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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26, After receiving the signal from Diogenes, Ferzat starts a fire in the headquarters. Alparslan sees this fire and enters a tent in the headquarters. Ferzat tells Diogenes’s plan to Alparslan and helps him. Alparslan believes in Ferzat and thinks that he will be with the Turks now. Kekaumenos learns of the fire in the headquarters and is very happy. Diogenes says that thanks to the fire, they gained a month to prepare for war. Lord sends Alpagut to Ani and asks him to organize the soldiers. Diogenes learns that Caghri has gone to the headquarters and plans an attack with Rati. Caghri goes to his wife’s grave and prays for her. Caghri then sets out to return to the tribe, but Diogenes stops him in the forest. Caghri and a few soldiers try to defend themselves.

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Diogenes says he wants to kill Caghri and attacks him. Alparslan and Alps come to the forest to help Caghri. Ivan is wounded in the hand. Alparslan catches Nestor and executes him. Diogenes realizes that he will lose the war and flees back to the castle. Alparslan realizes that his father was injured in his ankle and immediately takes him to the tribe. Sultan tells his wife that he talked to Caghri about the war but that he could not change his mind. Lord says he is sorry for Nestor’s death. Diogenes says that Caghri is injured and this will cause new problems in the tribe. Meanwhile, Ferzat comes to the castle. Lord begins to congratulate Ferzat and asks him what he wants as a reward. Ferzat says he didn’t burn big catapults. Diogenes gets very angry and attacks Ferzat. Lord stops him and says he wants to listen to Ferzat. Biruni starts to treat Caghri’s wound.

Ferzat says that he told Diogenes’s plan to Alparslan and did everything to gain the trust of the Turks. Lord realizes that Ferzat’s real plan is to harm the Turks and allows him to go to the tribe. Biruni says that Caghri’s wound will heal after a while, but he should not use his leg during this time. Lord says the Seljuks will attack soon, so he wants supplies to be brought to the castle. Rati says he will kill Seljuks by using these caravans. Alparslan says he wants to cut off the water going to Vaspurakan and tells about his plan to blow up the water canal. Hassan says Alparslan’s plan is very dangerous, but he cannot stop it. Rati says he will put explosives on the caravans that will come to the fort and will detonate these cars later.

Caghri dreams of his late wife and wakes up soon. Alparslan goes to the edge of a cliff with some of his soldiers and starts looking for the water channel. Byzantine soldiers on duty see Alparslan. Alparslan slowly enters the cave on the edge of the cliff and puts the explosives he brought with him. While Akca says that she is worried about Alparslan, Hassan comes and gives her his late wife’s belongings. Akca says she loves this gift and hugs Hassan. Alparslan fires a barrel full of explosives, but Byzantine soldiers begin to attack him. Alparslan kills the guards and saves his life before it explodes. Akca hugs her mother’s belongings and starts to cry. Diogenes says that the water canal was blown up, but he will take his revenge on him. Caghri is angry with Alparslan for the dangerous work he has done.

Caghri says he cannot command the expedition due to his health. Because of his experience, Yinal asks Caghri for this task. Suleiman tells his father that he took the task of leading the expedition from the Sultan, but that he could not fulfill this task. Caghri says he needs to think for a while about whom to give the task to. Erbaskan tells Caghri that some caravans are going to Vaspurakan. Rati says that the Seljuk gradually influenced the Byzantine people and that the Lord should draw the Turkmen to his side. Diogenes says this is a complete waste of time and they should use them as a shield to protect the castle. Suleiman argues with Alparslan to take the command duty. Alparslan says he will respect his father’s decision and will support the new commander no matter what. Erbaskan thinks that no one cares about him. Gevher tries to calm Erbaskan and says Caghri knows his worth.

Suleiman goes to his father’s tent and says he wants to take this job so that he can feel better again. Yinal wants to get the support of Erbaskan, but starts to fight with him. Alparslan stops the fight and asks everyone to stay calm. Rati realizes that Diogenes did not kill Caghri to fight Alparslan. Akca goes to the forest to gather herbs with Akinay and later sees the hidden message on her horse. Akca says she is going to talk to the Lord and asks Akinay to hide it from everyone. Alparslan talks to his soldiers and asks them to attack the caravans approaching the castle. Hassan sends a message to all Turkmen Beys and calls them to war by the order of the Sultan. Caghri says that the person who will command the army has been chosen together with the Sultan and that this person is Yinal. Alparslan’s soldiers attack the caravans going to the castle one by one and capture them.

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Lord asks Diogenes to bring the Turkmen children and women to the castle. Caghri then talks to his sons and explains why he did not give the task to Suleiman. Hassan talks to Alparslan and asks him not to feel sorry for not getting the job. Yinal goes to headquarters and gives a speech to the army. Ferzat says he wants to help the army and asks Yinal for a mission. Alparslan learns that Akca went to the castle and gets very angry. One of the soldiers tells Alparslan that Diogenes will use women and children as shields. Meanwhile, Alparslan’s soldiers capture the caravans. Akca learns of the Lord’s plan and asks him to fight bravely, but he does not accept it. One of the caravans goes to the tribe and the other to the headquarters. After talking with Yinal about the attack, Alparslan goes to inspect the cars coming to the headquarters. Spies inside the barrels set off explosives.

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