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Kurulus Osman Episode 101 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 101, Osman starts helping Aladdin to use a sword better. Aladdin thinks he is not strong enough. After a while, Bala comes and starts practicing swordsmanship with Osman. Osman then prepares his messengers to send a message to Constantinople. Kantakuzenos realizes that Osman knew the assassination plan and sent a spy to Yenisehir to take revenge on him. Frigg catches Osman’s messengers and kills them all. Olof and the Vikings dress like Turks. The people living in the village think that the Turks are coming. Olof suddenly attacks the Christian people and kills everyone there. Orhan goes to the forest to hunt with his soldiers. Viking spies begin to wait for a suitable time to catch Orhan. Kantakuzenos thinks that he will get the support of the Pope and goes to talk to the Emperor.

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Malhun prepares to visit Orhan. Osman asks Dursun to invite all the teachers in Anatolia to Yenisehir. Dursun immediately accepts this offer and says that Yenisehir will be a great science center. Osman then sets off for Karacabey with his soldiers. Bengi has a bad dream and wakes up. Oktem tries to understand what’s going on. Bengi says something bad will happen to Batur. Batur and the soldiers in the border region see the massacre in the village. Olof comes out of his hiding place and says the Turks are responsible for this massacre. Batur begins to attack the Vikings. While Orhan continues to hunt, spies begin to attack. Dan catches Orhan in a short time and says he will kill him. Osman sees the dead Turks in the forest and starts looking for Orhan.

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Frigg dresses like a Turk and says her name is Marta. Bala starts talking to Marta and examines the gifts she brought to Osman. Leo greets Marta and says that she is his sister. Dan begins to torture Orhan and breaks his fingers one by one. Osman finds his son and saves him. Olof kills all the Turks who come to the village and says that he will harm Osman by using them. Osman catches Dan and starts cutting off his fingers. Dan says he will not talk no matter what. Oktem and Bayindir go to the village. Oktem sees that everyone is dead and tries to understand what happened. Olof tells that the Turks attacked the village and stole the gold collected for taxation. Oktem says Batur is innocent and wants to kill Olof.

Turgut comes to the village and stops everyone there. Oktem says he wants to kill Olof but he cannot convince Turgut. Olof says that the Turks did the massacre in the village. Turgut refuses and says he wants to take the bodies. Olof says that he will only give Turks’ bodies to Osman and asks him to come to the village. Aktemur learns that Alcicek is single but will not get married easily. A man comes to Yenisehir and tells everyone what happened in Makri. Bengi worries about Batur and goes back to her tribe immediately. Turgut asks Oktem to come back and says Osman will solve this problem soon. The Emperor still wonders who the traitors in the palace are. The princess goes to the arena and arrests Sarkis. The Emperor learns what happened in Makri. Kantakuzenos immediately starts accusing Osman and says that he stole the gold. The Emperor denies the accusations against Osman and says he will learn all the facts. for more technical and financial knowledge visit

Kantakuzenos calms the Emperor and tells him that he will go to the village to investigate this incident. While Malhun is trying to heal her son’s fingers, Osman comes. Osman asks Orhan to bandage his own wounds and says this will be an important lesson. Orhan wraps his broken fingers one by one with a cloth. Bengi begins to ask her husband questions about Batur. Oktem says that Batur died and he could not get his body. Bengi gets very angry and starts to cry. Bayindir learns that Olof did the massacre in the village, but he does not tell this information to anyone. Olof learns that Osman caught Dan and says that he will hurt Aladdin in return. Orhan asks who the attackers in the forest are. Osman says that he does not know who these men are, but that they are no different from the devil. Bayindir goes to Oktem’s tribe and says that everything is because of Osman.

Cerkutay and Boran begin to question Dan. Dan says he won’t speak at first, but then suddenly changes his mind. Ofelia takes Sarkis to the dungeon and tells him that he is a traitor. Sarkis says he is always loyal to the Emperor and will help Ofelia. Kantakuzenos comes to the dungeon and tries to blame Sarkis. Ofelia calms Kantakouzenos and saves Sarkis. The next morning, Oktem prepares to attack Olof, but Boran stops him. While Oktem is arguing with Boran, Sheikh comes and stops everyone. The soldiers bring Dan to Yenisehir. Alcicek and Bengi want to kill him, but Bala stops everyone. Marta reads the message from Olof and takes action to catch Aladdin. Olof and the Vikings begin to set traps in the forest. Osman begins to prepare the barrels of gunpowder for the attack.

Cerkutay says that the Vikings set a lot of traps in the forest. Osman asks Turgut to take the bodies of the martyrs and sets out to go to the forest. Alcicek sneaks into the dungeon and says she will kill Dan. Aktemur tries to stop Alcicek but is injured in the shoulder. Sarkis talks to Ofelia and learns that Kantakouzenos has gone to the eastern village. Aladdin talks to Dursun and tries to understand that education is more important than fighting. Marta comes to talk to Dursun and starts to complain about Muslim traders. Shortly after Aladdin leaves school, spies attack and kidnap him. Bala worries about her son and starts looking for him. Osman blows up the barrels of gunpowder in the forest and gives Olof one last chance to surrender. Olof does not accept this offer. Osman says he has already taken the bodies and a great war begins. Kantakuzenos stops the war in the forest and says he will tell who the real enemy is.

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