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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 59 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 59, You say that we should wait and become the hunter when we are the prey, but for how long, my Sultan? Until they come for us. Going after Alparslan is going to our death. His army did not lose any significant amount of soldiers either in Agcakale or Bust. Although we have an army we have no power to stand against him. Why do you think we are positioned in Kirman when we have many other properties? This is the strongest position we can hold in our path to the throne.

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It is covered with high mountains and cliffs. Anyone that wants to come here, has to walk through the Ulu Yol(Sacred Road). Just like how Alparslan will. When Alparslan and his soldiers come to the narrow passage in Ulu Yol the naphtha buried in the road will explode. Ulu Yol will be a grave for Alparslan and his soldiers. I know my brother. He won’t postpone this. Now you will go and bury the most potent naphtha on the road. After that, you will take a position in a good place.

That road, Erkut will determine the fate of Seljuk State. As you command my Sultan. Kavurt Bey crossed the line to produce his own coins and make hutbahs spoken in his name. It looks like he has not taken a lesson from his son Merdan’s fate. Maybe he went on this path because of the death of his son, Hace. We cannot know that. Although his test is harder than any of ours, betrayal is not a Bey would do.

I have no doubt now that Kavurd Bey was in betrayal together with his son. They lured us into a trap together in the matter with the Georgian army. But Merdan sacrificed himself for his father. What he is doing now shows that they dreamed of the throne before this. My love for my brother in my heart and my trust in my brother blinded us. Pity. Such a pity.

I swear that no matter what’s the reason, my brother Kavurt will pay for making an alliance with the infidels and causing the death of our soldiers. The army waits for you outside the city, my Sultan. Whenever you feel strong, we are ready to attack Kavurd Bey. I am fine, with the help of Allah, Batur Bey. We shouldn’t let the rebels do as they please. We will go for Kirman quickly. My Sultan.

Byzantine General Romen Diyojen wishes to enter. All you needed was the throne Alparslan. Now you are a Sultan. They’re your people Iraz. You know Turks are hospitable. Calm down. Our Sultan awaits you General Diyojen. I have a precious gift for the Sultan. Only General Diyojen is accepted. I go here the general goes. Calm down. Iraz. Calm down. Wait for me here. Diyojen went to Constantinople to not be defeated by me in Vaspurakan.

Now you’re here to protect Ani? He ran from danger. Now he’ll face even worse. Sultan Alparslan. I must admit you look good on the throne. I knew I’d see you here one day. But I didn’t expect to see you again Captain Diyojen. General. You must have heard. All I see is the leash Dukas put on you. The man you left to die. General. Constantinople is in fear. Your crazy Count can’t protect Ani and you know it.

So Kayzer Dukas, sent you. You know Count Leon is crazy. But Kayzer doesn’t fear you. He doesn’t think he’ll lose Ani. I don’t think so either. Did you come to Rey to show off, General? No. I’m here to see King Bagrat, your captive. I want to see him. If you’d allow me. Of course. But under our surveillance. If you’ll allow me I’d like to give you Kayzer’s gift. This is to remind you of your borders and the lands that you’ll never rule.

Kayzer Dukas’ gift. The stones are very valuable. Do you know where it is the stones are placed, General? A mountain. Ergenekon. It’s not just a mountain. It’s a mountain made of iron. It’s a blessed mountain where Allah’s army was forged with the fire of the Turks. Move that valuable gift over there. Come with me, General. Your Kaiser is trying to teach the Turks about borders and limits.

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