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In Destan Episode 8, Kircicek says that Akkiz is a traitor. Ece thinks Kircicek may be right and says Akkiz should die. Khan then hurries to the garden of the palace. Akkiz comes to the palace with Kun Ata. Ece gets even more angry with Akkiz and says Kircicek is right. Alpagu starts talking to Akkiz and asks her why she came to the palace. When Akkiz says that she has taken Khan’s sons captive, Khan gives up killing her. Ece says that Colpan will kill the Tegins. Akkiz tells that Khan’s children are still alive and Colpan wants to make a deal. Meanwhile, Colpan talks to Khan’s sons and tells them what happened years ago. Danis tells that the soldiers are ready to go to the mountain. While wearing his armor, Khan realizes that the paper he hid there has disappeared.

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Khan asks who took this paper. After thinking for a while, Khan thinks that Akkiz took this paper. Tutkun is angry with Akkiz for escaping from the palace, but she says that such a thing will not happen. Yibek changes Akkiz’s clothes but cannot find the message. Alpagu says his horses are sick, so he postpones the hunting festival. Khan then goes to the Dag with his soldiers. Batuga secretly goes to the dungeon and asks Akkiz why she came back to the palace. Akkiz tells that Balamir set a trap for both the claw and the Tegins. Batuga realizes that Balamir wants to be Khan and goes out with Akkiz through the secret tunnel. Sirma gives Khan’s paper to Batuga and tells him that she couldn’t get the seal. Batuga says Balamir should not die, but Akkiz objects to him.

Akkiz says that Balamir will continue his attacks. Batuga tells that Balamir is still very strong and after his death, a great rebellion will begin. Batuga says he has to reveal Balamir’s game no matter what. That night, Yaman goes to Balamir’s tent and says he wants to work for him. Alpagu reaches Dag the next morning and says he wants to get his sons back. Colpan says she saved the Tegins and wants to negotiate with Khan. Alpagu says he will allow Dag to trade now, but Colpan asks for more. Alpagu tells Colpan that she will have voting power in the council and invites her to the palace. Some strong Beys come to Balamir’s tent and ask him to prove Alpagu’s weakness. Ece asks Akkiz to leave the palace, but Akkiz returns to her room without saying anything.

Ece is very happy to see her sons and hugs them. Alpagu gets angry with Kaya and says it is an embarrassment for the palace. Alpagu gets very angry with his sons and soldiers. Khan continues talking and says he learned everything. Alpagu thanks Akkiz and says he will help her. Akkiz says she wants to stay in the palace with Batuga. Khan makes Akkiz the bodyguard of Batuga. While Khan is talking to Saltuk, Colpan comes to the palace. Alpagu says they made peace with Dag for a year and Colpan will attend the hunting festival. Colpan says Tutkun will marry Kaya. Balamir hatches a plan to attack the hunting festival and tells his soldiers about it. Kun Ata looks at Khan’s wound and says the herbs needed for the medicine. Khan says he cannot use the necessary medicine now because of the hunting festival.

Khan asks Akkiz if she got the message on his armor. Meanwhile, Danis comes and tells that they found the message in Balamir’s room. Khan apologizes for blaming Akkiz and gives her back her clothes. Shortly after, Yaman arrives and tells Batuga that Balamir is planning an attack. Kircicek learns that she will not go to the hunting festival and immediately goes to Ece’s room. Ece says that all women will stay in the palace. Ece then asks Kuzu to kill Akkiz during the hunting festival. When Kircicek returns to her room, she sees Akkiz. Akkiz says she isn’t the claw and Balamir will attack the Tegins. Kircicek fights with Akkiz but is defeated. Akkiz then goes to Colpan’s room but cannot find anyone there. Batuga tells that Colpan may have gone to talk to Saltuk.

Akkiz goes to Saltuk’s room to check what Batuga has said. Akkiz sees Colpan talking to Saltuk and asks her to do some things. Kuzu tells Kaya that Ece wants Akkiz to die. Kaya stops Kuzu and tells him that he wants to marry Akkiz. The next day the hunting festival begins. Danis tells the hunters which way to go. Akkiz says she wants to go hunting with Kaya and asks Khan for permission. Kircicek goes to Gunseli’s room and gives her poison to kill Tutkun. Kircicek says she just wants to escape from the palace and asks Gunseli for help. Balamir’s soldiers attack Akkiz and Kaya first. Other soldiers begin to attack Temur. Soldiers brought by Akkiz from Dag save her.

Balamir thinks the trap is working and signals the big attack. While Alpagu was thinking that Temur would come with the prey, some attackers came out of the forest. These attackers kill the soldiers around Khan. Khan asks everyone to calm down and starts fighting. Those who come to the festival see that one arm of Khan is not working. Soon after, Balamir arrives and kills anyone who attacks Khan. Kaya and Temur return. Balamir says that the wound on Khan’s shoulder is very bad and Tengri takes back the blessing. Alpagu thinks for a while and says that he will leave Khan post because his health is not good. Alpagu says there will be a big meeting soon for the council to make an election. When Temur returns to the palace, he goes to the barn and starts talking to Tutkun. Tutkun says she loves Temur but has to obey Colpan’s order. Temur gets very angry and starts arguing with Kaya. The poison begins to take effect and Tutkun falls to the ground. Alpagu sets off secretly with Batuga and Akkiz.

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