Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 103 (103 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 103 (103 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 102 Review

At the last moment, the assassination of Prince Ferdinand was stopped by Tatar Bey, but Zindanci and Panitsa managed to escape. Ahmed Pasha goes looking for the attackers, but instead of IMRO, he finds Tatar Bey and arrests him. Prince Ferdinand blames Sultan Abdulhamid, but Hunkar denies it and says there is another game. Madame is very angry that her plans are broken and she calls Gulcemal. Bidar Sultan, Naime, and Shehzade Abdulkhadir tell the truth about the letters to Cemile Sultan. Cemile Sultan, who learned the facts, does not want to accept this situation. Tahsin Pasha’s condition worsens and he faints. Hunkar calls doctors. Cemile Sultan visits Madame Blavatsky and talks about her husband. Madame confuses Cemile Sultan and she believes that her husband lives. Hunkar visits Tahsin Pasha and asks the doctor to do everything to heal him. Cemile Sultan wants to talk to the man who brought the letters in the dungeon.

Hunkar learns that the Bulgarian gang made the assassination. Sultan Abdulhamid talks a bit about his secret deal with the previous Bulgarian Prince Alexander of Battenberg. This agreement is powerful enough to dethrone the current Bulgarian Prince. Hunkar asks Ahmed Pasha to protect Prince Ferdinand. Mahmud Pasha talks about the gun issue and tells them that they have some time to pay. Hunkar must find the money for the weapons as soon as possible. Cemile Sultan goes to the dungeon and meets with the man who brought the letters. The man tells her once more that her husband is not dead. Zuluflu Ismail Pasha talks to Gustav Efendi and tells him about the secret agreement. Gustav Efendi wants to take over this deal to control the Prince. Prince Ferdinand goes to a secret place to talk to Zalman. Halil Halid follows him but he cannot reach the meeting place. Mr. Zalman tells the secret treaty to Prince Ferdinand. Prince Ferdinand will buy the weapons that the Ottoman Empire could not buy with the money of the rights of the mining enterprises that they will sell to a French merchant. All newspapers will write that the Bulgarian Principality will be economically stronger than the Ottoman Empire.

Cemile Sultan forgives the man after coming from the dungeon. Madame Blavatsky plans again for Gulcemal to marry Mehmet. Hunkar asked Ismail Hakki Bey to stay with Tahsin Pasha and read the Quran for him. Prince Ferdinand wants Halil Halid to meet the merchant who will come to Payitaht. Gulcemal goes to Mehmet and tries to kill herself. Mehmet stops her at the last minute. Seeing this state of Gulcemal, Mehmet agrees to marry her. Halil Halid comes to the palace to see Hunkar and tells the trade with the French merchant. Hunkar asks Ahmed Pasha to investigate the French merchant. Bidar Sultan is happy with the news of the marriage of Mehmet and Gulcemal. Hunkar summons Prince Ferdinand and is angry with him about the purchase of weapons. Selim Pasha meets doctor Andre in the harbor and takes him to the palace.

Ahmed Pasha tells Sultan Abdulhamid what he learned about the French merchant. French merchant Pierre comes to the harbor. Halil Halid will take him to Prince Ferdinand while Sultan Abdulhamid summons him to the palace. Doctor Andre informs Hunkar about Tahsin Pasha’s illness and tells him that he needs to do more tests. Tahsin Pasha’s disease is very advanced. Prince Ferdinand asks Ziya Sami and Halil Halid to get the secret agreement from Seraskier. Hunkar drinks coffee with Pierre Efendi and asks him why he came to Payitaht. Pierre doesn’t say why, but one of his henchmen brings news. Pierre Efendi asked Hunkar to take back his order because the Muslims in the Port of Djibouti stopped working with the order of Hunkar. Pierre Efendi tells Hunkar why he came because of fear of losing his job and Hunkar gets his order back. Halil Halid stops Asaf in an alley and tells him that a soldier working in Seraskier will be kidnapped. Pierre comes to Prince Ferdinand and tells him about his conversation with Hunkar. Halil Halid and Ziya Sami watch the kidnapping of the soldier from Seraskier. Tatar Bey and his agents set a trap. Ziya Sami and his men run away.

Gustav and others talk about Karasu. Makthar will kidnap Dr. Andre and a bargain will be held. Hunkar is preparing for the tender and asks Pashas to work on this issue. Ziya Sami wants the secret agreement from the kidnapped soldier but the soldier does not accept it. Halil Halid takes the soldier somewhere to kill. Ahmed Pasha tells Hunkar about the kidnapped soldier. Hunkar brings the agreement to the palace and wants to be placed in the secret room. Halil Halid releases the soldier. Ziya Sami makes a secret plan because he does not trust Halil Halid. Pashas make plans about the mines. Zuluflu Ismail Pasha objected to the plans and did not want to inform Hunkar. Selim Pasha brings a message to doctor Andre. Doctor Andre goes to meet a friend. After Zuluflu Ismail Pasha’s advice, Hunkar changes his decision on the proposal and asks for Pashas’ views.

Everything is ready for the marriage of Mehmet and Gulcemal. Zalman makes a plan for Tahsin Pasha’s death and they will kidnap Karasu. Doctor Andre goes to a house and Makthar catches him. Vladimir takes a picture of the doctor and sends it to the palace. Madame tells Bidar Sultan that Cemile Sultan has joined the Society. Ahmed Pasha tells Hunkar that doctor Andre has been kidnapped. Frida, daughter of Karasu, uncuffs and escapes from the office. Hunkar accepts the exchange. Hunkar sends different files to the Pashas and thus aims to find the traitor among the Pashas. Frida and Sabahaddin make a plan. Gustav is angry at Sabahaddin for escaping. Frida poisoned Zalman with the letter she sent. Vladimir takes the letter to doctor Andre and asks him to make an antidote.

Asaf tells other agents what he has learned about the secret agreement and sets out to take it to the palace. While Halil Halid and the gang members wait to get the agreement, Tatar Bey and other agents attack them. But it turns out that Ziya Sami lied to Halil Halid and gave him a different address. Ziya Sami realizes that his brother is a traitor and points his gun at him. Halil Halid takes Ziya Sami’s weapon and shoots. Bidar Sultan tells Hunkar that Cemile Sultan’s mansion will be the soup kitchen and asks for permission to visit there. To kill Tahsin Pasha, Zalman orders Makhtar to kill doctor Andre during the exchange. The doctor blows the door and runs away. Bidar Sultan and Cemile Sultan go to the mansion. Meanwhile, the tender started in the palace. Bulgarians’ bids are better than those of the Ottomans and they win the tender.

Hunkar finds out that he has lost the tender and summons Prince Ferdinand to the palace. Andre Efendi comes to the palace and the soldiers take Karasu back to the dungeon. Bidar Sultan wants to see the basement of the mansion, which makes Madame uneasy. Hunkar tells Prince Ferdinand that he was actually selling the mines of the Ottoman Empire for the Ottoman Empire and thanked him. Doctor Andre gives Tahsin Pasha a medicine. Bidar Sultan examines the location of the flag in the basement and this flag closes the entrance of the tunnel. Hunkar gives Prince Ferdinand a medal of achievement. Meanwhile, the doctor of the palace comes to Hunkar and tells him that Tahsin Pasha has passed away. Tahsin Pasha is buried in front of Sultan Abdulhamid and other Pashas.

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