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In Destan Episode 14, Saltuk takes Batuga to his room by order of Alpagu. Batuga starts looking for a way to save Akkiz, but Saltuk asks him why he revealed his true identity. While Batuga and Saltuk are arguing, Temur comes. Saltuk tells all the facts to Temur. Temur learns what Batuga has been doing all this time. Saltuk says that congress will start the court soon, but Batuga says that no matter what happens, he will not flee the palace. Calayir goes to the dungeon and says that Akkiz will go to the court as a witness. Vargi thinks Batuga will tell all the truth, but the monk says he is too smart to do such a thing. Colpan tells Alpagu that she wants to talk to Batuga. Meanwhile, Batuga comes to the throne room and says he doesn’t want to talk to his aunt. Batuga continues to speak and says he is ready to be judged.

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Alpagu gets up and goes to the palace garden without saying anything to anyone. Nobody can understand this situation. Alpagu says the court will be held tomorrow and leaves the palace with his horse. Alpagu stops in the forest and starts shouting. Alpagu continues to ride and goes to Tilsim’s tomb. Alpagu says Batuga has been lying for years so he has to kill him. Colpan sees Alpagu crying at Tilsim’s grave. Colpan tells Balamir what happened in the palace and Alpagu’s location. Batuga and Saltuk practice swordplay all night. Alpagu dreams of Tilsim and soon wakes up. Alpagu sets out to return to the palace, but Balamir’s soldiers attack him. Alpagu, albeit difficult, defeats these attackers and continues on his way.

Kircicek goes to Batuga’s room and asks him why did he reveal his true identity. Batuga asks Kircicek to find Balamir’s next move. Alpagu returns to his palace and orders the trial to begin. The soldiers bring Akkiz as a witness. Saltuk tells the accusations against Batuga. Danis starts asking Akkiz questions about Batuga. Akkiz begins to explain that Batuga can speak and why he hid it. Akkiz says Batuga is innocent and he is trying to protect Khan. Batuga wants Alpagu to ask the questions. Alpagu tells why he tried to kill Batuga years ago. Batuga objects to what Khan said. Batuga recalls that Balamir deceived everyone. Batuga tells that Alpagu still has the throne thanks to his secret actions. Akkiz supports what Batuga said. Alpagu asks Batuga why he revealed his identity after hiding the truth all this time.

Alpagu says the council has to decide. At the end of the trial, Batuga says he wants to talk to Alpagu alone. Alpagu does not accept this offer. Ece learns everything Batuga has done and gets very angry. Ece asks Vargi to talk to the monk. Saltuk tells Temur that the soldiers in the dungeon are loyal to Ece and that’s why he couldn’t kidnap Akkiz. Kaya goes to the room where the council members are and influences their decision by talking about the trade on the silk road. Mei says Batuga is very dangerous person. Monk says Batuga will not reveal the truth about China and goes to the dungeon to talk to Akkiz. The monk asks Akkiz to tell all that Batuga knows and tell her the location of the secret tunnel. Akkiz rejects this offer. Saltuk says the board has decided and takes Batuga to the throne room.

Council members unanimously declare that Batuga is guilty and should be executed. Alpagu says he has to obey the law and Batuga will be executed before the throne. Alpagu goes to another room with Batuga and waits for the executioner to come. Alpagu hugs his son one last time and gets angry with him. Batuga asks his father not to blame anyone. Alpagu wishes Batuga had told all the truth to his father. Batuga says he does not believe his father and that his mother is not a traitor. Batuga says he wants Akkiz to be there during the execution and goes back to his room. Alpagu learns that the executioner is ready for execution and goes to the throne room. Alpagu asks Akkiz why she confessed that she was the claw. Akkiz asks Khan to forgive Batuga and says she will tell the secrets. Khan does not accept this offer and orders the execution to begin.

The soldiers take Batuga from his room and take him to the throne room. Alpagu gives the bow to the executioner. The executioner puts the bow on Batuga’s throat. Batuga asks Alpagu to look at him and watch the execution. As the executioner is about to kill Batuga, Saltuk comes out of his hiding place and attacks. Everyone in the throne room is shocked and tries to protect Khan. Saltuk starts to save Batuga and Akkiz. Batuga and Akkiz capture Khan. Batuga says he is not leaving the palace and will return to this palace no matter what. Batuga tells them that his father is no longer Alpagu and is hostile to him from now on. Saltuk takes Kaya prisoner and uses him to advance towards the secret tunnel in the palace. Alpagu begins to follow them with his soldiers.

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Alpagu enters the secret tunnel and sees Batuga’s drawings on the walls. Kun Ata takes Batuga and Akkiz to a safer place. Akkiz gets angry with Batuga for not telling her his plan to escape from the palace and asks him what will happen to her friends. Batuga goes to a tent and tells Akkız that he has captured Mei. The monk realizes that Mei has been kidnapped and immediately takes action to get her back. Balamir finds out where Batuga is and immediately tells Alpagu about it. The next day, the monk goes to the place Akkiz told to get Mei back. Akkiz gives Mei to get Sirma, Yaman and Tutkun back. The priest gives everyone except Tutkun and escapes with Mei. Akkiz goes to the hiding place in the forest with her friends and starts talking to them. Meanwhile, Alpagu arrives and orders his soldiers to attack.

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