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Abdulhamid wants to know who kidnapped Gustav Efendi. Was he Selim Pasha or not? Gustav Efendi recognizes Pasha’s photo and tells that. Meantime, Halil Halid takes the wireless to Prince Ferdinand with his brother Ziya Sami. He asks his brother to introduce him to the Prince. Soghutlu gets crazy and wants to kill Halil Halid because of his betrayal. Asaf doesn’t believe that because he wants to believe Halil Halid. Tatar Bey can’t accept this situation and leaves the organization. He goes back to his old job, postman. Bidar Sultan goes to the Society to thank them and sees the mysterious Madame in there and it comes out they are friends. Gustav and Umber become sure about Zuluflu worked for them after he got arrested and they make a plan to take him. Abdulhamid understands that the first world war is incoming and he wants to buy a huge amount of guns to prepare for it.

Mahmud Pasha goes to the fair with Mehmet and he announces that the Ottoman will buy a huge amount of guns. The dealers get excited and tell this news to their governments. Gustav and Vladimir decide to make the news about Ottoman killed Christian Bulgarian villagers so nobody will sell any gun to the Ottoman. Tatar Bey goes to give a letter to his uncle and when he arrives he sees that somebody has killed him and his family. Nadir Bey and Asaf kill Joris’ last men. Ahmed Pasha and Tahsin Pasha ask questions about ZUluflu Pasha to Hunkar and he says he will do nothing for now. Pashas can’t understand his decision. They think it is hard for Hunkar to make a decision about his brother and they make a decision about questioning him. Hunkar sees villagers were killed in Rumelia in the newspaper and he understands this is the first sign of the war. Ahmed Pasha and Tahsin go to Zuluflu but Zuluflu Pasha asks them about the dead villagers. Then, he asks them did Abdulhamid send them to questioning. At the same time, Gustav brings three Ottoman officers to a home. And he makes Makhtar kill them all. He says to Vladimir come here with the police and turn this to the news about Ottoman’s massacre.

Tatar Bey comes back to the organization and he wants to find the wireless and makes Halil Halid come back. Halil Halid and his brother reach Prince Ferdinand and give the wireless to him but Prince doesn’t accept him. Prince’s soldiers take him somewhere to kill. Cemile Sultan visits Zuluflu Pasha and asks about the spy who brought information about her husband because she thinks her husband is still alive. Tahsin Pasha says Zuluflu Pasha’s interrogation to his Hunkar. Padishah gets mad and he decides to exile Zuluflu Ismail Pasha to Tripoli. Halil Halid kills the soldiers and goes away. Mehmet asks Gulcemal what she was doing in the garden and how she went there but Gulcemal doesn’t remember anything. Mehmet gets a high fever and they go to the infirmary together. Cemile Sultan meets with the spy and gets information from him but this makes her more suspicious. She wants to see her husband’s cellmate. Madame is mad because the Nurse got caught. Vladimir comes to the crime scene and takes photos. The police understand dead guys worked in the fair and they inform the palace. Cemile Sultan goes to her husband’s cellmate’s house but the guy doesn’t open the door. Sultan thinks she saw someone and starts to follow him. She loses herself in the street and one of the Society’s members sees her and helps her. Vladimir comes again to take photos but Ahmed Pasha takes them from his hands.

Halil Halid goes to the Prince’s tent to show his power and takes him as a hostage. Mehmet gets the plague and Cemile Sultan blames Gulcemal and asks a lot of questions about her suspicious actions. Ahmed Pasha tells the murder news to Hunkar and he apologizes about Zuluflu Pasha’s questioning. He brings the reports that were censored. Ahmed Pasha sees Zuluflu Pasha’s signature and he says Zuluflu Ismail is innocent. But Abdulhamid is still dedicated to sending him to exile. Ahmed Pasha tells the towel that belongs to the military academy but Abdulhamid understands that the towel is the part of someone’s plan. Madame comes to the palace and she tells her memories to Bidar Sultan, Naime, and Bahar. She invites them to a play which will be staged first and the last time. Soghutlu, Tatar Bey, Asaf, and Nadir Bey are on their way to get the wireless and they talk about why Ziya Sami has betrayed his state. Halil Halid and Ziya Sami talk about their parent’s murderer. Tatar Bey tells others Ziya Sami killed his parents because they have reported him. At the same time, Halil Halid tells to his brother that he found the murderer and killed him.

