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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 49 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 49, The Lord completes the preparations for Suleiman’s arrival and begins to wait for his guest. Suleiman comes to Vaspurakan with his bodyguards. Leon secretly catches Alparslan. Lord starts talking to Suleiman and tells him that everything will get better soon. Leon tells Alparslan how he escaped from the tribe and then goes to talk to the Lord. Suleiman is very surprised and angry when he sees that Alparslan is still alive. Lord orders his soldiers to kill Alparslan, but Leon stops everyone. Leon says that Alparslan will attack Vaspurakan with his soldiers. Lord says once again that Alparslan must die. Aybars gives orders to his soldiers to save Alparslan. Leon stops the Turks and chains Alparslan to the wall. A small war breaks out between the Turks and the Byzantine soldiers.

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Hassan sees that the city gate is still closed and starts to worry. Selcan is very upset about what Suleiman has done. Akinay comes to the tent and says he hasn’t seen Seferiye since morning. Selcan starts to panic and asks the soldiers to find Seferiye. Leon starts killing Aybars’ soldiers. A soldier says that Seferiye is dead. Akinay immediately goes to the barn and checks Seferiye’s pulse. A short time later, a Turkish soldier opens the gate of the city. Hassan sends word to the soldiers in the border area and enters the city with a few others. Hassan sees dead Byzantine soldiers and realizes something is wrong. The Vizier goes to Gerdkuh and says he will execute Kutalmis in the palace. While Hassan is trying to understand the situation in the castle, the Byzantine soldiers, who pretended to be dead, suddenly begin to attack. Suleiman realizes that the war in the city will escalate and he wants to flee with the Lord.

Hassan releases Alparslan and starts killing Byzantine soldiers. Lord gives up hiding and attacks Alparslan. Suleiman continues to watch the battle. While going to the palace, Kutalmis talks to one of the guards and asks him for help. Leon realizes that he will lose the war and immediately flees. The Lord sees that more Turkish soldiers are coming to the city and secretly leaves the city. After the Lord’s departure, Alparslan kills the remaining Byzantine soldiers and recaptures Vaspurakan. Suleiman, along with a few of his soldiers, tries to resist. Alparslan enters the room and asks Suleiman to surrender. As Suleiman is about to attack, Flora stops him and asks him to surrender without any trouble. Akinay says that Seferiye is pregnant. Alparslan orders Suleiman to be taken to the dungeon.

One of the soldiers agrees to help Kutalmis and gives him a key to open the lock. Kutalmis opens the carriage door and starts running toward the forest. The vizier begins to chase Kutalmis with his soldiers. Alparslan says that the Vizier will defend the palace well. Yasin comes to the city and tells that the vizier is taking Kutalmis to the palace. Alparslan sends a messenger to talk to Kutalmis’s soldiers. Kutalmis enters a cave with his brother. The vizier sends some of his soldiers to the cave, but cannot capture Kutalmis. Leon says that he will soon kidnap Suleiman and that he will regain the throne. The vizier says he does not want to wait any longer and blows up the entrance of the cave. Seferiye learns that Alparslan has recaptured Vaspurakan and immediately sets out to talk to her husband.

The vizier comes to the palace and learns that Alparslan has captured Suleiman. The Vizier then reads Leon’s message and strengthens the defense to stop Alparslan. Lord brings Erbaskan and Gevher back to Ani. Leon gets angry but realizes Grigor’s plan. Seferiye congratulates her husband. Selcan goes to the dungeon and starts talking to Suleiman. Suleiman claims he is right and is still the Sultan. Selcan warns her son once again and starts to cry for him. Kutalmis wakes up after the explosion and tries to talk to Rasul. Kutalmis realizes that Rasul has lost his life and starts to look for an exit by removing the rocks. Alparslan learns that Seferiye is pregnant and is very happy. Leon tells the Lord that he has made a secret tunnel to Vaspurakan. The lord is angry because he doesn’t know about this secret tunnel, but he agrees to implement Leon’s plan.

Gevher asks Flora for help to escape from Ani. Selcan talks to Alparslan the next day and asks him not to kill Suleiman. While Selcan is trying to convince his son, Gevher comes. Gevher apologizes to everyone many times, but Alparslan sends her to the dungeon. Alparslan then sets out to talk to the Turks. Kutamis’s soldiers do not want to accept Alparslan’s offer. After what Hassan and Alparslan said, the Turkmens change their decision. Kutalmis finds a hole to exit the cave and starts looking for his soldiers. The Vizier learns that the soldiers of Kutalmis have started to support Alparslan and he starts to get scared. Leon goes to the secret tunnel in the forest with some of his soldiers. Alparslan starts to move toward the palace with his new soldiers. The first group of the defensive line tries to stop Alparslan but fails. Alparslan continues to advance to the palace shortly after.

Leon enters the dungeon of Vaspurakan and rescues Suleiman. Seferiye realizes that the Lord has entered the city and immediately attacks them. Leon leaves the city with Suleiman. The Lord moves in another direction to surprise the Turks. Kutalmis comes near the palace and stops Alparslan. Alparslan is very surprised by this situation. Kutalmis recalls his soldiers and begins to attack the Vizier’s defense. Alparslan gives up attacking and decides to return to Vaspurakan. Kutalmis crosses the second line of defense and gets very close to the palace. Suleiman opens the door of the palace and stops Kutalmis. Suleiman says he has placed barrels of explosives in the palace and will kill everyone. The Lord begins to fight Seferiye and kills her shortly after. Alparslan sees the war in the forest and attacks the Lord to save his wife.

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