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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, Hunkar summons Cassel to the palace and tells him that he knows all the betrayals he has done. Cassel denies the accusations, but Abdulhamid says he has evidence. Cassel then changes his decision and tells him that he was sent by the king of England. Cassel continues to speak and says that Hunkar cannot exile him because of his investments in the country. Hunkar says that he will not exile Cassel, but rather will allow him to stay in the country by investing more. Ishak says he will kill Esref, but when it turns out that he has no bullet, Esref catches him. Hunkar learns that Aliye started the fire in the Harem. Not knowing that Ishak was a traitor, Soghutlu lets him go. Cassel meets with Karasu and tells that Abdulhamid learned the truth. Karasu says Abdulhamid played with him. Hunkar thinks that the army might cause a problem with Mahmud and sends the two Pashas to investigate this issue. Cassel calls everyone to dinner and tells them what happened.

After Ahmed leaves the meeting, someone kidnaps him and takes him somewhere. Esref talks to Lena and her that he has to take Ali Osman somewhere safer. Nerva gathers all his men and orders them to follow Esref. Hunkar goes to the dungeon one last time and orders Mahmud to be given food. Abdulhamid then says that Mahmud will be executed in front of the firing squad and goes. Some Pashas start talking to Ahmed and say they know everything he does. Ahmed does not deny his actions and explains why he started working against Hunkar. Aliye finds a gun in the box of her medicines and thinks of suicide. Tevfik proposes to Fatma. Hunkar speaks with the Pashas he sent to do research and learns from them that some high-ranking Pashas have come to Istanbul. Abdulhamid orders them to check these Pashas’ homes.

Pashas continue to talk to Ahmed and tell him about their new organization. Pashas tell Ahmed that he no longer needs to work with the masons and that they should save Mahmud. Esref interrogates a man he had caught before and asks him how explosives got to Payitaht. Hunkar talks to Ahmed Nuri and asks him to find volunteer soldiers for Mahmud’s execution. The Pashas say Ahmed that they have to seize the secret book belonging to Seraskier. Pashas plan to start an uprising in Yemen to reveal this notebook. While Ahmed Nuri telegraphed the armies in Payitaht, Esat learns that Mahmud will be executed. Tahir goes to Ziya’s house and asks him why he came to Payitaht, but Ziya says he will resign from the army. Esref asks a man who works at a pharmacy about explosives and learns from him that Mika is the leader of the business. Esat hurries to Cassel’s office and says that the prisoners will be executed soon.

Sabahaddin says he will talk to Hunkar to cancel the execution. Ahmed says that to stop this execution, Cassel must start an uprising in Yemen. Cassel accepts this offer. Fatma asks Hunkar about Tevfik and apologizes to him for what Aliye did. Nerva learns that Esref has caught the man in the pharmacy and says that he will soon kill him. Fatma refuses Tevfik’s marriage proposal. Pashas working with Mahmud summon Talat and Manyas. The Pashas tell them about the secret organization to be established in the Balkans and tell them that they should no longer work with masons. Nerva learns that Esref is talking to a doctor and uses this situation to attack him. Ahmed Nuri gives the names of the volunteer soldiers who will be in the execution squad to Hunkar. While Hunkar examines the names on the list, Tahsin says that there was a rebellion in Yemen. Abdulhamid immediately orders Seraskier and the secret book to be brought. Ziya says that Abdulhamid’s Pashas conducted research.

Ahmed says that Cassel has already started a rebellion in Yemen and Hunkar wants to use the secret book. When Tahir is talking to Seraskier about Ziya, Hunkar’s order comes. Hunkar gives the key of the dungeon to Tahsin and asks him to speak to Mahmud one last time. Shehzade sees Talat and Manyas while they talk to Frida. Shehzade follows them to the harbor and shoots Manyas in the arm as he is boarding the ship. Tahsin goes to the dungeon and asks Mahmud to name the masons, but he cannot get an answer from him. While Tahir and Seraskier were on their way to the palace, an accident occurred on the road. Ahmed’s men knock Pashas unconscious while Tahir tries to help the boy who is lying. Ahmed takes a page of the secret notebook and takes the Pashas to a house. Nerva and his men follow Esref and enter a house. Esref locks the door of the house from the outside and says he will blow it up. Nerva commits suicide before the house explodes.

Naime learns that she will stay in the palace and asks Saliha to fire Emsal to help her. Tahir opens his eyes and tries to get rid of the ropes that bind his hands. Meanwhile, Ahmed shoots into the air to turn back the people who came to attack them. Tahir hears gunshots and says he knows this technique. Shehzade speaks to the soldiers in the firing squad and tells them what to do. Ahmed gives the secret passwords in the notebook to Pashas working with Mahmud. The treacherous Pashas send a telegram to some barracks in the capital. Selim sees a suspicious man in front of the hospital where he is staying and decides to tell everything to Hunkar. Mikhail and Mahmud are taken to the place where they will be executed. Cassel finds out about this and goes to the palace to stop Hunkar. After a short while, Abdulhamid goes to the execution area and gives orders to the soldiers. Cassel begs Hunkar to stop the execution, but Abdulhamid does not change his decision. Shehzade recites the crimes of those to be executed one by one and orders the soldiers to shoot.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147 English Subtitles

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