Release Date of Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin) Series and Details
Release Date of Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin) Series and Details

Release Date of Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin) Series and Details

Introduction of Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin) Series

A new television series will be published by the producer of Kurulus Osman, Dirilis Ertugrul, Yunus Emre, and the Mehmetcik Kutulamare. The subject of Mendirman Celaleddin will be the great Turkish ruler Celaleddin Harezmshah and his difficult life.

Celaleddin’s father, Muhammad II, tried to defend his state against the Mongol invasion, but it was very difficult to resist Genghis Khan and his brutal army. Muhammad II had to retreat to the west. Muhammad understood the seriousness of the situation and called his sons to join him. At the meeting held, Muhamamd II announced his son Celaleddin as the next Sultan to replace him. After this meeting, Muhammad fell ill and died soon after.

As soon as Celaleddin took the throne, he defeated the Mongols north of Kabul. After this victory, life became more difficult for Celaleddin because his brothers wanted someone else to be the sultan and the Mongol attacks became more violent. There will be thirteen episodes of the television series.

Release Date of Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin)

First, it will be published in Uzbekistan and then in Turkey. Mendirman recently released its first promotional video, and the video soon became popular. The producer of Mendirman Celaleddin didn’t make any statement yet about broadcasting in Turkey but some sources have made news on the television series will be published at the beginning of 2021.

Mendirman Celaleddin was shot in Uzbekistan and historians from different countries (Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran) worked on the script of the series. Mendirman Celaleddin is expected to successfully describe life, wars, and people of that time in Central Asia in the 1200s.

Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin) Trailer English Subtitles


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