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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25, Alparslan learns that Akca’s father is Hassan and is very surprised by this situation. Meanwhile, Hassan arrives and says he wants to go to the headquarters to check the war preparations. Akca says she will confess all the facts to her father after the conquest of Vaspurakan and asks Alparslan for some more time. While Tughrul is praying in the cemetery, Diogenes’ assassin attacks him but fails. Kekaumenos thinks that the Sultan will die soon and continues to wait in the castle. Biruni says that he is trying to improve the catapults’ situation. Alparslan wants to test the repaired catapults. Biruni sees the wound on Alparslan’s neck and says that he may be sick. After what Biruni said, Alparslan goes to a cave and begins to wait for him. While Lord is waiting for Diogenes to arrive, Dukas comes to the castle.

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Rati and Ivan get very angry that Dukas is still alive. As Rati is about to attack Dukas, Arkadious stops everyone. Dukas says he caught Diogenes and goes to the carriage, but cannot find anyone there. Ferzat takes Diogenes from Dukas’ car and says he will help him. Diogenes tells Ferzat that he will return the favor he has done. Biruni goes to the tribe to take useful plants and says that Alparslan may have been infected with the plague. While Alparslan is praying in the cave, Akca comes. Alparslan asks her to go out, but he cannot convince her. Akca says she is very worried. Yinal thinks that Caghri will command the attack and makes a plan to dismiss him. Biruni examines Alparslan’s wound and says he needs to do a blood test. Hassan, Caghri, and Suleiman wait for news from Biruni.

Rati says that the assassination planned by Diogenes failed and that’s why the Turks will attack soon. Rati says they have to get help from Herve to defend the castle. The Lord strongly objects to this situation. Biruni says that the wounds on Alparslan’s body are not caused by the plague, but by te ointment he used before. Batur comes to talk to Alparslan and says that someone is trying to kill the Sultan. Arkadious says he has to convey Rati’s offer to Kaiser and asks him for some time. While going into exile, Karaca pretends to be sick and returns to the tribe. Alparslan says that preparations for war scare the unbelievers. Alparslan says he will attack Kapetron with one of the repaired catapults. Hassan says they can get important papers there. The Sultan approves of this attack. Yinal asks Sultan to lead the army. Sultan says Caghri will lead the army.

Yinal says that he is happy with this situation and that Caghri will take his revenge on Kekaumenos. Caghri learns that the murderer who killed his wife years ago is Kekaumenos and is angry with his son for hiding this truth. Sultan tries to explain why he is hiding this truth from Caghri. Alparslan gets angry because of what he said to Yinal. Dukas tells the Lord that he married Evdokya and that the Liparits are a great danger. Arkadious says that the Turks will attack soon and that’s why he asks Sevaste for help. Akca realizes that Karaca has pain and takes her to Akinay’s tent. Dukas goes to the forest with his soldiers and starts looking for Diogenes. Alparslan goes to talk to his father and tries to explain to him why he is hiding the truth about the Lord. Caghri gets very angry with his son and says he just wants to help him. Suleiman learns that Karaca has returned to the tribe, but does not believe that she is sick.

Akinay says she will examine Karaca and asks Suleiman to calm down. Alparslan goes back to the headquarters and examines the last preparations made by Biruni. Biruni says that this new catapult will throw flaming balls instead of rocks. Akinay says that Karaca is no longer pregnant. Karaca pretends to be surprised and tries to kill herself. Akinay stops Karaca and asks her to tell all the facts to Suleiman. Tughrul gets angry with Yinal because of what he said. Yinal is worried for the army and asks Caghri not to be the commander. Sultan stops Yinal and tells him that he trusts Caghri. After talking with his father, Alparslan asks Akca to confess everything. Akca asks Alparslan for time again. Selcan says she is worried about Karaca’s return to the tribe, but Caghri calms his wife. Alparslan and Biruni go to Kapetron to test the catapult.

The soldiers catapult the barrel filled with flammable materials and shoot at Kapetron’s wall. The Lord realizes that the Turks are attacking Kapetron. Alparslan thanks Biruni and attacks Kapetron to get the valuable documents. Diogenes sees this big catapult made by Biruni and even learns that he will make an even bigger catapult soon. Sultan goes to the tribe and asks Caghri to be with him during the war. Caghri says he will kill Kekaumenos no matter what. Karaca says that Akca is responsible for her miscarriage and goes to Akinay’s tent to kill her. Akinay sees Karaca and asks her why she came. Karaca lies to her and begins to wait for a more suitable time to kill Akca. Alpagut tells Alparslan that there will be supplies from Sevaste to Vaspurakan soon.

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Diogenes comes to the castle and says he wants to talk to the Lord, but the General arrests him. At the same time, Ferzat comes to the tribe and says he wants to talk to Alparslan. Ferzat says that he helped save Alparslan’s friends and offers to give him important information. Arkadious says that the Turks have very powerful catapults. Lord hears that Diogenes has come to the castle and summons him. Diogenes tells the details of the catapults in the hands of the Turks and says that he can destroy them. Arkadious accepts this plan and asks Diogenes to use Ferzat. Hassan calls the Armenian villagers and they ask questions about Ferzat and later forgive him. Batur attacks the caravan from Sevaste. Karaca attacks Akca that night. Suleiman accidentally stabs Karaca while trying to stop her. Suleiman thinks he killed Karaca and her baby. A month later, Ferzat secretly goes to the headquarters and sets fire to all the catapults.

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