Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 11 & 12 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 11 & 12 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10 Review

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10, Topkapili Mehmet sees the new Sheikh Al-Islam’s Fatwa about the resistance of in Anatolia and gets angry. Then Kemal says that Osman Kahya and Husamettin Bey were arrested. The police begin to question Osman, but Osman says that he does not know anything and has been arrested because he did not bribe the police officers. Sir Robeck speaks to Sir Milne about the report made by Ferit Pasha’s new government and Fatwa. Milne is happy to learn that the rebels are infidels and will be killed. Husamettin’s wife Rabia comes to the police station and visits her husband for a short time. Adnan Bey finds Fatwa distributed from a plane and takes it to Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Captain Bennett comes to Sir Robeck and says the gang leader Husamettin has been caught. Meanwhile, Damat Ferit is angry about the telegrams sent by Mustafa Kemal everywhere and talks to Sait Molla about it. Mustafa Kemal writes an answer to this Fatwa sent everywhere and says that it was written entirely by the force of Damat Ferit. Halide Edip warns Mustafa Kemal that this Fatwa can have very bad effects.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10, Galip goes to Nazan’s school to meet her, but a friend of Nazan says that she has not come to school. British soldiers start searching at the Istanbul telegraph center. Mustafa Kemal Pasha learns that Anzavur is expanding to Anatolia and speaks to Ismet on this issue. The news from this Kazim Pasha says that the Turks beat the French in Urfa and the French retreated. Meanwhile, deputies say they are uneasy about Fatwa. Mustafa Kemal says that they will publish a new Fatwa as a solution to this situation. Galip goes to the street where Nazan’s house is. Although Nazan is sick, she leaves the house and talks to Galip. Topkapili Mehmet learns that the guns they bought from the British warehouse are in danger and want to talk to Kalchi about the ferries. Kemal says that his men were arrested one by one. As if this was not enough, Topkapili says that Nemrut Pasha started to work in the ministry of war. The next day, Mustafa Kemal and Halide Edip say that the Anadolu Agency was officially established and forwarded this news to everywhere. Bennett goes to see the tortured Turks, but the fact that they haven’t said anything yet makes him angry. British soldiers then brutally torture the Turks. Mustafa Kemal talks to Rifat about Fatwa. Rifat says he will summon intellectuals and discuss the subject.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10, Later, Rifat gives Mustafa Kemal the money given by tradesmen in Ankara to help the parliament and adds his savings. Mehmet Akif reads Fatwa on the way to Ankara and talks to the soldiers. Mustafa Kemal learns that a rebellion broke out in Duzce. The rebels in Duzce started fighting and the commander surrendered. Mustafa Kemal sends someone there to learn the latest situation in Duzce. Mustafa Kemal says that those who started a riot under the name of the caliphate can come to Ankara. Nemrut Pasha comes to the police station and threatens Husamettin. Mustafa Kemal says that during the dinner, the elections are over and the deputies have begun to come to Ankara. Then, the man Mustafa Kemal sent to Duzce returns from Beypazari before he can go there and says that the people there have started to defend Padishah. Mustafa Kemal orders the suppression of the rebellion in Beypazari, but a new telegram says that the rebellion in Duzce has spread to Bolu and Gerede. Topkapili Mehmet and Kemal talk about whether there is a mole between them. Meanwhile, Anzavur continues to advance and the public’s support for it is increasing.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10, Mustafa Kemal sends a telegram describing the seriousness of the situation to Cerkes Ethem and asks him to come personally instead of sending troops. The two people talk to Husamettin and say that they will kidnap him on the orders of Mustafa Kemal. Husamettin attacks them and tells them they have no business with the rebels. Mustafa Kemal and Ismet talk about Pashas who will come to Ankara. That night, the dog which Mustafa loved was found dead the next day. Mustafa Kemal realizes that those who poisoned the dog are rebels. Ismet tells that Anzavur wants support from the Greek and wants to move until Ankara. Mustafa Kemal calms his friends and tells them not to worry. When Halide Edip talks to Mustafa Kemal about the news she wants to publish in the newspaper, the news comes that Cerkes Ethem defeated Anzavur with his army of 3000 people. Mustafa Kemal and his friends are very happy about this victory. Mustafa Kemal asks Adnan Bey to tell this news to everyone. Then Mustafa Kemal tells Ismet Bey what needs to be done and sets out to check the new parliament building. Damat Ferit Pasha is angry because of the defeat of Anzavur and his loss of ammunition. Sait Molla calms Damat Ferit by talking about riots in Duzce. A prisoner who comes to Husamettin’s cell tries to speak to him, but Husamettin says he is not a traitor and tries to beat the man.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10, While eating, Mustafa Kemal and Ismet talk about a new and orderly army. The rebels in Duzce come to Mudurnu. Nazan continues to wait for the Galip but begins to think that he has given up. While working for the Anadolu Agency, Halide Edip learns that telegram wires have been cut from her husband Adnan. The soldiers bring horses for the deputies to escape against a possible attack, but Halide Edip objects to it. Halide says that if there is a possibility of salvation, it is Ankara. Mustafa Kemal goes to Rifat Bey and examines the new Fatwa prepared. Rifat Bey says that in order for Fatwa to be more effective, it must get approval from all over Anatolia. Mustafa Kemal says he will do this and send Fatwa everywhere. Adnan Bey teaches Halide a shooting lesson to defend herself. Although Halide objections, she does what her husband wants. Milne and Robeck talk about the colonel arrested in Edirne. Robeck is happy with the arrests and now believes he will learn all intelligence. When Mustafa Kemal and his friends talk about things to do, gunshots come from outside. Ismet Pasha says these sounds come from soldiers and calms Halide.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 9 & 10, Nazan goes to the park the next day to see Galip even though she is sick. Damat Ferit goes to talk to Robeck and gives information about the army to be established. Damat Ferit tries to gain Robeck’s trust by saying that Ankara is surrounded by Beypazari and Bolu. In order to stop the rebellion spread to Bolu, Mustafa Kemal decides to send all the soldiers and Cerkes Ethem to that region. Husamettin and his wife meet once again in prison. Captain Bennett begins to question the staff at the telegram center to find the hidden line. Husamettin’s wife goes to Ali Riza’s house and tells that her husband is not happy with this situation. Ali Riza tells that things have to be done and gets the seal from her. That night Ali Riza learns that Sagir is in the hands of the British and has been tortured for a week. When Ismet and Mustafa Kemal talk about the latest situations, someone shoots at the headquarters.

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