Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 Review

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33, Sanjar alone attacks the city. Hassan’s soldiers stop him at the city gate and attack him. Tapar comes to help his brother and they enter the city together. Hassan calls all the soldiers in Shalamzar to stop them. The Sanjar’s Alps also enter the city, but the Batinis and Byzantines start shooting arrows. The Sultan learns that his sons have entered Shalamzar and immediately takes action to help them. When Tekish sees Melik Shah, he panics. Turks fight heroically to get the city back. When Hassan realizes that he will lose the war, he begins to run. Sanjar begins to follow Faysal and gets into a fight with him. Terken learns that Sanjar attacked Shalamzar despite all that and the Sultan went to help him. Terken gets very angry with Tajul and begins to give birth from stress.

Sanjar first wounds Faysal and then kills him to avenge his friends. Terken has a boy. Melik Shah congratulates his sons and soldiers. Tekish asks Sultan for forgiveness. The Sultan says that he will not forgive him once again and asks Turan to take him to his land as a prisoner. Melik Shah says he will reward his sons. Sanjar says that Tapar should rule Shalamzar. The Sultan accepts this and says that they will kill all of the remaining Batinis. Eighteen months pass and the Sultan’s son Mahmud grows up in a short time. Sultan says he will hold a meeting to attack Kuvel. Hassan secretly meets with his new followers in the woods and tells them they will act again. While Sanjar is talking with Turna beside a tree, he learns that the Sultan called him to the palace.

Tapar realizes that one of the merchants in the market is defrauding people and punishes that man. Meanwhile, Tapar learns that the Sultan has summoned him to the palace. While Nizam is listening to the lecture given by Ghazali in the madrasah, he learns that the Sultan will hold a meeting and immediately sets out to go to the palace. Terken meets with the soldiers loyal to her in the forest and says they will get the power they deserve. Terken gives gifts to her soldiers and asks Tajul to take the mission to attack no matter what. Since Mitras knows that Melik Shah will attack soon, he tries to strengthen the defenses of the castle. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers says that a man in the church wants to talk to Mitras. Tajul tells the Sultan about his attack plan for Kuvel. Sanjar speaks one by one about the mistakes in Tajul’s plan and then gives his opinions. Melik Shah gets angry with Tajul and gives the task to Sanjar.

Mitras realizes that the man in the church is Sabbah. Hassan says he will help Mitras and avenge his son. Nizam asks Ali to bring materials for the catapult they will make. Terken gets angry at Sanjar for taking Tajul’s duty after the meeting. Everyone in the plain celebrates the arrival of spring by lighting a fire. Later when Terken meets Tajul and gets angry with him for not taking the task. Terken says she wanted to stop Sanjar’s war preparations and reclaim the mission. Tajul says he doesn’t know how to do this, but Terken says she knows everything. Tajul learns where Ali will get the supplies and which way he will meet with Sanjar.

Tajul goes to meet Hassan right away. Tajul tells Ali that he will build catapults that can fire bales of flame and tells Hassan about what he learned from Terken. Hassan says that he will use Byzantine soldiers to stop the Turks and help Tajul take the mission. Sanjar says goodbye to Turna and goes to the workshop. After receiving the supplies, Ali hurries to go to Sanjar, but Mithras’ soldiers attack him. The Byzantines kill all the Turks and capture Ali. Hassan wants to kill Ali, but Mitras stops him and tells him that they will learn from him the Sultan’s attack plan. Zubeyde and Terken do sword practice in the palace. Meanwhile, Zubeyde asks Terken to be calm, but she says she will do anything to gain the power she deserves. While preparing for the workshop, Sanjar learns that Ali and the materials were seized by the Byzantines. The Sultan takes his son Mahmud to a room in the palace and tells him what kind of man Alp Arslan was.

Mitras says that Turkish soldiers will set traps on the roads leading to Kuvel. Hassan says that there are many caves in the forest and they can use one of them to torture Ali. While Nizam and Tapar are talking about the attack plan, Sanjar hurries to the palace. Sanjar tells them that Ali and his supplies have been kidnapped. Nizam thinks there is a traitor in the palace and wants to tell the Sultan what happened. Mitras tortures Ali to make him speak, but Ali only says verses from the Qur’an. The Sultan is very angry with the attack of the Byzantines and orders the war preparations to stop until Ali is found. Sanjar says he sent his soldiers to find Ali. Nizam says he will send his special soldiers to search for traces in the forest. Terken asks Sultan to give back the task to Tajul, but he says he will make a decision on this issue later.

Sanjar returns to the plain and awaits news from the Nizam. Mitras says the Turkish soldiers are looking for a trail in the forest. Hassan asks the Byzantine soldiers to leave tracks in the south of the forest in order to set a trap. Zubeyde and Nizam talk about who the traitors in the palace might be. Nizam says he will secretly follow Tajul. Meanwhile, Nizam learns that the soldiers found traces in the south of the forest. Nizam tells this information to the Sultan. Sanjar and Tapar move south of the forest. Mitras and his soldiers stop them. Mitras says he will kill Sanjar this time, but Melik Shah and his army come. Melik Shah realizes that everything was a trap and sets an ambush.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 English Subtitles HD 1080

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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