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Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 122, Osman defends the city against the Mongols and demands that the captives be taken safely to the dungeon. Osman then checks the wounded soldiers. Malhun sends a message to Osman and tells him that Aktemur is the new Bey of Kargin. Osman is very surprised by this situation and says that he will hold a meeting immediately. The vizier’s soldiers attack Bala. Ismihan continues to search for her son in the palace. The vizier captures Bala shortly after and says he will execute her. Osman says that he agreed to duel with Nayman. Soldiers say Nayman is unreliable. Osman says that he knows Nayman very well and begins to explain his plan. Osman says that they will defend other cities carefully and begins to explain the defense plans he has prepared. Nayman orders all of his nearby soldiers to sneak in.

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Nayman says he will attack the Turks after the duel and asks the shaman to prepare a poison. Malhun and Aisha do not like Aktemur’s decision. Aktemur says he thought of everything before making this decision. A soldier says that Osman invited Aktemur to a meeting. The vizier brings Bala and says she is a traitor. Bala tells that Vizier is a traitor and this man is working for Nayman. Sultan does not believe Bala and says he will execute her. After a short while, Ismihan comes to the throne room and starts to speak. The vizier realizes that his plan did not work and begins to attack with the Mongolian soldiers. The Sultan’s soldiers capture the Vizier. Ismihan says that Osman wants to help the Sultan and tells the truth. The Sultan executes the Vizier and says he will listen to Bala. The Beys come to the meeting.

Osman asks how is the situation of the people in the cities. Osman says he will help his people and starts talking to Aktemur. Osman says Aktemur made a big mistake and expels him from the meeting. Osman then gives his defense plans to the Beys and asks them to be very careful. The shaman begins to prepare a poison for Nayman to use. Bala tells the Sultan what Nayman did and asks him to write a letter to Gazan Khan. Sultan says that he will give soldiers and weapons to Osman’s army. Osman goes to a small city and starts talking to the merchants there. A merchant says that because of Nayman, trade in the city has come to a standstill and he is having trouble paying the rent. Osman takes action to leave the city after shopping.

Meanwhile, some vagrants arrive and try to extort money from the merchants. Osman beats these vagrants. A merchant invites Osman to dinner to thank him. After Turgut catches Bayindir, he goes to talk to Talay. Mongolian soldiers agree to take him to Talay’s place. Bayindir deceives the guards and starts to run away from the forest. Bengi asks Aktemur to attack Marmaracik and avenge Oktem. After thinking for a while, Aktemur agrees to attack Marmaracik and asks his soldiers to prepare for war. Osman starts to eat with the merchant and asks him questions. Turgut starts talking to Talay and conveys Nayman’s message to him. Talay begins to suspect Turgut. Turgut suddenly attacks Talay to get the seal and takes him as a prisoner. Gazan’s commander comes and stops all the soldiers. Commander says he came on the orders of Gazan and knows that Nayman is a traitor.

Osman then goes to the mosque and prays with his soldiers. After praying, Osman starts talking to his sons and asks them how to fix the trade. Aladdin and Orhan express their opinions on this matter. Osman dictates an order about the rent that the merchants have to pay. The commander takes the seal of Genghis from Talay and tells him that he will set off with Turgut shortly. Osman asks his soldiers to prepare well that night and says that they will attack the Mongolian army soon. Aladdin and Orhan go to the cities the next day and help the merchants. Osman prepares to go to war and asks Bala to protect the state. Turgut learns that Bayindir has escaped and gets angry with the guards. Turgut then starts looking for Bayindir.

Osman makes a speech in his mansion and then starts to move toward the battlefield with his soldiers. While Aktemur is waiting in the forest, Malhun and Aisha arrive. While Alcicek tries to understand what’s going on, Aktemur begins to explain the secret plan. Aktemur says Osman knows everything. Malhun and Aisha say they will go to Marmaracik using the secret tunnel. Aktemur says he will start the attack when the Mongolian soldiers leave the castle and asks Alcicek to help Malhun. Aktemur and a few soldiers wear Mongolian clothes. Nayman takes the poison prepared by the shaman and goes to the battlefield with his soldiers. Bayindir realizes that Turgut is approaching and starts to run away to another place. Mongolian soldiers start shouting on the battlefield. Osman proceeds with his horse and starts talking to Nayman. Nayman says that if he wins the duel, the Turks must give him allegiance.

Osman says he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Nayman says he wanted three Mongolian soldiers to fight three Turks before the duel. Osman accepts this offer and picks three warriors from his army. Ismihan begins to watch the battlefield from a secret place and says that she is the most powerful person in this land. Malhun and Bala enter the city using the secret tunnel. Aktemur kills the guards at the castle gate and enters. Konur attacks a Mongolian soldier and wins the duel. Later, Turahan wins the duel. Finally, a Bey attacks but loses his life. Osman calls Nayman and starts to fight him. Aktemur takes Marmaracik back in a short time with the help of Hatuns. When Nayman realizes that he will lose the duel, he uses the poison in his ring to blind Osman in one eye and orders his army to attack.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 122 English Subtitles

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