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In Destan Episode 24, Batuga cuts the ropes in his hand and attacks Obar, but the soldiers stop him. Obar orders everyone except Batuga to be taken out of the cave. Batuga says he is not afraid of death. Obar’s soldiers tied stones to Batuga’s arms to torture him. Yaman finds the entrance to one of the caves and continues to search for Akkiz. As Obar’s soldiers are about to kill Akkiz, Colpan stops her. Akkiz begins to follow one of the fleeing soldiers. Obar asks his soldiers to set a trap for Akkiz. Alpagu hears his son’s screams and says he will kill Obar no matter what. Obar says he has captured the western khanate. Alpagu does not believe what Obar says. Obar goes to the western khanate with his captives. Akkiz sees traces of blood outside the cave and realizes that Batuga is somewhere nearby.

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Akkiz soon enters another cave and sees Batuga is there. Batuga tries to stop Akkiz, but he cannot speak because the soldiers cover his mouth. Akkiz falls into the trap and the poison arrow shoots her in the arm. Akkiz unties the rope in Batuga’s hands before she faints under the influence of the poison. Batuga tries to get the poison out of Akkiz’s body. Batuga then carries Akkiz out of the cave and begs her not to die. Akkiz thinks she will die and asks Batuga to be strong. Colpan sees that Akkiz is injured and says they need to take her to a healer in the forest. Kaya thinks Akkiz is still alive and asks Kuzu to find her as soon as possible. Danis tells the new Khan that Obar has taken over the western khanate. Kaya says he will not do anything to stop Obar because he does not have enough soldiers.

Obar goes to the western khanate and asks all the people to pay allegiance to him. Some Turks oppose Obar and say that they will not believe in his religion. Batuga and Yaman set out immediately to take Akkiz to the healer in the forest. Several of Obar’s soldiers attack Batuga and kill Tilbe. Colpan is very sad about the death of her friend but continues to walk to save Akkiz’s life. Kaya writes a letter to Russia and China. Kaya says he wants to make a new commercial agreement with these states and reduces the tax he will get from them. Danis says this decision is wrong and tries to warn Khan. Kaya says that he does not want a new war until the state regains its former power. Vera is very upset about Temur’s death, but Mei does not believe her and even blames her.

Vera writes a letter to her father so that Kaya cannot get support from Russia. Obar says he needs Barak’s crown to declare himself the new Khan and asks a magician where it is. Obar then sends his soldiers into the forest to seize this crown. The healer woman comes out of her tent and says she is waiting for Batuga’s arrival. This woman begins to treat Akkiz after expressing her condolences to Colpan. Obar’s soldiers search for Barak’s crown but cannot find it. The healer says that Akkiz will be well soon and notices that Batuga’s arm is injured. Obar says that his God wants blood that night and orders Temur to fight with his soldiers. The healer woman says she will cure Batuga’s bones and begins to prepare some medicines for him.

Temur and Saltuk kill Obar’s soldiers. That night, the healer performs a ritual for Batuga’s recovery. Obar opens the chest his soldiers brought but sees that Barak’s crown is not there. Kaya captures Barak’s crown before anyone else and hides it somewhere in the palace. Kaya says that this way he will control Obar. The healer says that the crown Obar is looking for is in the palace. Gunseli continues to hide that she is not pregnant from her husband and asks Calayir for some medicinal herbs to get pregnant as soon as possible. Akkiz makes a plan with her friends to take the crown from Kaya and prepares to go to the palace. Obar talks to the Chinese ambassador and tells him that he wants to marry the Emperor’s daughter. Kaya realizes that his mother sent a message to Russia and gets angry with her.

Vera says that no one will recognize Kaya as the new Khan. Obar calls Alpagu to his tent and asks him where Barak’s crown is. On the way to the palace, Akkiz sees that Kaya’s soldiers are taking Alaca to Russian lands and attacks them. Alaca attacks Akkiz to save her life. Akkiz executes Alaca in the forest. Calayir and Yibek take Vera’s jewels and say that she will now live with the maids. Akkiz enters the city with her friends and enters the secret tunnel leading to the palace. One of the wounded soldiers in the forest comes to the palace and tells Kuzu that Alpagu is still alive. Kuzu immediately tells Kaya that Akkiz killed Alaca and that Alpagu is alive. Obar calls the magicians back to his tent and asks them where the crown is. Magicians say they can’t find the crown.

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Yibek sees the herbal drink Calayir has prepared and realizes that Gunseli is not pregnant. Akkiz sneaks into Kaya’s room and starts looking for Barak’s crown. Kuzu takes action to kill Akkiz with the order he received from Kaya. Vera calls Yibek to her room and says she will kill her. Yibek begs Vera to save her life and tells her that Gunseli is not pregnant. Vera is happy to have this information and stabs Yibek. Vera then goes to Gunseli’s room and tells her that she knows everything. Vera asks Gunseli to help her and threatens her. The Russian ambassador visits Obar and brings him gifts. Obar says he wants to marry the daughter of the Russian emperor. Kuzu finds the healer woman’s place in the forest and waits for the right moment to attack. Akkiz finds Barak’s crown, but one of the soldiers in the palace locks her in the room. Kaya goes to Obar’s tent and accuses him of breaking the deal they made.

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