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In Destan Episode 11, Years ago, as Alpagu was advancing with his soldiers, the Chinese attacked him. Alpagu kills Tilsim because of the message he found on a Chinese soldier. Vargi secretly put this message on the soldier’s armor. Akkiz takes out the chest she found in the tomb and says that the seal is here. When Akkiz opens the chest, the poisonous snake bites her by the hand. Akkiz faints under the influence of poison. Batuga gets very worried and asks Akkiz to wake up. Akkiz opens her eyes after a short while and says that everything is over. Batuga says he will save Akkiz and starts to carry her on his shoulder. When Vargi realizes that the priest is not in the palace, he thinks that he has kidnapped Balamir. Alpagu gets very angry after the recent events in the palace and gets angry with Vargi. Alpagu says Tayangu did not kidnap Balamir.

After a short while, Gunseli and Calayir arrive. Calayir says Batuga is not in his room. Alpagu thinks Akkiz kidnapped Batuga and asks his soldiers to find them. Batuga continues to carry Akkiz and lays her somewhere in the steppe. When Batuga sees Saltuk’s horse, he runs away from there. Saltuk sees Akkiz and takes her to the tribe. Saltuk asks Kun Ata to heal Akkiz, but Colpan stops them. Colpan says that Akkiz was exiled from the tribe and asks Saltuk to take her to another place as soon as possible. Saltuk says that Colpan is now just trying to seize the throne. Kun Ata takes Akkiz out of the tribe in a car. After Saltuk comes out of the tent, Colpan says she will take her revenge on everyone. Batuga sees Kun Ata’s car and goes to talk to Akkiz. Tai takes Balamir to a cave.

A short time later, Colpan brings Tutkun and gives her to the priest. Balamir is furious when he learns that Colpan is collaborating with the Chinese priest. Saltuk sneaks into this cave and sees Colpan working with Chinese spies. Colpan hits Saltuk on the head and knocks him out. Colpan takes Balamir and goes to the western khanate. Batuga goes to his mother’s grave and asks her about love. Tai talks to Saltuk and asks him to hide what happened in the cave from everyone. Vargi goes back to the cemetery and sees the dead snake inside the box. Danis says they searched everywhere but couldn’t find Batuga. Kun Ata takes Akkiz to the secret tunnel inside the palace and asks her to rest. Batuga secretly wants to talk to Kircicek to learn about the latest situation in the palace. Akkiz asks Batuga to be careful.

The soldiers forcefully bring Temur to the palace. Alpagu slaps his son and says China will attack because of him. Alpagu continues to be angry with his son. Temur says that no matter what happens, he will find Tutkun and live with her. The priest then talks to Temur and tells him that he has captured Tutkun. Temur is very angry with the monk but he can’t do anything. The priest asks Temur to follow his orders and continue to live with Mei. Vargi goes to Mei’s room and says that he did not see Akkiz’s body in the cemetery. Mei says Akkiz is still alive and Batuga can be with her. Batuga takes Kircicek to his room and asks her if she has spoken to Alpagu. Kircicek says she didn’t say anything to anyone. Batuga offers Kircicek a new deal and says he will marry her later.

After Kircicek leaves the room, the priest enters. While Mei is contemplating how Batuga entered the palace, the priest knocks him out. The priest says that he will kidnap Batuga and that he will capture Akkiz. The priest gives Khan the gifts sent by the Chinese emperor and then leaves the palace. Akkiz wakes up after a while and asks where Batuga is. Gunseli talks to Kaya for a while, but gets very upset when she learns of his plans about Akkiz. The priest puts Batuga in a cage with Tutkun. Akkiz goes to Batuga’s room and sees his wooden sword. Akkiz sees that something bad has happened to Batuga and goes to talk to Kircicek. The priest talks to Batuga and says that Akkiz will come thanks to him. The priest tells how he thought Batuga was the spirit of Gok. To test Batuga, the monk stabs him in the hand.

Batuga doesn’t say anything, even though his hand hurts. Alpagu goes to Batuga’s room and says he is very upset. Later, Temur and Gunseli arrive. Alpagu says he will find his son but then goes to the western khanate with Kaya. Ece says that Akkiz kidnapped Batuga, but Temur objects to his mother. Akkiz goes to Kircicek’s room and asks her about Batuga. Kircicek says she doesn’t know where Batuga is. Akkiz says she has to get support from someone to find Batuga. Akkiz then sneaks into Saltuk’s room. Akkiz says Batuga has been kidnapped and asks Saltuk for help. Akkiz tells Saltuk what happened in the cemetery and the snake she found there. Saltuk says that someone will kill Akkiz.

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The priest sends a secret message to Colpan and asks her to send Akkiz. Alpagu goes to the lands that Balamir used to rule and sees that the soldiers there have been killed. Alpagu realizes that Balamir is trying to form a new army. Yaman shows Akkiz the message sent by the priest. Akkiz learns that Batuga is somewhere near the forest and sets off immediately. The priest chains Batuga to the cage and waits for Akkiz to come. Batuga writes a message to Temur using the blood in his hand. Temur learns where his brother is and sets out to save him. Yaman and Saltuk start the attack. Akkiz enters the cage to save Batuga, but the priest locks her inside. Vargi tells Ece that Akkiz has entered the cage. Ece tells that her plan about Tilsim will never be revealed and asks her soldiers to burn the tent. Soldiers shoot flaming arrows at the tent. Temur goes to the burning tent to save Batuga. Ece wants to save Temur, but Vargi stops her.

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