Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Review

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27, Melik Shah catches his brother in the woods and tells that he does not believe that he is a traitor to this day. Tekish starts blaming Melik Shah and tells him that he is an unsuccessful Sultan. Melik Shah orders Tekish to be taken to the dungeon. Hassan sees Livia while he is glad to find Basulu. While the soldiers are taking Tekish away, Byzantine soldiers attack and help him escape. Hassan stabs Livia to avoid exposure. Melik Shah begins to question Tekish’s son but cannot learn anything from him. As Hassan flees the Kinik plain, Tajul finds him and asks him whether he learned the secret or not. Tekish tries to go back to his tent but learns that the Sultan acted before him. Melik Shah arrested Tekish’s soldiers and tries to learn his plans.

Melik Shah learns about the possible attack plans in Tekish’s tent and that he has fifteen thousand soldiers in Khorasan. Sultan orders all roads to be closed so that Tekish’s soldiers do not act, and declares Tekish a traitor. Turna and Basulu try to help Livia. After Tajul returns to the palace, he tells Terken that the secret will be solved on the Kinik plain. When Terken learns that Melik Shah will fight for the throne soon, she begins to make plans for the future. Nizam tells Khayyam who the traitor is at the observatory. Melik Shah wants to hold a meeting and calls everyone in the palace. Hassan tells Faysal the secret he learned and waits for the right time to use it. Melik Shah says that they will first solve the Tekish problem and then conquer Kuvel Castle.

Tekish kills the soldiers searching for him and sends a message to his soldiers in Khorasan to come to the great valley. Nizam goes to the observatory and tells that Khayyam is hiding important documents for the calendar in a secret place. Khayyam’s student Fida transmits this information to Hassan and says he will steal the secret documents. Terken says that the Sultan should not go to war, but Zubeyde opposes her and tells her to fight for the throne if necessary. Fida secretly steals the documents prepared for the calendar and goes to the forest. Mitras meets with Hassan and devises a plan to harm the Seljuks. Hassan is happy to receive Nizar’s khilat and flag. Albert goes to the city library and talks to Ghazali. Ghazali invites Albert somewhere. Hassan gives the documents he received from Fida and takes the flag. Meanwhile, Turkish soldiers attack.

Nizam is wounded in the war, but Turks take both the calendar documents and the holy relics. Terken blames Zubeyde for supporting the war decision, but Zubeyde says that the deserving person will ascend the throne and trust the Sultan. Hassan runs away to save his life and tells Badr that he knows a secret that will end the Seljuks. Melik Shah is happy to have the necessary documents for the calendar seized, but learns that Tekish will bring the troops from Khorasan. Sanjar returns to the plain and tells that the Turkmen Beys will come. The Sultan secretly sends a message to the other soldiers not to support Tekish. Nizam tells Sultan that he should appoint an heir before going to war. Albert goes to a lodge with Ghazali and begins to cry there. Ghazali calms Albert and says that his heart is actually crying. Ghazali later tells that Albert’s heart is starting to heal.

Ghazali and Albert walk in and start listening to the story of an ode. Once again, Melik Shah calls everyone in the palace and tells them that he will declare an heir to the approaching war. Sultan says that the son of Zubeyde, Berkyaruq, is the crown prince and that if they lose the war, everyone must gather around him. Melik Shah says that he will hold a ceremony for Berkyaruq after the war and declares that Tapar is the Shalamzar’s Emir. Albert starts watching the people chanting in the lodge and after a while joins them. Sanjar starts talking to the Turkmen Beys he invited to his tent and tells them that they should support the Sultan in the coming war. After listening to Sanjar, the Beys say they will support Melik Shah. Albert says the Muslims treated him very well, but he did not deserve it.

Albert decides to become a Muslim and changes his name to Abdullah Ali. Turna says she’s worried about Sanjar, but Sanjar calms her. That night, Terken starts talking to Sultan and tells him that it was a wrong decision to appoint a crown prince. Melik Shah says that he made this decision for the future of the state. Later, Terken talks to Tajul and says that she has not received the value she deserves in the palace for years. Terken tells him that she will not leave the throne to Tekish and that she will get support from the Karakhanids. Tajul says this is a very serious decision, but he cannot change Terken’s decision. Melik Shah says that he has given up many things for the state’s future. Meanwhile, news comes that Tekish’s army of fifteen thousand men is approaching the great valley. Melik Shah orders his soldiers to prepare and tells him that he will go to the great valley at dawn.

Tekish goes to the great valley but sees less than half of the fifteen thousand soldiers he has been waiting for. Tekish makes a speech to his soldiers and waits for the Sultan to come to the battlefield. Melik Shah puts on his armor and goes to the garden of the palace. Hassan says that Sanjar is going to war and he will take this opportunity to kidnap Basulu. Melik Shah asks Zubeyde to protect the palace and sets out to go to the battlefield. A soldier goes to the Kinik plain and tells Basulu that Byzantine soldiers will attack the women by the river. Melik Shah goes to the battlefield with his army and realizes that Tekish could not bring as many soldiers as he planned. Melik Shah says that he will not attack a small number of soldiers and that he will fight Tekish one on one. Hassan attacks Basulu as she goes to the river with the Alps. Melik Shah defeats Tekish and strangles him with a bow.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 English Subtitles HD 1080

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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