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Yunus Emre: Askin Yolculugu

Short information about his life

Yunus Emre was born in 1238 and he lived his life at the end of the Seljuk Empire. At that time, Mongols have invaded Anatolia and the people were desperate, poor and helpless. Yunus Emre has tried to give tolerance, love, and virtue to the Anatolian people for his lifetime. He wrote so many poems and he was one of the first poets who spoke his mother language, Turkish, rather than Arabic or Persian. That was the main reason he became so popular and effective in a short time. The main sources of his works are Turkish history and folklore, Islam and love of Allah, constant searching for the wisdom. Yunus Emre traveled to Iran, Iraq, east side of Anatolia, Azerbaijan and many more places because he was searching. He was a student of Tapduk Emre and he deeply respected him for his lifetime. He passed away in 1320 in Anatolia.

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Yunus Emre Askin Yolculugu started in 2015 and it took two seasons in the screens. In the first season, the viewers can see Yunus Emre’s struggle with his Nafs (ego, soul) and in the second season, we can see Yunus Emre who seeks the truth, the wisdom. Yunus Emre was a Qadi ( the judge in Sharia law) and he was appointed to Nallihan. Yunus was full of ego with the power he received from the judgeship and he despises other people. However, before he reaches Nallihan, he encounters Tapduk Emre, whom he does not know yet. Tapduk Emre didn’t even look at him and that made Yunus Emre crazy. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t respect him and didn’t treat him better.

After that, Yunus got sick and needed a doctor. He met with non-Muslim doctor Mikel and he showed his foot. Yunus asked Doctor, “ tell me, does this wound effect inside my foot?”. The doctor said “ I’m just a doctor, I can’t see inside. Only Sheikh Tapduk Emre can see outside and inside.” Yunus Emre surprised by this answer and he slowly started to respect Tapduk Efendi. After a little while, Yunus started to his search and found Tapduk Emre’s dargah (Khanqah). The events in the tv series happen through Tapduk Emre, Yunus Emre, and Molla Kasim. Yunus Emre’s struggle with Molla Kasim comes from himself because Molla Kasim is Yunus Emre’s reflection. The viewers can Yunus Emre’s immatureness period, ego, Nafs in Molla Kasim.

After Yunus Emre started to live in the dargah, Tapduk Emre has started to give him various duties so Yunus could improve himself and win the battle against his Nafs. In the beginning, Yunus Emre had a lot of troubles with these exams and tests but he kept continued to do the duties. Sometimes he got sick, he got arrested even he got kicked out of the dargah but Yunus Emre never gave up on looking got the truth and the wisdom. After he came back to the dargah, Yunus started to write poems and become a better Sufi but Tapduk Emre’s daughter, Bacim Sultan, started to love Yunus Emre more and more but she wasn’t the only one who loves Yunus Emre. Zahide loves Yunus too and she became serious about her feelings after when Candaroglu Argun Bey asked Tapduk Emre to marry his daughter Bacim to his son Sahin Bey.

This news devastated Yunus Emre and this love became his one of the biggest exams. Bacim Sultan said no to this marriage and held on her love about Yunus Emre. Candaroglu Argun Bey asked Yunus Emre to be Qadi again because he didn’t want him in the dargah. After this unexpected offer, Yunus got surprised but he said no to this offer. Candaroglu Argun Bey got furious and he set up a game. Qadi Ilyas blamed Tapduk Emre because of some false witnesses. Yunus tried so save his Sheikh and he achieved this. Zahide sent a letter to Yunus and they met in someplace. Zahide confessed her love but Yunus ran away because of his embarrassment. Candaroglu Argun Bey learned this and killed Zahide because of his anger. They put Argun Bey in jail. Molla Kasim visited his uncle after he went to jail and his uncle left all his money to Molla Kasim. He got surprised after this event and went to Bacim Sultan. He proposed to her but Bacim Sultan said no. Molla Kasim prepared to leave the dargah and he went out to build his own dargah.

Many years later, he became a famous Sheikh and came back to Tapduk Emre’s dargah. The dargah was ruined and Tapduk Emre has already died 30 years ago. Molla entered Yunus Emre’s room and found out Adem’s notes. These noted illuminated everything. According to these notes, Yunus Emre went outside to travel after Molla has left the dargah. Yunus walked a lot and after a while, he came back but his teacher, Tapduk Emre, became blind and he couldn’t remember Yunus Emre. Yunus said that he wants to live in the dargah again and Tapduk Emre accepted it. Yunus Emre worked in the dargah for many years and then Tapduk Emre married her daughter Bacim Sultan with Yunus Emre. They had a son named Ibrahim. Yunus Emre kept working for the dargah until one-day Tapduk Emre called him. Tapduk Emre said to Yunus, “ you don’t have to be here anymore, two dervishes are too much for one place.”. By saying this he told Yunus, he was a dervish now, he has reached the position which he was working for.

After Molla Kasim read all the notes, he learned everything and he found out one of Yunus Emre’s poems. He got mad and lost himself after he read the poem. The next morning, he went a riverside and burned all of the notes so nobody could learn what happened and what Yunus Emre said. At the end of the series, Yunus Emre started to walk the middle of nowhere and he heard his Sheikh, Tapduk Emre. He kept walking and he found his Sheikh’s walking stick and he understood it’s time for him to go to the afterlife. He read one poem and continued to walk.

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