payitaht abdulhamid season 4 episode 101 with english subtitles

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 101 (101 Bolum) with English Subtitles free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 100 Review

Sultan Abdulhamid sees that the person coming to the fountain is Mahmud Pasha, but Tahsin Pasha faints at this time. Hunkar immediately calls the doctors. Thanks to the secret message sent by Halil Halid, the members of the gang were bombed by the Ottoman soldiers without taking action. Bidar Sultan suspects Cemile Sultan’s actions. The Prince is angry about this bombing. Halil Halid explains that the bombing was done by the Yildiz agent. Hunkar visits his friend Tahsin Pasha and prays for him. Sabahaddin tells Karasu about his plan to blame his father. The doctor has not yet diagnosed Tahsin Pasha’s disease.

Hunkar asked Mahmud Pasha where he was last night, but Mahmud Pasha lies. Cemile Sultan goes to the park and waits for her husband, but the agent sent by Bidar Sultan sees her in the park. Hunkar does not believe that Mahmud Pasha is guilty and makes a new plan. Hunkar summons Karasu and Mahmud Pasha to discuss weapon sales. Gulcemal secretly goes to the church and meets Madame. She says that Mehmet left the palace but gave her a ring before he left. Mehmet fell off his horse and fainted in the forest. Mahmud Pasha feels nervous about what happened. Gulcemal wants to leave the palace and check Mehmet and asks Bidar Sultan for permission. Mehmet wakes up but he is injured on his shoulder. Hunkar tells Karasu and Mahmud Pasha that there will a meeting with a new arms dealer.  Only one meeting will be held and Hunkar says he plans to make the highest bid. Tahsin Pasha wants to stop resting and return to duty but Hunkar wants him to rest. Afterward, Hunkar, unable to bear the insistence of Tahsin Pasha, allows him to return to his duty.

Sabahaddin comes to the office and asks Vladimir and Grun to visit their father. Naib Efendi secretly enters Halil Halid’s room and sends a telegram to the palace with his phonograph. Ahmed Pasha, who received this telegram, would not believe it. Sabahaddin learns that his father has not been arrested and makes a new plan to scare Mahmud Pasha. Shehzade Abdulkhadir gives Dilruba a gift for her letters and asks her to write more. Hunkar writes a letter to French scientist Pasteur’s student and asks for help with Tahsin Pasha’s illness. Gulcemal and the soldiers find Mehmet’s horse in the forest and start to look for him. Naib Efendi shows Ziya Sami the piece he received from the radio and asks him to help prove that Halil Halid is a traitor. Halil Halid, passing by in front of their room, hears Naib Efendi’s new plan. Gustav leaves the palace, although he has not fully recovered.

They find Mehmet injured in the forest and take him to the palace immediately. Bidar Sultan learns from Dilruba that Cemile Sultan is waiting for her husband in the park. When Halil Halid tries to run the phonograph, Naib Efendi comes and tells him that he must work with Ziya Sami to kill the soldiers guarding the railroad. Halil Halid refuses this offer and says that he wants to talk to the Prince. The fake soldiers stop Mahmud Pasha on the way and tell him that he has been arrested. Mahmud Pasha doesn’t believe it and sneaks out. Cemile Sultan learns that Mehmet came to the palace in an injured state. The doctors tell Cemile Sultan that Mehmet will recover but can no longer walk. Sabahaddin comes to the office and asks to speak to Gustav. Gustav is very angry and wants to know everything that is going on, and later he learns that Zuluflu Pasha is not working for them. Sabahaddin tells Gustav about his new plan to get important documents from his father so that they will take Zuluflu Pasha on their side.

Mehmet wakes up but cannot accept his condition. Gulcemal tries to change his mind but fails. Mehmet wants Gulcemal to leave and not come back. Hunkar sends a telegram on behalf of Zuluflu Pasha and says that he wants to give information about who the arms dealer is. Hunkar gives the address of a hotel and Ahmed Pasha will wait at this hotel. Gustav realizes that this is a trap. Madame comes to the palace to visit Mehmet and secretly talks with Gulcemal. Sabahaddin sends a message to his father and tells the false accusations about Mahmud Pasha. According to this message, if Mahmud Pasha delivers the secret documents, he will be saved. Gustav wants to talk to Selim Pasha to tell him that he forgives him who shot him. Hunkar allows it.

Gustav goes to Maktar, who is sick, and asks him to act like Selim Pasha so that he will try to learn Abdulhamid’s plans. Halil Halid goes to the prince who was hunting in the forest and tells about Naib Efendi’s attack plan. Mahmud Pasha comes to his house and takes secret documents. After Madame told her, Cemile Sultan decides to send Mehmet to Paris but she needs a lot of money. Madame offers to buy the mansion in Cemberlitas and Cemile Sultan accepts it. When Ziya Sami and his men were going to kill the Ottoman soldiers they captured, Halil Halid came and showed him the authority given by Prince Ferdinand. Halil Halid will now be in command. Mahmud Pasha puts his papers into a car in a secret place and receives documents to save him.

Dilruba brings the mansion’s key to Madame. Hunkar and the pashas discuss the final details of the plan. Tahsin Pasha brings documents proving that Mahmud Pasha is innocent, and Mahmud Pasha turns out to be not guilty. A document from the bag that Mahmud Pasha gave out reveals Abdulhamid’s decision for Zuluflu Pasha’s child. Karasu and Gustav Efendi have a very violent discussion. Tatar Bey and his men talk about Soghutlu and want to kidnap him before he goes to Russia. Meanwhile, the members of IMRO find them and the fight begins. Since their bullets run out, IMRO’s men catch them. Hunkar sends another telegram about the arms merchant, but in response, Zuluflu Pasha is asked to come with them. Gustav Efendi says that he will meet Zuluflu Pasha in the hotel lobby. The men of IMRO bring Tatar Bey and the other agents to a warehouse. Naib Efendi and Ziya Sami come to Halil Halid’s room and ask him to send a message to the palace. Halil Halid refuses, but Naib Efendi sends a message to the palace instead of him. Madame comes to the mansion and starts to dig a tunnel. Naime secretly receives letters from Cemile Sultan’s husband and gives them to her mother Bidar Sultan. Zuluflu Pasha goes to the hotel lobby and starts to wait.

Gustav Efendi comes into the lobby and starts talking to Ismail Pasha. Selim Pasha comes to see Hunkar dressed in a pasha outfit and lies. Hunkar believes what he says. When Naib Efendi was going to tell the Prince about the telegram he received from the palace, Halil Halid killed him. Hunkar meets with Mahmud Pasha, Gustav Efendi, and Karasu. Zuluflu Pasha arrives and waits for the evidence that Ahmed Pasha will bring. Ahmed Pasha goes to the address that Zuluflu Ismail Pasha said, Ahmed Pasha comes back and tells them that the telegram sent to them by until this time comes from Mr. Karasu’s house. Zuluflu Pasha says that he spoke with Karasu in the hotel lobby. Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha arrests Karasu. Why did Zuluflu Pasha lie about Karasu? What did they talk about with Gustav in the hotel lobby?

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