Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 104 (104 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 104 (104 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 103 Review

Sultan Abdulhamid Khan is upset about the funeral of his best friend. Pashas and Sultan Abdulhamid buried Tahsin Pasha and came back to the palace. Gustav Efendi is happy that Hunkar Abdulhamid lost his friend, but Vladimir is worried. Gustav and Vladimir must find an antidote and so they start to gather information about Frida. Sultan Abdulhamid and Ahmed Pasha go to a secret room in the palace. In this room, Andre Efendi is treating a patient. Tahsin Pasha is alive and Sultan Abdulhamid hides it from everyone. Andre Efendi tells Hunkar about the abduction and his escape, and Hunkar makes a plan to find the criminals. The Commander begins to suspect Halil Halid Bey. Madame orders Gulcemal to stay in the palace and learn more. Halil Halid tells Prince Ferdinand what happened. The prince is now in a difficult situation. Tatar Bey and other agents begin to suspect Asaf’s source of information. Vladimir goes to Karasu’s company and talks to Sabahaddin about Frida. Sabahaddin lies and goes to Frida.

Mahmud Pasha will tell the newspapers that Andre Efendi produces drugs against poison and that the palace supports it. Thus, Sultan Abdulhamid wants to get closer to real criminals. Gustav calls doctors to find out the condition of the disease. Madame Blavatsky comes to the palace and talks with Bidar Sultan. During this conversation, Madame Blavatsky gives good news about Mehmet’s doctor, but later tells lies about Shehzade Abdulkhadir. Sultan Abdulhamid calls the Pashas into his room. The Sultan wants to make a move by taking the risk of losing his throne. Sultan asks for the support of the Pashas for the battle of Crescent and the Cross. According to this move, the Ottoman Empire will start the Baghdad railway project. This move will cause great damage to the British Suez Canal trade. The only goal is to connect Baghdad to Berlin. Thanks to this railway, all of Europe’s trade will be transported through Anatolia and the British trade advantage will be over. Sultan Abdulhamid is very determined about this move. Doctors examine Gustav and Vladimir, but they cannot diagnose the disease. Gustav Efendi finds out from the newspaper that Andre Efendi has found an antidote. Sabahaddin meets Frida and talks about Karasu. Frida writes a letter to Gustav.

Cemile Sultan talks to Madame Blavatsky about her husband and asks her husband to be found. Gustav Efendi receives Frida’s letter and begins to think about something to save Karasu. Bidar Sultan is worried about Shehzade Abdukhadir and goes to his room. Dilruba secretly puts papers on the table. Bidar Sultan sees critics about Hunkar and writings from dissidents. The Italian ambassador comes to the palace and asks for the release of Karasu. Shehzade Abdulkhadir comes to his room and sees his mother there. Bidar Sultan expects an explanation from him and accuses him of joining the Young Turks. Shehzade Abdulkhadir denies the charges. Bidar Sultan warns his son once more and tells him to be careful. Sultan Abdulhamid makes a plan about Karasu. Meanwhile, while Karasu was eating in the cell, a fire starts in the dungeon. Karasu takes advantage of this opportunity and sneaks out of the dungeon. Prince Ferdinand meets Gustav and makes a new terror plan. The soldiers on the street see Karasu and start chasing him. When Karasu enters the Italian embassy, ​​Ahmed Pasha stops him, but Karasu escapes with a carriage.

Zuluflu Ismail, Gustav, and Sabahaddin talk about Hunkar’s new move. Gustav is happy after learning the new information and says that he will talk to his superiors to receive new orders. Hunkar summons the Ambassador to the palace and talks to him about the escape of Karasu. But Ambassador Efendi knows nothing. Ziya Sami and Halil Halid come to see the Prince. The prince tells them about the attack IMRO will make. IMRO will capture an Austrian flagged ship and then detonate it. Sultan Abdulhamid goes to the dungeon and speaks with Karasu. Karasu escaped with Sultan’s plan but later Ahmed Pasha took him back. Karasu tells Hunkar that he has been threatened. Gustav orders the abduction of Ferdinand after IMRO’s attack. Halil Halid tells Asaf about IMRO’s port attack. Bidar Sultan asks Hunkar for a mission for Abdulkhadir. Mehmet and Gulcemal have dinner in the garden of the palace.

