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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 58, You were as worried as I was while waiting. I know you want to see our Sultan. Of course, we do. Can we see him now? Unfortunately, the doctors said no one should go in his room if it’s not necessary. He should rest and not tire herself. As long as Alparslan gets better soon. He can’t stay there long, he will get bored. He will get up soon. Don’t worry. InshALLAH. You did not hear it wrong. I made a deal with Count Leon. My Bey, how?

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Do you think I would forgive what that crazy Count did? He thinks he can create chaos in the dynasty. And now he uses Agca Castle as his bait. But I will take Agca Castle and his worthless life! He will not get away with what he did to my Merdan! With Agca Castle’s conquest, your supporters in the army will increase. My Sultan brother’s current condition is a good opinion for us in the path to the throne.

But the existence of Seferiye Hatun and Vizier Hasan is a threat. After I become successful in Agca Castle and go for the throne, no one should stand in our path. That’s why, listen to me carefully now. My nephew Sultan Mesud. His Vizier Husameddin. He is an old friend. You will go to him. And ask him to go for Bust with Ghazna army.

But they will say that they started this campaign with the order of Sultan Mesud, to take their old property, Bust. And he should know that after we get what we want he will get whatever he wishes. As you command my Bey. Also, prepare all my Beys. After the Agcakale victory, it’s time to take the reign from my brother Alparslan’s hands. Now, leave. Who are you? Show your face. You’ve been following me.

Who gave the order? Damn it! We’ll meet the Seljuk’s army here. When I give the order, we’ll retreat towards the Cildir Lake deep down in the cliff. I want hundreds of pits to be dug here, Adrian. When they look down on the cliff there will be a surprise waiting. I said stop1Stop! Finally. You’re here to let me out right? That’s wrong King Bagrat. I have a reason to make you beg us to keep you in here.

Your brother Dimitri sent this. Seferiye Sultan wants you to read it. He wants us to kill you. Not possible. Why not? The people who know you’re alive are waiting for you to take the throne again. Your brother Dimitri wants to have power over them. But as long as you live he can’t do that. Will you do what my brother, your ally told you? Will you kill me? He’s not our ally. He’s our vassal, King Bagrat.

In addition, your life belongs to Seljuk State to protect. No one else can make that decision. Our Sultan Alparslan and Seferiye Sultan keep calling you king. Make sure they’re not saying it at random. It’s on purpose. You won’t die. Open the doors. What happened to him? Someone’s injured. Quick. Quick. Hold him. Slow. Slow. Take him to the infirmary right away. What’s happening here? Move. Who did this?

Where did he come from? I said who did this. Hold on. Hold on, son. You’ll live. What are you waiting for? Bring a stretcher. Bring him to the infirmary. He’s dying don’t you see it? What is this? Vizier our sultan is waiting for you. It’s done, my sultan. Get well soon. My sultan. As you ordered doctor Ismet has checked Avar Bey. After what we have told him he wanted to see Avar Bey with you. If you let him of course.

My sultan. Sultan Alparslan. Sultan Alparslan. Calm down Avar. Calm down brother. My Sultan. If you let us let’s make him sit there. Hold him tight don’t let go for a second. My sultan. I see that you’re not back on your feet now but if it’s not too much of a trouble to asses his state well can you talk with Avar Bey? For example, can you tell a story from when you were young it would be very helpful?

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