Mahmud Pasha is a dinner guest of Gustav Efendi and his family. He likes their food and talks about the rent raise. He also tells that Zuluflu Pasha will be exiled. Madame talks to Bidar Sultan about Beatrice. And she says that Beatrice works as a missionary. At the same time, Sultan knows that Nurse’s sister asked help from Beatrice. Madame gives the list of Beatrice’s workers. When Mahmud Pasha leaves the house, Umber comes and Mahmud Pasha gets suspicious. Mahmud  Pasha understands Umber has arrived and he tells his butler to bring Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha with his soldiers. Ahmed Pasha arrives at Mahmud Pasha’s house with his soldiers. Then, he enters Gustav Efendi’s house and searches everywhere. He couldn’t find anyone and he makes up an excuse about the submarines. After Umber leaves the house, Sabahaddin and Karasu see him. Umber talks about Zuluflu and gives them information without notice. And they leave there to report Umber. Ismail Hakki tells a story about Nabi to his Hunkar.

Ahmed Pasha finds Umber and arrests him after the tip. Hunkar comes to question Umber. He tells his crimes one by one and asks him who is behind all these plans. Umber tells Sabahaddin Efendi is behind all of these. Hunkar understands that he is lying. Gustav and Vladimir make a decision to kidnap Zuluflu. Hunkar and Bidar Sultan talk about the villagers when they walk in the garden. Bidar Sultan tells her she wants to go to the play that will happen that night and she gets permission. Commander Ziya Sami shows to Prince how to use the wireless. Meantime, Tatar Bey and his friends catch Ziya Sami but Halil Halid comes and saves his big brother from them. Prince’s soldiers take them somewhere to punish and Halil Halid does nothing. Madame comes to the Society and inspects the gun which will be used at the play. Mehmet starts to get better and Cemile Sultan asks him to go to Taif so they can visit his father’s grave. Mahmud Pasha calls the dealers to listen to their offers. The dealers say they won’t sell any gun to the Ottoman because of the news in the newspaper. Karasu and Sabahaddin talk about their plan to kidnap Zuluflu Ismail Pasha. Abdulhamid doesn’t ask extra guards for Zuluflu’s protection.

Bidar Sultan figures out the game and she explains everything. Madame raises her gun and pulls the trigger because Bidar Sultan exposes her role. Gulcemal hugs Bidar Sultan to protect her. Madame says the gun is fake and the play is over. The Young Turks celebrate the arrival of the British Ambassador and famous poet Tevfik Fikret reads the text that they have prepared. He says bad things about the Ottoman and praises the British and their wars for freedom. They remove the horses from the ambassador’s car and they pull the car to the ambassador’s house. In the Prince’s palace, Ziya Sami tells he doesn’t trust Halil Halid and he brought him to control. That’s why Prince accepts Halil Halid and he offers to go to hunting together.

Cemile Sultan comes to see Madame about her husband and Madame tells her that her husband is alive in Payitaht. Abdulhamid gets a telegram that says his spies got caught in Sofia. He starts Zuluflu Ismail Pasha’s exile preparations. Gustav and Makhtar are about to kidnap Zuluflu but their plan got canceled in the last moment. Vladimir comes and says someone kidnapped Zuluflu. They were Sebahaddin and Karasu who kidnapped Zuluflu but Zuluflu Pasha stops them in the car. Abdulhamid sends a telegram about his spies and he orders Prince to let them go. The doctor says the blood that was on Gulcemal’s dress is goat blood. At the same time, Gulcemal goes to meet with Madame and she is thankful for Madame to save her life. It turns out Gulcemail is Madame’s daughter. Prince asks Halil Halid to hunt his friends. Zuluflu comes to Abdulhamid after he escapes. He says the plan, that only Hunkar, Ismail Hakki and he know, is over now. Will he tell who kidnapped him? What will Madame and Gulcemal do next? Will Cemile Sultan go to see her husband’s grave? What is Gustav’s next move?

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Episode 96

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