Asaf tells Tatar Bey and other agents what he has learned. Madame Blavatsky visits Mr. Zalman. Madame wants to use Sabahaddin. Zalman, the British and Russian ambassadors talk about Abdulhamid’s move. The British government and the Russian Tsar are ready to do anything to stop this railway. Together they will attack Abdulhamid at the request of Zalman. Hunkar wants to establish a commission to plan the railway. This commission will take decisions on state secrets, railway routes, and transit routes. Sultan Abdulhamid visits Tahsin Pasha. Tahsin Pasha has begun to recover. Vladimir tells his father that Abdulhamid called Gustav. Sabahaddin tells Gustav that Karasu escaped, but he thinks it was Abdulhamid’s plan. Halil Halid and Ziya Sami go to eat. Meanwhile, Halil Halid secretly takes his brother’s safe key. Frida and Sabahaddin meet again and make plans. Gustav talks to Selim Pasha about Karasu and asks him to find him. Halil Halid gives Asaf a copy of the key and asks him to secretly examine the attack plan.

Madame Blavatsky gives a letter to Cemile Sultan. Cemile Sultan reads this letter but understands that it is not written by her husband. Cemile Sultan says that she will tell Hunkar everything. Shehzade Abdulkhadir takes over the role of Mehmet. Madame is very angry that things go wrong and she calls Dilruba. Hunkar summons Gustav to the palace and talks about the railway. Hunkar offers him a job. Gustav Efendi will plan bridges and tunnels. Hunkar gives him a list of young engineers. Pashas come together and talk about the railway to be built. Asaf tells other agents what he has learned, but Soghutlu comes and tells him that Asaf has to act alone. Gustav and Zuluflu Ismail Pasha talk about the commission. Ismail Pasha makes plans to enter the commission. The Ottoman Empire needs a partner to establish the railway. Madame gives soaps to Dilruba and asks her to use them for cleaning. These soaps will make Cemile Sultan sluggish and tired. Hunkar makes a plan to accidentally publish the formula of Andre’s antidote in the newspaper. Asaf secretly enters the hotel room and begins to study the plan, but Ziya Sami enters the room. On the orders of Halid Halid, they leave the room to talk about something else. Selim Pasha goes to the dungeon to kidnap Karasu and finds him. Karasu is now in a secret room in the palace.

Tatar Bey and other agents go to a church and fight with IMRO members. After that, they go to a warehouse and kill the IMRO members one by one. Gustav learns the formula from the photo in the newspaper and sends Vladimir to pick up the ingredients. Ziya Sami and Zindanci begin a quest for a new traitor. Shehzade Abdulkhadir finds a letter from Sabahaddin in his room. This letter tells him to come to an address. It is noticed that Karasu has escaped and Hunkar learns it. Bidar Sultan finds the letter in the room of Abdulkhadir, shown as written by Sabahaddin. Madame will start a fight at the address in the letter. Ziya Sami and Halil Halid arrive at the harbor. Ziya Sami still wants to implement the terror plan. There are IMRO members inside the approaching ship.

Vladimir enters a pharmacy to buy the last ingredient, but Ahmed Pasha knocks him out. Bidar Sultan goes to the address in the letter. The Austrian ship is occupied and other agents are blushed to Asaf. As Prince Ferdinand returns, IMRO members attack them in the forest. In the meantime, Gustav comes while the commission is telling the decisions to Hunkar. Zindanci kidnaps the Prince and his men. While Bidar Sultan is walking in the street, a fight starts suddenly. Sultan did not want to leave without seeing Abdulkhadir, but Zulfet is injured. Someone from the crowd shoots Bidar Sultan. Gustav lies about Zeki Pasha and makes him look guilty. Meanwhile, Tahsin Pasha returns to duty. Ahmed Pasha brings Vladimir to Hunkar. What will happen to Gustav now? Did the soldiers find Karasu? What is Vladimir going to say?

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