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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 150, Esat tells Hunkar that Grand Vizier is cooperating with the British. Esat says that he went to the French embassy hoping to find a trace of Mahmud and that the Grand Vizier asked for protection from the British. Meanwhile, the Grand Vizier asks for protection from the ambassadors at the meeting. The ambassadors ask him for the names of the families in the Sancak region. After a short while, Nadir comes to the palace and says that Esat helped the Grand Vizier find Mahmud. Saliha asks for a music show for Mary and then a shadow play. Mary sees how talented the women working in the palace are and is very surprised. When Shehzade went to talk to Ahmed, he says that a man there was trying to talk to him. Hunkar asks his son to examine photos of high ranking officers and find the man at the bakery. Mahmud tells the envoys that he will give the names of the families in Rumelia and asks them to prepare in detail for the second Reval meeting.

Mahmud then goes to another room and asks everyone to be extra careful. Kani says that Ahmed was sent to Paris by Hunkar. Mahmud understands that Hunkar may be aware of their plans. The Grand Vizier comes to the palace and tells Hunkar everything that happens in the embassy building. Necip talks to Selim and asks him to capture Mahmud. Selim takes a gun and captures Mahmud in front of everyone. Sabahaddin tries to stop Selim, but he leaves the embassy building with Mahmud. Shehzade examines the photo album in the library and finds out who the man he saw was. Hunkar goes to the dungeon to question Ziya for a short time. Thanks to Tahir, Ziya says that there is a secret organization within the soldiers and that they can only save the state by giving up some lands around the border areas. While Shehzade tells the Sultan who the man she saw is, Necip comes and says that Selim has captured Mahmud. Some men from Mika’s tribe decide to go to Payitaht to avenge him and set out. Saliha invites Hunkar to have a meal and tells him about what she prepared for Mary.

Armenian terrorists set out on a ship to go to Payitaht. Hunkar goes and chats with engineering students about the country. Saliha becomes suspicious of Mary’s actions and asks Emsal to follow her secretly. Mary thanks the maid who brings food to her room and talks to her about life in the Harem. Armenian terrorists come to Payitaht and try to escape from the military control in the port. The soldiers ask them to stop, but one of the terrorists takes some of the people in the port hostage. Other terrorists use this situation to get out of the harbor and there is an explosion. Mahmud tells Selim that he made a mistake and asks him to release him. Selim says he will think about Mahmud’s proposal and puts a sack on his head to not see his face.

Talat tells Sabahaddin about the secret organization Mahmud founded a long time ago, consisting of soldiers, and takes him to the secret meeting place. Sabahaddin says that Selim will kill Mahmud, but Pashas object to this. Pashas say that Selim is trying to save his reputation and Necip is helping him. Tahir asks Necip to write a letter saying that he will release Mahmud in exchange for money, and he tells him the rest of his plan. Selim begins to torture Mahmud, but meanwhile, Necip comes and stops him. Saliha shows Mary the education of the girls working in the palace and shows her the rest of the palace. Hunkar learns about the explosion in the harbor and calls Esref to the palace. Victor goes to the British embassy and tells him that Mary has been at the palace for a long time and hasn’t heard from her. Thereupon, the British envoy goes to the palace and says he wants to see Mary. Mary meets with Victor and tells him that she is staying at the palace of her own free will. Armenian terrorists examine Esref everywhere he goes and prepare a plan to kill him.

Tahir and Necip go to a gun shop. Tahir realizes that someone is following them and tells Necip what to do. Esref returns to the coffee shop. Meanwhile, some of the Armenian terrorists disguise themselves and go there. Esref says he’s putting the funeral company up for sale and asks for an auction. Mary asks Aliye what Hunkar is doing every day and tries to learn something from her. After the Armenians leave the coffee shop, Esref says those men are actually terrorists. Mary enters Hunkar’s carpenter’s workshop secretly and starts looking around, but Emsal takes her out of that room right away. While the Hunkar takes care of the trees in the garden, Mary comes and feels bad. Terrorists prepare and take action to attack Esref’s auction site.

Esref and his friends trap the terrorists who come to the building. Doctors at the palace say that Mary has a problem with her lungs and needs some rest. While Shehzade pursues Hassan, Tahir stops him and tells him that he will bring more soldiers from the palace. Selim puts a rope around Mahmud’s neck and prepares to kill him. Mahmud says that Selim made a mistake because Abdulhamid wanted him alive and keeps making some offers to him to save his life. The fight in the warehouse is long and bloody. After Esref kills most of the terrorists and then he begins to fight with one of them. The Armenian man stabs Esref and then shoots him in the back. Soghutlu tries to save Esref, but Esref dies there shortly after. Soghutlu then goes to the palace and tells Hunkar that Esref was martyred while trying to protect the homeland. Abdulhamid prays for Esref and talks about his heroic deeds.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 150 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 150 English Subtitles

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