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In Destan Episode 17, While Tutkun tries to send Kircicegi back, Manco comes. Manco says he wants to talk to the claw, but Batuga won’t let him. Akkiz comes out of her tent and asks Manco what he wants. Manco says that Akkiz’s mother is still alive. While Akkiz says that her mother is not alive, Alpagu comes to the tribe. Batuga asks Alpagu to calm down and says he will talk about Akkiz’s mother first. Alpagu says Manco is unreliable. Manco says he looted a place years ago and continues to talk. Manco says he captured a woman and talked to her. Alpagu says that now everyone knows that Akkiz is the claw and Manco wants to use her. Manco says he wants to take Akkiz to this woman.

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Batuga gets very angry and cuts Manco’s hand. Alpagu starts asking Akkiz questions about her mother. Akkiz says her mother’s name is Alaca and begins to tell what she knows about her. Batuga says Manco is lying. Akkiz starts to think about her mother and becomes increasingly suspicious. Vargi and the priest thinks that Batuga has told all the truth to Alpagu. While Vargi is waiting for Alpagu to leave the tribe, Kaya arrives. Alpagu begins to question Manco, but cannot learn anything from him. Kaya tells that Balamir took over the western khanate with Colpan. Alpagu immediately takes his horse and sets off. The priest sees that Alpagu is alone and says the archers will kill him. Alpagu stops somewhere in the forest and shouts at Tengri. Akkiz arrives when the archers are about to attack Alpagu. Akkiz and her friends kill all enemy archers.

Alpagu says he will go to the headquarters with Kaya and sets off again. While Balamir is contemplating the name of the new state he will establish, Colpan arrives and asks him to remain calm until Khan is elected. While Kircicek tries to persuade Batuga to talk to Balamir, Akkiz returns and tells him that Alpagu has started a war. Mei learns that Ece has sent sick servants in the palace and takes action to replace them with faithful servants. Gunseli secretly writes a message to Batuga describing the situation in the palace and sends it. Temur comes back to the palace and says he wants to talk to his father. Temur realizes that his mother is trying to kill Batuga by using smallpox and gets very angry. Temur says he has cut all ties with the palace from now on and will support Batuga. Ece begs Temur and asks him to stay in the palace.

Temur listens to his mother’s last words but does not change his decision. That night, Balamir dine with the tribal leaders. Leaders say they are worried about the smallpox epidemic. Meanwhile, Batuga comes to Balamir’s tent. Batuga says he brought enough salt for all tribes and found the cure for smallpox. Tribal leaders believe Batuga’s words and begin to support him. Colpan is very happy to see what Batuga has done. Batuga says it was wrong for Colpan to join Balamir’s attack. Colpan says everything she has done so far is to protect Batuga. Colpan says the tribal leaders will now support Batuga. Batuga objects to his aunt and says that if the country is divided, China will attack. Batuga says he will force Alpagu to make peace. Akca talks to Manco that night and convinces him to attack the salt filled caves.

Manco immediately accepts this offer and says he will bring his own soldiers. Yula goes to Batuga’s tent and talks to him about the smallpox medicine. After Yula leaves the tent, Balamir’s soldiers kidnap Batuga and Saltuk. Balamir starts talking to Batuga the next day and tells that the leaders support him. Balamir asks Batuga to persuade the leaders. Alpagu eventually returns to the palace and immediately arranges a meeting. When the monk learns that the Khan has come to the palace, he is very surprised and panics. Kuzu says that the tribal leaders have joined Balamir’s army. Alpagu says Temur will lead the army and asks where is he. Ece says that Temur will now support Batuga. Kaya offers to seek help from the Russian princes, but Danis objects to him. Alpagu summons Tai.

Alpagu recalls the deal he made with China two years ago and asks Tai to bring Chinese soldiers. Alpagu asks Kaya to bring salt to the palace to complete the other condition of the agreement. While Kaya is taking salt from the cave with the soldiers, Akkiz begins to attack. Temur asks his friends to not harm Kaya and joins the attack. Akkiz says that they have seized the salt in all the caves. Temur says Batuga will go to the palace to talk to Khan and sends Kaya. Alpagu gets angry with Kaya for failing and allows Batuga to come to the palace. Manco talks to Akkiz again and says he will wait for her one day. Yula goes to Dag and tells Akkiz what happened to Batuga. Akkiz says she will use Kircicek to enter the western khanate and tells her the plan. Balamir wishes he had a son like Batuga and orders him to be taken to the tent.

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Balamir then wraps a rope around Batuga’s neck and begins to strangle him. Meanwhile, Kircicek comes to the western khanate and enters her father’s tent. Balamir is very surprised to see his daughter and asks why she came to him. Akkiz starts shouting while Kircicek apologizes to her father. Balamir asks his soldiers to attack Akkiz. Akkiz takes Balamir hostage and stops his soldiers. Akkiz rescues Batuga and forces Balamir into the chariot. Colpan is very worried about what happened to Batuga, but later learns everything from Saltuk. Batuga learns that Temur will now support him and is very happy. Akkiz says she wants to go with Manco and starts arguing with Batuga. Batuga asks Akkiz to stay in the tribe and goes to the palace. Batuga says he will not allow Alpagu to bring soldiers from China and goes with him to the secret tunnel in the palace. Batuga asks his father to make a peace agreement and tells what happened to his mother years ago.

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