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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 148, Shehzade orders the soldiers to shoot, but some soldiers do not obey and ask the Sultan to change his decision. Hunkar orders the soldiers to shoot. Soldiers shoot, but guns do not have bullets. The treacherous soldiers are caught. Abdulhamid says that Mahmud will not die without telling the truth, but in the meantime, some soldiers come to the palace. Hunkar asks Shehzade to take the criminals to the dungeon and goes to talk to the soldiers who come to the palace. Ahmed suddenly shoots Mikhail. Shehzade stops him, but Ahmed says he will kill all traitors. Esat takes Mahmud from the scene and helps him escape. Hunkar speaks to the soldiers who came to the palace and later learns that Mahmud has escaped. Cassel goes to his office and tells his friends what happened at the palace. Karasu is angry at Ahmed for Mikhail’s death. Hunkar says he will question the arrested soldiers and asks Tahir to capture Mahmud.

Osman finds out that Mika is going to the shop and immediately tells Esref this. Fatma is increasingly upset about Aliye’s situation. Aliye talks to one of her servants about how she could harm the dynasty. Saliha talks to Naime and tells her that she wants Emsal to stay in the palace, but Naime does not change her decision. Esref goes to Mika’s shop but cannot find anyone there. Pashas, working for Mahmud, talk about the events in the palace and says that they will take the next step of the plan. Tahir tells the soldiers where they will go and tells them to be careful. Esat goes to Cassel’s office and tells them about Mahmud’s plan. Esref tells Hunkar that he eliminated the Mitras organization. Sabahaddin immediately takes action to help his father. Tahsin asks Hunkar to warn Ahmed, but Abdulhamid says it is meaningless to meet him now.

Ahmed meets with Pashas who work for Mahmud. The Pashas ask Ahmed to stop the uprising in Yemen and prove that Cassel has helped it economically. Hunkar interrogates the treacherous soldiers but cannot learn anything from them. Hunkar says he will hold an auction for the hospice the next day and sends a vase there. Sabahaddin goes to a restaurant and talks to the French ambassador. The ambassador is surprised to see Sabahaddin, but he starts to listen to him. Sabahaddin asks the ambassador for a private car to take Mahmud to the embassy building. The ambassador gives Sabahaddin a paper and tells him where to find the car. Cassel asks Esat to learn how Hunkar can suppress the rebellion. Esref learns that his son is starting to recover and may even walk soon. Kani and Sabahaddin go to the place Mahmud said with the embassy car and put him in the car secretly. Hunkar shows the letter sent by Bidar to Naime and asks her to politely reply to her mother.

Selim’s brother, Necip, goes to the hospital and tells him that they have to stop the criminals against the state. Selim wants to talk to Hunkar, but after what Necip said, he changes his decision. Ahmed goes to Cassel’s office and tells that he has done his duty. Karasu says Ahmed is a murderer. Ahmed asks what Cassel wants to do in Yemen, but cannot get an answer from him. Meanwhile, Esat comes and says he hasn’t learned anything. Tahsin tells that Selim first sent a message to Hunkar but then disappeared. Naime finds out that Saliha has summoned Hatice to the palace and gets very angry. Mika finds a new man and asks him to kill Esref. Naime goes to Saliha’s room and starts yelling at her. Emsal asks Naime to be calm, but Naime pushes her. Tahir says that Ahmed is a suspect from the gunshots he heard on the day he was kidnapped. Ahmed shows Pashas the documents he received from Cassel and learns what to do from them.

Hunkar talks to Naime after what she has done and tells her to go to Bursa. Talat and Frida start to wait for Mahmud in front of the embassy building. The soldiers want to inspect Kani’s car, but Frida distracts the soldiers in the meantime. Kani takes this opportunity and drives the car to the embassy building. Ahmed says he has important information and wants to meet Hunkar. Tahsin says that Ahmed knows important things about Yemen and soon Ahmed brings documents showing that Cassel is financially supporting the uprising in Yemen. Mika asks Lena for help in kidnapping Ali Osman. Naime says goodbye to her father and leaves the palace to go to Bursa. After Esref sees the note in Lena’s house, he starts following her, but Mika realizes this. Esref realizes that Lena is meeting someone.

Cassel is delighted to learn that the rebels are about to take over Yemen. Victor sees the news in the newspapers and immediately informs Cassel. Cassel panics and immediately sets out for the palace. Esref learns that Lena went to a photographer for her passport and goes to the meeting place. Cassel asks Hunkar to talk to the newspapers again and say that the news is a lie, but Abdulhamid refuses this. Abdulhamid says that Cassel lost like the previous ones and sends him from the palace. Cassel says he will come back later and leaves. Esref and spies go to a house, but it is a trap. Mika’s men attack the house and try to blow it up. Cassel goes to the harbor without taking any of his belongings and goes to England to recover his lost reputation. Lena takes Ali Osman and goes to the port to meet Mika. Esref gets rid of the attackers and goes to find his son. Lena cannot board the ship due to a travel ban and Esref arrives at the port. Ali Osman walks towards his father and hugs him. Tahir goes to the palace and tells Hunkar that Mahmud has gone to the French embassy.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 148 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 148 English Subtitles

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