Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 81 (81 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 81 (81 Bolum) with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 80 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 81, Mongolian soldiers enter the Sultan’s room and find him dead. The soldiers think Osman is the murderer and try to arrest him. Aygul tries to stop Julia but fails. Meanwhile, two men come and start shooting arrows at the Byzantine soldiers. Julia gets scared and starts running. Bala and Malhun immediately take Selcan to Sogut. While Osman is escaping from the Mongols, Cerkutay and Turgut come to his aid. Osman goes to a room using the secret tunnel in the palace and starts to wait there. The men who help the women are Konur and Boran. Konur asks Boran to hide this incident from everyone. Doctors try to heal Sultan’s wound. Gunduz holds a meeting with the Beys of the tribe. The Beys do not vote for Gunduz.

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Thereupon, Alemshah begins to speak and says that Gunduz will soon take over Harmankaya. The Vizier says that thanks to the leadership of Gunduz, the tribe will earn a lot of money. After the vizier’s speech, the Beys change their decision and vote for Gunduz. Turgut’s friend comes to the secret room and tries to arrest Osman instead of helping him. Osman talks to this man and convinces him that he is innocent. Kumral Abdal says that Selcan’s wound is very deep and tries to heal her. After Gunduz is chosen as the new Bey, a message comes. Gunduz learns that Goktug is dead and Osman has escaped. Turgut puts the corpses of Mongolian soldiers in a car in the palace and thus takes Osman out of the palace. Gunduz goes to the lodge and visits Selcan. Selcan gets angry with Gunduz after the recent events and says that he left Osman alone.

The vizier goes to talk to Geyhatu and learns from him that Osman has escaped from the palace. Geyhatu says he wants to establish a large army in the border region and become the Mongol emperor. Osman meets with Kosses outside the palace and tells him what happened in the palace. A Mongolian commander follows Turgut and attacks him in the forest. Osman defeats the Mongols once again and sets out to return to his tribe. Gunduz gets very upset after what Selcan said but says he did everything for the future of the Turks. While Gunduz is leaving the dervish lodge, Sheikh stops him. Sheikh warns Gunduz once again and asks him not to believe what the vizier said. Osman and his friends rest in a cave that night. Kosses asks Osman about the Sultan and talks about the future. Osman asks Kosses not to worry and says everything will be alright.

The medicines used by the doctors work and the Sultan wakes up that night. Sultan asks what happened to him. The Sultan orders that Osman should be caught as soon as possible and brought to the palace alive. The vizier learns that Osman has escaped from the palace and that the Sultan is still alive. Gunduz goes to the inn and asks the Vizier about the attack in the forest. The vizier says that Julia did this attack and that he will punish Nikola for this reason. Gunduz listens to Vizier’s plan and agrees to go to Harmankaya with the Turkmen. The vizier tells Gunduz that Osman met the Sultan but later stabbed him. Gunduz cannot believe that Osman did such a thing.

Vizier thinks that Osman will definitely visit Selcan and makes a plan to catch him. Osman prays to Allah that night and asks him for help. Cerkutay remembers Bamsi and thinks about what happened to him. The vizier goes to the castle and tells Nikola that Osman is trying to kill the Sultan. The vizier then starts talking about the new market and says that he will stay in the castle that night. Selcan feels a little better and starts talking about the state Osman will establish. Gunduz plans to attack Harmankaya with his soldiers. Konur goes to Boran’s tent and says that Osman escaped from the palace. Konur asks Boran to talk to Osman and tell him about the vizier’s plan. Boran says he knows the secret places in the forest and sets out immediately to find Osman. Osman visits Goktug’s grave the next day and says he will avenge him.

The vizier talks at length about Turkish goods and tries to distract Nikola. Meanwhile, Gunduz goes to Harmankaya with a lot of soldiers and seizes it. Osman sends his soldiers and goes into the forest. Osman starts talking to the leaders of the Turkish tribes. The white beards ask Osman questions about what happened to the Sultan. Osman says that Geyhatu will establish a large army in the border region and thus become the Mongol emperor. Nikola learns that Gunduz has captured the castle and gets angry with the Vizier. Meanwhile, Geyhatu comes. Geyhatu asks Nikola for help and tells him that he will soon allow him to establish his own empire. Nikola accepts this offer. Gunduz distributes the booties to the Beys. Boran finds Osman’s hiding place and tells him that Julia attacked women. Osman learns that Selcan is seriously injured and says he will see her no matter what.

Kurulus Osman Episode 81

Osman sends a message to Sheikh and asks him to invite all the dervishes to a meeting. Malhun and Bala tell everyone that Selcan is dead. Sheikh and Abdal begin to pray for Selcan. The vizier learns that the dervishes are going to the lodge and thinks that this is Osman’s plan. The vizier takes all his soldiers and goes to the lodge. The vizier asks where Osman is, but Abdal tells him that Selcan is dead. The vizier asks his soldiers to search every part of the lodge. The Sheikh warns Vezir for the last time and asks him not to disturb the innocent. Meanwhile, Osman has already started to implement his plan. Osman tells everyone that Selcan is dead and uses this opportunity to go to the inn. Seljuk soldiers cannot find anyone in the dervish lodge and return to the inn. The vizier is surprised to see Osman in his room and attacks him. Osman says that Vizier will pay the price for everything he has done and kills him.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 81 English & Urdu Subtitles

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