Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 67 (67 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 67 (67 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 67, Boran comes to the tribe with the dead soldiers and tells Osman what happened. Osman wants to leave as soon as possible and orders Goktug to bring his horse. Goktug tells that Karayel is dead. Osman goes to the stable and sees the lifeless body of his horse. Osman gets angry with Gunduz for what happened and sends him to take a message to Rogatus’ castle. Osman then asks his soldiers to prepare to take the martyrs away. Osman goes to Turgut’s tribe the next morning, and gives the martyrs to him. Turgut gets angry with Osman for not keeping his word. Osman tries to calm Turgut down, but he says he will take his revenge on Kosses. Gunduz talks to Rogatus but realizes that he doesn’t know anything. Meanwhile, Kosses begins to train new soldiers for his army.

Kosses begins to think that the priest he is looking for is with Osman. While the women of the tribe are talking about recent events, Selcan comes and calms them down. Bala asks women to work quickly for the rugs to be produced. Malhun wants to help Bala but she says there is no need. Boran goes to the castle and asks Kosses if he knows anything about recent events. Kosses says he is innocent and will help Osman. Turgut says he will take action for revenge after burying the martyrs. Osman catches some of Kosses’ soldiers in the forest and cuts off their fingers to take revenge. Despite what Bala said, Malhun brings women from her tribe to produce rugs faster. Gunduz tells Osman that they talked to Rogatus. Later, Cerkutay tells him that he hasn’t found any clue about Karayel’s murderer yet.

Osman says he will take revenge on the man who killed his horse no matter what. Kosses congratulates Bahadir for what he has done and asks him to find out where Gregor is. Selcan and Gunduz begin to worry about Osman. That night, Nikola goes to the castle of Kosses and gives a gift to Mari. Mari complains about Turgut’s actions and asks Nikola for help. Nikola says he will take revenge on Turgut and makes a plan. Selcan talks to Osman and tells him that everything will be alright. Later, Rogatus comes to the castle and starts talking about what Gunduz said. Kosses says he doesn’t know anything, and the truth will come out soon. Once again, Nikola tells his friends that Gregor is in Osman’s hands.

Gregor plans to reach Rogatus using Osman. Gunduz says Rogatus didn’t come to talk, and Osman starts to suspect him even more. Osman then talks to his older brother and tells him that they have to be together no matter what. Mari is happy to harm the Turks by using Nikola. The next morning, as Osman was getting ready to go to Rogatus’ castle, several of Kosses’ soldiers arrived. Among the arriving soldiers is Rogatus and he says that he has come to talk to Osman. Women from Malhun’s tribe start to work, but Gonca sees them and is surprised. Gonca says these women are not needed and starts arguing with Gokce. Malhun says she made this decision herself. Rogatus says he is innocent and does not want to harm his relationship with the Turks. Osman makes a plan and says he will send Gregor to the church in Sogut. Bala argues with Malhun about the women who come to produce rugs and says there is no need for such a thing.

Osman first talks to the priest and then chooses a new horse for himself. Bahadir sees that Osman is planning something and immediately takes action. Goktug secretly takes Gregor to the church in Sogut. Gregor gives a piece of paper to the old man in the church. Turgut attacks and kills Kosses’ soldiers carrying cargo. The old man in the church immediately goes to the castle and delivers the paper Gregor gave to Rogatus. Rogatus learns that Gregor has been Osman’s prisoner all this time and thanks to the old man. Kosses learns from Bahadir that Osman is planning something. Nikola and his soldiers attack Turgut’s tribe. Nikola says he has come to get Turgut and starts to burn the tents. Catalan soldiers attack as Goktug leads Gregor back to the tribe.

The Catalan soldiers cannot find Gregor in the car and realize that it is a trap. Goktug manages to capture one of the Catalan soldiers. Osman thinks his plan is working and takes him to his tribe to make the Catalan soldier talk. While Nikola is trying to find out where Turgut is, he comes. When Turgut sees the captives in Nikola’s hand, he throws his sword on the ground and surrenders. An argument ensues between the women from Malhun’s tribe and the other women. Selcan is very disturbed by this situation and wants to solve this problem immediately. Boran begins to torture the Catalan soldier to make him talk, but he can’t learn anything from him. Osman asks the prisoner questions about the situation in Andalusia and the Turks in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Kosses and his sister suddenly come to the tribe. Osman asks Boran to continue the interrogation and goes to talk to Kosses.

Mari tries to understand how the Turks can live in such a place. Osman welcomes his guests and invites them to his tent. Selcan says that the women of the two tribes are now related and they must obey Bala no matter what. Malhun is disturbed by this situation but does not say anything. Bala then goes to Osman’s tent and offers to show Mari around. Osman asks Kosses why he came. Kosses tells that he doesn’t care what happened to his recruits and that he came because of what Boran said. Kosses says that he does not support Rogatus’ aggressive behavior and that he is Osman’s friend. Nikola tortures Turgut and says he will give him to Mari as a gift. The Catalan soldier cannot stand the torture any longer and says he will speak. The Catalan soldier says he works for Kosses, but this is Rogatus’ plan. Rogatus hatches an insidious plan with the Catalan soldiers to trap Osman. While Osman is talking to Kosses, Boran comes and quietly tells him that the Catalans are working for Kosses.

Kurulus Osman Episode 67 English & Urdu Subtitles

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