Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4 English & Urdu Subtitles
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4 Overview

While Sanjar is waiting to meet his father, Nizam opens the door and enters the room. Sanjar says he heard everything spoken outside the door and asks why his father hasn’t come. Sultan Melik Shah gives up meeting his son once more to protect his state. Melik Shah speaks to Nizam al-Mulk and makes him grand vizier again. Nizam talks to Sanjar and tells him not to worry. Sanjar also thinks that his father is doing the right thing and says that now he has to work harder for the state. Nizam returns the swords left by Sanjar to him and says he will support him. Sanjar’s new mission will be much more difficult because he has to go to Shalamzar. Sanjar then returns to the plain and plots with his friends. Elcin is thinking about how to save her brother in the palace. Melik Shah goes undercover and goes to the Kuvel fortress, which belongs to the Byzantine Empire. Melik Shah examines the situation in the market and makes plans for their future attack. The Byzantine commander speaks to Melik Shah while examining the documents of Turkish sellers in the market.

Sanjar dresses like a rebel merchant and goes to Shalamzar. Byzantine commander Andreas does not recognize Melik Shah and thinks he is a merchant. Melik Shah gives the permission sheet to the commander. The commander suspects this permit, but Melik Shah explains the situation calmly. While Sanjar and a friend are selling goods in Shalamzar, officials come and ask them for taxes. Sanjar raises his voice and argues with the officers. After the officers are gone, a man comes and talks to Sanjar. Sanjar realizes this man is a rebel and goes somewhere with him. Commander Andreas realizes that those who come to the market are Seljuk spies and plans to attack them. After Melik Shah leaves the market, Byzantine soldiers attack them. Later, Seljuk soldiers arrive and help Sultan Melik Shah. Sanjar and Arslantas follow this merchant, but the merchant realizes that they are Seljuk agents. Although Arslantas says he is not a spy, the merchant does not believe them and warns them.

Sanjar dismounts from his horse and thrusts his sword into the ground. Sanjar says that he is not a spy and will fight against the Seljuks alone if necessary. The trader changes his mind and they start talking calmly. Commander Andreas punishes one officer and warns the others because of the Seljuk spies that entered the market. Meanwhile, the dead bodies of the Byzantine soldiers on the attack arrive at the castle. The merchant starts asking questions to Sanjar and Arslantas, and listens to their answers. Sanjar remembers his childhood and the Nizam’s advice. The merchant believes what they say and lets them live. Hassan Sabbah learns that Melik Shah has come to the palace and takes action to find out what he has done. Seferiye calls Terken and gets angry with him for what she told the guest Elcin. Seferiye sends gifts to Elcin for what Terken did. The merchant man takes Sanjar and Arslantas somewhere in Shalamzar and tells about what they did there. Later, Sanjar and Arslantas enter a house and see men praying to the fire in this house. Nizam visits Hamadani and waits to talk to him. Hamadani talks to a young man and listens to what happened to that man. This young man is Ghazali.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4, Hamadani and Nizam want to talk about some issues. Coming from the Byzantine castle, Yorgos is still looking for the man who killed his brother and tries to find a way to enter the Kinik plain. Hassan Sabbah realizes that Melik Shah is going to Kuvel castle and plans to go to that castle as the Great Seljuk Empire ambassador. That night, Sanjar goes to Nizam’s secret house and tells him what he has learned one by one. Nizam listens to him and makes a new plan accordingly. Terken Hatun looks for a new way to send Elcin from the palace. While Turna is organizing a small show for the children, the leader of the Fatimids comes to her like a healer and starts talking to her. Sanjar watches this show from afar, but Turna notices him. Turna and Sanjar meet at a secret place. Turna is worried about what her father will do to Sanjar. Sultan Melik Shah discusses the route and plans of their attack with the state administrators. Melik Shah orders that the best time will be waited for the attack and prepares to go hunting. A man goes to the marketplace in Shalamzar and starts to shout something about the Quran. One of the Seljuk agents listening to him opposes him and a fight begins in the market. Ilteber comes and kills the man who shouted in the market. Thereupon the market is in chaos, and the fight gets bigger.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4, Hassan Sabbah says what he knows about the Kuvel people and tries to go there as an ambassador. Sanjar rescues and impresses the merchant Behram, whom he spoke to earlier, in the market. Hassan goes to Melik Shah’s room and tells all he knows about Kuvel castle to the Sultan. Melik Shah asks how Hassan learned so much about Kuvel castle. Hassan says that he learned this information for the future of the state and how they can control Andreas. Melik Shah gives the task of going Kuvel as an ambassador to Hassan. Ilteber catches Arslantas and asks him questions about what is happening in the market. Behram and Hassan visit the leader of the Fatimids. The leader of the Fatimids says that he will avenge the man who died in the market and that they must save the man Ilteber has caught. Behram says that Sanjar saved him today and that he must save the prisoners. Yorgos and a few spies come to Kinik plain disguised as merchants. Korkut, the leader of the plain, meets the merchants and tells him about Turkish goods.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4, Behram and Sanjar talk about how to save the prisoners in Ilteber’s house. Later, Sanjar says he will save those prisoners. Terken goes to Melik Shah’s room and talks to him about their future child. Sanjar secretly meets with Nizam in the forest and tells about what they talked to Behram. Nizam tells Sanjar his plan and immediately sets out for Shalamzar. Yorgos goes to the blacksmith in the plain and asks questions about the arrows being made. One of the Alps in the plain suspects the Byzantine merchants and follows them. While Melik Shah prepares to go hunting, Elcin comes and asks him about the hunt they will go to. When Terken Hatun sees Elcin going hunting with Melik Shah, she gets very angry. Nizam goes to Ilteber’s house and asks him to account for what happened in the marketplace today. Ilteber defends himself and tells that Shalamzar is independent in its internal affairs. Nizam asks the two prisoners captured by Ilteber from him, but Ilteber cannot understand this situation. To send Elcin from the palace, Terken secretly takes poison and puts this poison on the candle in Elcin’s room. Terken Hatun finds a secret message in Elcin’s room and realizes that she is a traitor.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4, Commander Andreas and the Byzantine soldiers pray and say that they will kill the Turks. Meanwhile, Hassan Sabbah comes to Kuvel castle as an ambassador. Terken immediately prepares to go to Melik Shah, who went for hunting, but Seferiye does not let her go. Nizam meets with Sanjar again and tells that he cannot take the prisoners from Ilteber. Nizam tells Sanjar to be careful. Commander Andreas invites Hassan to dinner and talks to him. Hassan talks about trade deals. Andreas thanks Sultan for what he has done. Hassan talks about Andreas’ uncle and willingly annoys him. Andreas gets even angrier and thinks that he should cooperate with Fatimids. After leaving the castle, Hassan realizes that someone is living in the forest and stops then examines the surroundings. Sanjar and a few spies try to sneak into Ilteber’s house. Yorgos examines Sanjar’s horse and tent. Sanjar disguises and gives food to the guards. While Melik Shah and Elcin are eating after the hunt, an argument ensues. Yorgos sneaks to Sanjar’s mother. After eating the dinner Sanjar brought, the guards fainted and Sanjar took action. Terken sets out to tell Melik Shah what he learned about Elcin. Other guards notice Sanjar entering the house. Terken’s car crashes and the car falls over. Elcin turns her arrow to Melik Shah and shoots an arrow. Turna does not realize that the man entering the house is Sanjar and stabs him in the back.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4 English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles


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