Sevda Kusun Kanadinda with English Subtitles

Sevda Kusun Kanadinda with English Subtitles


The subject of the tv series are the late 1960s, the political games taking place in Turkey, and the difficult times for the young people. The series, which is a historical drama, was prepared as thirty-one episodes. Since the first episode of the series, it succeeded in telling the period successfully. One of the main characters, Arif is a teenager trying to enroll in law school. Arif cannot easily enroll in university because he attended a high school that gives religious education. There is a very complicated environment in the university where Arif wants to go. Due to their political views, students were divided into nationalists and leftists. Meanwhile, the American Consul visits Istanbul, and the leftist students of the university attack the car of the consul. Arif tries to calm the attackers and rescues the little boys there. Later, Arif meets Tumay in a cafe, but an unidentified group shoots at the cafe. Former commander Zafer follows these events closely and wants to learn more about Arif. This is not the only problem with Zafer. Zafer has a bad relationship with his daughter Tumay, and he is struggling to divorce his wife Esma.

Arif is injured as a result of a conflict at the university and it cannot be found who injured Arif. Arif is unjustly arrested and Tumay asks her father for help to save Arif. Nationalist students are prepared to give a response under the leadership of Omer after the last attack. Events at the university now reach an uncontrollable point. The police entered the university and Tumay was injured in the meantime. A gun is inserted by a student union established by Arif and his friends. Arif notices these guns and is secretly photographed as they bury them with Omer. Then Arif tries to visit Tumay but cannot see her. Arif and Esma meet and talk. Omer witnesses a murder and tells Tumay what he saw. Things are getting more complicated now.

Tumay believes what Arif says. Tariq can no longer last and plans to play a final game and disappear. Isik fears Tariq and asks Zafer to protect her. Zafer realizes that the documents in his house have been stolen by Tariq. Zafer finds a new and very dangerous man. This man is Fethi. While Arif is dealing with the files given by journalist Leyla, the news comes that the Greeks attacked Cyprus. This news will surprise and upset everyone. Arif’s student association decides to help Cyprus. Students at the university set up a stand to help Cyprus, but this stand is attacked. Zafer makes plans to eliminate Arif and Omer. Omer begins to be searched by the police as a result of Zafer’s plans. Arif tries to help Omer. At the request of Tumay, Zafer says good things about Omer, but they are all fake.

Arif tries to kidnap Zafer’s son and at the same time learns that he knows his father’s murder. Tumay talks to Isik and learns new things. New information makes Tumay suspicious about everyone. Arif stops talking to Tumay and focuses on finding his father’s killer. Zafer falls into a trap and is caught. The facts about Tariq’s murder are about to be revealed. Meanwhile, Omer is saved by an old friend of his father. Arif learns that his father’s murderer is Zafer and decides to avenge him. Tumay secretly learns that his father is a murderer. Arif wants to kill Zafer, but this will not be easy. Zafer learns that Arif has taken action and sets a trap. Omer and Arif unwittingly move towards this trap. Meanwhile, Admiral tells Zafer there would be a coup in Turkey.

A bomb explodes and Arif is seriously injured. Omer tries to find out who did the blast. Tumay learns the bad things Zafer did. Arif dies in the hospital, and this event deeply affects Tumay. Tumay cuts her wrists but suicide attempt fails. Strong people who face Zafer ensure Omer is free. Omer takes action to avenge his beloved friend Arif. Omer is brought to play by an old friend of his father, but he learns the facts from Asim. Workers start a strike at Zafer’s factory. During this strike, there are injuries and deaths. Zafer begins to look for the causes and responsibilities of this strike. Asim draws a weapon and is prepared to present them to important people. Zafer tries to capture these drawings. Meanwhile, Halid decides to go abroad. Omer detaches from the nationalist group and takes Solakli’s position. The tension between Zafer and the Admiral continues to affect everyone badly. Asim is waiting for the decision on the gun drawings. Omer is now a mafia. Zafer becomes even more uncomfortable with Asim’s actions and devises a plan to get him out of the university.

Omer rises rapidly in the mafia world and finds himself in a bloody war. The fact that Asim has a national rifle drawing disturbs some people and Asim begins to be followed by agents. Zafer and agents do everything they can to stop Asim and even threaten him. Omer realizes that the woman he loves is in danger and tries to save her. Meanwhile, Erbakan establishes a new political party. Omer has to find money to save Filiz and therefore he starts selling weapons even if he does not want to. The admiral finally decides that the appropriate time has come and takes action to strike. Admiral launches new fights. Husnu is injured by one of these conflicts. Omer is arrested and imprisoned. But this prison won’t last long.

Omer falls into Admiral’s trap as soon as he gets out of jail. Admiral will want and a suitable environment is prepared for the coup. Soldiers come because of the clashes at the university. Armed conflict arises between soldiers, police, and students. The conditions for the formation of the military memorandum of 1971 are shown to the audience. Admiral continues to implement his plans and is about to kill both Omer and Isik. Leyla learns what is spoken at the secret coup meeting by Admiral and tells them to Zafer. Martial law is announced after the recent events. Admiral wants to kill the chief of staff to do the coup. Zafer awaits the Admiral with a gun in his hand in the chamber of the chief of staff. Zafer convinces the chief of staff to strike a coup. The Admiral learns this and tries to act earlier than them. The soldiers begin to arrest everyone. Omer takes the last action to stop the Admiral. The Chief of Staff and other commanders decide to publish a memorandum and thus plan to resign Prime Minister Demirel. Now everything will become clear and the last trump cards will be played.

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