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Kurulus Osman Episode 108 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 109, Osman says they have barrels full of gunpowder and manages to get out of the castle. Osman starts to explain his new plan and says he will take the castle from Turgut. Bayindir says he will take his revenge on Osman. Oktem tries to calm down his friend and says he will get Alcicek back. Bengi continues to provoke her husband as always. Alcicek learns what happened to Aktemur and starts to cry. Aktemur opens his eyes after a short while and sees Alcicek. Alcicek apologizes to Aktemur. Aktemur says he doesn’t want Alcicek anymore because she didn’t keep her promise. Turgut asks Sultan to be very careful about Osman. Ismihan calms Turgut down and tells him she has a plan. Osman comes to the castle with his soldiers and enters the throne room. Ismihan says it is wrong for Osman to take the castle.

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Ismihan shows Osman the message from Konya and says that Inegol now belongs to Turgut. Osman says he will never surrender his lands without a fight. Ismihan says she will take a lot of things from Osman and calls Kantakuzenos. Oktem comes to the mansion and says he wants to get his daughter back. When the war between the soldiers is about to break out, Bala comes and calms Oktem. Bengi starts shouting in front of the mansion. While Malhun is arguing with Bengi, Alcicek comes. Alcicek says she wants to go back to the castle. Aisha is very surprised by this, but she cannot change Aktemur’s decision. Kantakuzenos says that he made a deal with Ismihan and that Osman must comply with these new conditions. Ismihan says that if Osman does not accept this agreement, she will destroy his city. Osman realizes that Ismihan wants the castles on the border and asks her for some time to think about this offer.

Aktemur asks not to talk about Alcicek again in the mansion. Osman rides around Yenisehir the next day and starts to think about the terms of the agreement. Osman thinks that he wants not to surrender the castles, but that he has no other condition. Osman then prays to Allah and asks for help. Malhun starts to worry and thinks about where Osman is. Meanwhile, a soldier of Osman comes to the mansion and tells everyone about Ismihan’s deal. Malhun immediately takes action and tells that many enemies will attack soon. Aktemur alerts the soldiers in the city and begins to establish a line of defense. Malhun calls everyone around for help. Bala asks Malhun not to rush and says they will never guess Osman’s decision. Aladdin and Orhan start to worry.

Beys who come to the mansion begin to talk about the terms of the new agreement. Some want to fight, and some want to give up castles. Osman comes to his mansion and immediately starts a meeting. Turgut goes to Ismihan’s headquarters near Sogut and says he wants to talk to her about Osman. Osman says he wants to hear everyone’s opinions before he announces his decision. Almost everyone says they want to fight and this makes Osman very happy. Kantakuzenos says that Osman will accept this agreement. Turgut thinks Osman has a secret plan and asks Ismihan to be very careful. Osman says he will surrender the castles without any problems. Everyone is very surprised by this decision. After the meeting, some Beys say that Turgut is right and they set out to talk to Ismihan. Bayindir learns that Alcicek has returned to the castle and Osman will soon hand over the castles to Ismihan.

Osman’s envoy goes to Ismihan’s tent. Ismihan says that Osman’s decision was very correct and that there will be a long term peace in the region. The Beys who left Osman come to Ismihan’s tent and say that they want to work for her now. Ismihan accepts them and even gives them new castles. Kantakuzenos goes to the forest and tells Olof what Osman did. Olof agrees to become a Christian and says he will always fight for Byzantium. Osman says that the Beys who started working with Ismihan are actually still working for him. When Alcicek comes to the castle, Bengi starts shouting at her. Alcicek blames her mother and says she wants to die. Oktem calms everyone down. Bayindir comes to the castle and says he wants to talk to Alcicek.

Oktem says that Bayindir will never marry Alcicek and returns the gifts he brought before. Aisha tries to talk to Aktemur but cannot convince him. Osman talks to the spy Beys somewhere in the forest and tells them about the weak points of the castles. Turgut goes to have dinner with Ismihan, but he sees Olof there. Turgut starts arguing with Olof and says that he will never work with him. Ismihan calms everyone down and says that Olof’s soldiers will go to the castles. Osman starts cooking in the kitchen that night with his friends. After the meal is over, Osman learns that Olof’s soldiers have gone to the castles and gets very angry. Turgut thinks about all the decisions he made that night and starts to regret them. Osman secretly meets Konur the next morning and learns that Mesut is still in the palace.

Turgut sees Konur talking to Osman and immediately informs Ismihan. Ismihan goes to the mansion with Marta. Mongolian commander Samagar receives the message sent by Ismihan and immediately goes to Konya to kill Osman. Ismihan does not like the food in the mansion and then starts talking about the events that happened to Alcicek. Ismihan asks the women in the mansion to apologize to Bengi. Bala argues with Ismihan and even draws her sword. Ismihan then asks Marta to turn this mansion into a palace. Aladdin goes to the palace in Konya and says he wants to meet the Sultan. Dursun convinces the guards and the Turks manage to enter the palace. Osman starts looking for Mesut’s room and soon finds it. Osman enters the room and starts looking for Mesut. Samarga comes out of his hiding place and immediately catches Osman. Bayindir says he will take his revenge on Osman this time.

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