkar sends Shehzade to the central and asks him to follow the phone lines. Mahmud calls once again, but Abdulhamid says he will ask questions this time. Mahmud says he attended the first Masonic meeting in Thessaloniki, but that the Sultan suspected three Pashas.

Mahmud later says that Manyas started talking to Zuluflu and distanced him from the Sultan. Mahmud says that in the future everyone will remember Abdulhamid badly. Mahmud says that the windows of the palace will shake soon. Aliye goes to a house with Stefano, but worries about Fatma. Naime visits Fatma and learns the truth about Stefano from her. Hunkar learns that there is an explosion in Besiktas. Meanwhile, Mahmud calls again and says that if the forced immigration decision is not made about the Armenians in Sason, a school will explode. Hunkar orders Soghutlu to bring some Pashas to the palace. Shehzade finds the house where Mahmud is and begins to follow the phone line in the house. Hunkar asks Tahsin to prepare the immigration order and begins to wait for the news from Esref. Mahmud calls once again and asks Hunkar to sign the immigration order. Esref goes to a French school but cannot find the bomb there.

Aliye asks Stefano about Fatma and wants to go back to the palace. Hunkar reluctantly signs the immigration order and requests that the decision be implemented. Esref finds the bomb at the next school. Mahmud tells Hunkar how the clerk who died in the palace died and that man was working for Pavlus. Meanwhile, Shehzade follows one of the phone lines he found but does not get any results. Mahmud sees the exile order published in the newspaper and tells where the bomb is. Mahmud later tells how he portrayed Celaleddin as a traitor. Esref cuts the red cable of the bomb and stops it. Cassel realizes something is happening at the palace but gets busy examining the most doctors in Payitaht for his daughter’s recovery. Mahmud then tells how he used Hechler and what happened about Fernandez’s factory.

Mahmud says that Ahmed did not lie about the Masonic meeting because he was using Selim. Shehzade finds the next house Mahmud went to, but Mahmud begins to run away. Kani shoots Ahmed Nuri in the arm, but Shehzade continues to follow them. Shehzade returns home and calls Hunkar. Mahmud goes to the next house and calls Hunkar again. Ahmed Nuri follows one of the other phone lines and goes to a warehouse, but cannot find what he wants there. Mahmud calls once again and says that there is a bomb in a big hospital. Mahmud explains why Zuluflu shot the doctor at the port and why he was exiled. Mahmud then tells how those who tried to poison Hunkar came about. Mahmud says that he took Hunkar’s son and wife away from the palace. Mahmud then asks the Sultan to decide on Public Debt. Esref searches everywhere in the hospital and finds the bomb. When Mahmud is about to talk about Ahmed and Esat, Sabahaddin stops him

Hunkar signs the decision on Public Debt. Mahmud says he will give information about the bomb after the Public Debt commissioner announces the decision. Mahmud then talks about what happened at the post office and says he understood the plan ahead of time. Mahmud tells him where the bomb is and that he can destroy the bomb by cutting the green cable. Esref plans to destroy the bomb by cutting the red wire. Shehzade tracks down the last phone line and thus finds a home. Nadir learns the news from the palace and tells Esref to cut the green cable. Mahmud says he has one last request, but Hunkar has to wait a while for it. Soghutlu brings everyone to the palace except Mahmud. Shehzade finds the last house Mahmud went to, but Mahmud has already gone elsewhere. Mahmud orders dynamite to be put all over the new house they go to and gives Sabahaddin a note to read in five minutes. Soghutlu says that he could not find Mahmud, and at the same time, Sabahaddin calls. Sabahaddin tells Hunkar to leave the throne or the whole palace will blow up. Meanwhile, Mahmud walks into the room where Hunkar is.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 145 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 145 English Subtitles

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