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Sultan Abdulhamid arrested Karasu after what his brother Zuluflu Pasha and Ahmed Pasha said, but Mahmud Pasha does not believe that he is a traitor. Selim Pasha asks permission to interrogate Karasu. Halil Halid says Naib is a traitor and shoots him, but the Prince does not believe him and Halil Halid is arrested. Bidar Sultan talks to Cemile Sultan after reading the letters. Bidar Sultan thinks that someone is using Cemile Sultan but Cemile Sultan believes these letters are real. Mahmud Pasha tells Hunkar about the false arrest warrant against him and Hunkar finds out that Pasha has given a few papers to prove his innocence. Selim Pasha goes to interrogate Karasu and sends him a message from Zalman. Bidar Sultan hides everything from Hunkar. Mr. Zalman meets Zuluflu Ismail Pasha in a secret place and gives him a paper showing that his son’s death was decided by the state.

Zuluflu Pasha becomes the enemy of Abdulhamid after reading this document. According to Zalman’s plan, Vladimir will write false reports in newspapers to undermine the reputation of the Ottomans. Sultan Abdulhamid comes to question Karasu. Karasu says that at first, he was loyal, but after the offer of the Bulgarian Prince, he had no choice but to become a traitor. Gulcemal visits Mehmet but Mehmet still does not want her. Hunkar calls the Pashas and makes a plan. According to this plan, Prince will come to the quarters and practice will be held. Ahmed Pasha tells Hunkar that Naib is dead. Hunkar gives an order for Naib to be buried in the Muslim cemetery.

The Prince reads the documents coming out of Naib’s room and talks to Ziya Sami. Confident that his brother is a traitor, Ziya Sami goes to the dungeon to kill him. IMRO members learn that Naib is dead, and they secretly plan to kill Prince Ferdinand. At the last minute, the Prince comes to the dungeon and says that Halil Halid is not a traitor. After Abdulhamid’s order, everyone believes that Naib is a traitor. Prince Ferdinand makes Halid Halid his new deputy. Madame has invited a lot of people from different countries and societies to Payitaht because she believes that the ark of the covenant will soon be in her hands. Cemile Sultan is trying to convince his son Mehmet to take him to Paris. Gulcemal comes to visit Madame and asks for an ointment for Mehmet’s illness, but Madame is angry with her. Hunkar and Ismail Hakki Bey talk about the Hejaz railway. While Sabahaddin is listening to the false news in the newspapers, Karasu’s daughter Frida finds him and asks questions about her father.

Real history of all Characters in Payitaht Abdulhamid Season

Tahsin Pasha tells Hunkar the false news in the newspaper, but Hunkar stays calm and tells them to be patient. Sabahaddin, Zalman and Vladimir go to the harbor. When they reach the port, they learn that three ships full of weapons were taken by Abdulhamid. Bahar brings Mehmet a record and tells him that she wants to meet him in Paris. Zalman and Zuluflu Pasha meet at the palace and talk about the weapons Abdulhamid bought. Zuluflu Pasha tells Zalman that the Bulgarian Prince will come with the soldiers. IMRO will kill Prince Ferdinand and blame Abdulhamid. IMRO brings Soghutlu next to the other agents. Halil Halid and Ziya Sami assigned the agents to bury Naib. Karasu says that Zalman wants to get out of jail. Zalman speaks with Sabahaddin and plans to take out Karasu. Tatar Bey and other agents bury Naib. IMRO will set out with the agents to the Payitaht.

While Cemile Sultan waits in the park, Abdulkhadir follows her and finds a letter. Sabahaddin brings Frida, the daughter of Karasu, to Zalman. Zalman points his gun at her and Vladimir takes a picture of it. Cemile Sultan and Madame talk about the sale of the mansion. Abdulkhadir brings the letter to his mother and Bidar Sultan learns the sale of the mansion. Hunkar goes to Karasu to talk to him. Madame, together with other societies, is planning to rule the world. Karasu will tell what he knows, but he does not want Selim Pasha in the room. Meanwhile, Selim Pasha secretly shows his daughter’s photo to him. Karasu then points out Rothschild as responsible for all crimes. Hunkar asks Karasu if he knows anything else but Karasu does not say anything.

Gulcemal comes back to see Madame and says she wants to work in Paris for a while. Madame goes to a room with Gulcemal and tells Gulce to enter a coffin. Gulcemal will stay in the coffin all night and will think about some things again. Shehzade Abdulkhadir gets close with Dilruba and that makes Meziyet sad. Prince Ferdinand comes to visit Sultan Abdulhamid. Hunkar orders the preparation for the exercise. Zalman learns that the Ottoman Empire did not pay for the weapons it bought and makes a plan to harm the economy. Gulcemal wakes up and tells Madame that she regrets it. Hunkar has received money from the bank and is preparing to pay the gun fee. Meanwhile, IMRO came to the Payitaht and is preparing to attack the exercise. Hunkar and Prince Ferdinand come to the drill area.

Cemile Sultan goes to the park again and waits there for hours. When the Sultan was about to leave, a man came and gave a letter. Shehzade Abdulkhadir goes after the man and catches him. Zalman meets IMRO in the forest and makes an assassination plan. Sultan Abdulhamid speaks to Prince Ferdinand and orders him to stop his support for the IMRO. Madame meets the representatives in the mansion in Cemberlitas. Cemile Sultan tells the letter to Bidar Sultan. Madame says that there will be a great war coming soon and that she will leave Istanbul and go to America. IMRO members are already dressed as Bulgarian soldiers, and when the exercise begins, they begin to implement the assassination plan. Hunkar makes a plan for the attack of the soldiers and the army implements it.

Abdulkhadir tells Bidar Sultan what he learned from the man he captured. Hunkar learns that the Ottoman Stock Exchange has collapsed and there is no money left in the market. Hunkar uses the money allocated to pay the weapon fee to transfer money to the market. Ahmed Pasha arrives and tells Hunkar that Bulgarian soldiers are using real bullets while IMRO kills both Ottoman and Bulgarian soldiers. Madame came to Cemile Sultan to finish the sale of the mansion, but Cemile Sultan changed her decision because Bidar Sultan gave her money. Hunkar and Prince find the Ottoman agents who are unconscious in the forest. Meanwhile, one of IMRO’s men fires at the Prince. Did Prince die? What is Hunkar going to do next? Will Karasu give information? How is Madame going to get the holy relics?

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Real history of all Characters in Payitaht Abdulhamid Season

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