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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43, Alparslan brings Yinal to the palace. Sultan says he will solve the problem this time and executes Yinal. Seferiye has a healthy son. Oke comes to the palace and says she wants to see her husband. Sultan says that Yinal will be buried in Gence after his treachery. Oke sets out with her husband’s dead body. Alparslan tells that Besasiri has escaped and also that the Lord’s soldiers are in Yinal’s army. Celal secretly leaves the palace. Gulce asks where her father is and says she wants to see him. Seferiye asks Gulce to stop asking questions about Yusuf. Gulce gets very upset and starts to cry. Flora leaves her room for the first time in a long time and goes to church to pray. The priest sees Flora crying.

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Atabey wants the dead people on the battlefield to be checked. Alparslan comes to the battlefield and sees the dead soldiers of the Lord. Alparslan makes a plan and asks his soldiers to follow Besasiri. Celal secretly listens to what Alparslan says and starts looking for his stepfather. Meanwhile, Besasiri continues to advance toward Ani despite being injured. Alparslan later sees some of the rebellious Turks while wandering in the forest with Suleiman. Alparslan asks the rebels to surrender. Rebel Turkmens attack Alparslan, but they lose the battle after a short time. While Oke is praying for her husband, Kutalmis comes. Kutalmis says he is innocent. The Sultan rewards the loyal Turkmens and forgives the rebels for the last time. Alparslan does not like Sultan’s decisions and objects. Sultan asks Alparslan not to object and orders the Turkmens to show new lands.

While the Lord is waiting to learn the outcome of the battle, he learns that Yinal is dead. The lord is very angry at this situation and takes action to use Besasiri’s spy in the palace. Alparslan says that the Turkmens will rebel again, but he still goes to Vaspurakan with them. Besasiri sees Alparslan’s soldiers approaching and hides in a nearby cave. When Alparslan returns to the city, he learns that he has a son and is very happy. Alparslan says his son’s name is Melik Shah and prays for him. While Rasul says they must go to the palace, the Lord comes. Lord says he is sorry for Yinal’s death and wants to work with Kutalmis now. Kutalmis says he does not want to work with infidels, but continues to listen to Grigor. To convince Kutalmis, Lord says that Celal is Altuncan’s son. Shopivor provides a wide range of products from Women Clothes to Baby, Kids Toys, Shoes, , Home Improvements, Electronics, Kitchen and dinning and much more. Enjoy quality products, unbeatable prices, and fast delivery – all from the comfort of your home

After Grigor leaves the tent, he learns that Oke is on her way to Gence and takes action to get her. Byzantine soldiers capture Oke soon after. Lord says he will take Oke to Ani and will help her. Atebey says that he could not understand the Sultan’s decision, but that they have to obey this order no matter what. Alparslan says he will send the Turkmens somewhere between Ani and Surmari. Suleiman accepts Alparslan’s plan and says he will turn Surmari into a fortress. Kutalmis goes to the palace and starts talking to Tughrul. Kutalmis says he is sorry for Yinal’s death. Tughrul thanks Kutalmis for not supporting Yinal. Kutalmis says that the Sultan must now declare an heir. The Sultan cannot understand this request of Kutalmis. Kutalmis says that he has always been loyal to the Sultan until now, but that the new heir must be someone who can unite the Turkmens.

Sultan slaps Kutalmis and asks him not to cross his limit. Kutalmis says that Altuncan’s secret son can seize the throne and leaves the palace. Celal realizes that Kutalmis knows everything. Gevher talks to Alparslan and says that not everyone treats Erbaskan fairly. Kutalmis then goes to Vaspurakan and prays for Alparslan’s son. Lord asks Oke to hide for a while. Kutalmis asks Alparslan to treat Turkmens well. Seferiye’s aunt sends a letter to Zeren and says she will kidnap Gulce. Alparslan asks the Turkmens to follow Alpagut the next morning. Burkay comes to the city with gifts from Bukhara and congratulates Alparslan. While Besasiri is resting in a cave, a soldier arrives. This soldier tells that he is working for the Lord and wants to take Besasiri to Ani secretly.

Besasiri suspects this but begins to follow this soldier to save his life. Alparslan examines the map and continues to plan how to capture Ani. Alparslan’s soldiers learn the location of Besasiri and take action immediately. Suleiman learns that Flora is very upset and takes action to sneak into Ani. Seferiye looks at the gifts Burkay brought. Zeren talks to Gulce in secret and asks her to go to Bukhara with the carriage. Besasiri looks at the trees in the forest and realizes that he is actually on his way to Vaspurakan. Turkmens complain again and start arguing with Alpagut. The Lord’s soldiers suddenly attack the Turkmens in the forest. Alparslan’s soldiers capture Besasiri and take action to take him to the city. Suleiman manages to enter Ani using a horse cart carrying garbage.

Seferiye realizes that Gulce is secretly trying to go to Bukhara and takes action to stop her. Kutalmis learns that the Byzantine soldiers attacked the Turkmens in the forest and immediately goes to the palace to talk about it. The Sultan’s helper Harun takes Besasiri and says he will take him to the palace. Alparslan learns that Harun is going to the palace and starts looking for him. Celal cuts the ropes in Besasiri’s hand and helps him escape. Alparslan catches Besasiri before he escapes and executes him in the forest. Suleiman finds a soldier’s outfit and sneaks into Flora’s room. Oke hears Suleiman’s voice and tells the Lord what happened. Alparslan returns to the city and executes one of the rebel Beys. Alparslan then goes to the palace and says that Celal is a spy. The Sultan gets angry with Alparslan for what he has done and sends Celal to the dungeon. The Sultan declares his heir to be Suleiman.

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