Watch Destan Episode 26 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 26 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 25 Review

In Destan Episode 26, Alpagu slowly opens his eyes and realizes that something is wrong in the palace. Alpagu then leaves his room and sees the sleeping soldiers in the corridor. Alpagu thinks someone is attacking the palace and takes a sword in his hand. Akkiz and Batuga start talking about their new life. Batuga says he is very happy to be with Akkiz. Akkiz says she wants to tell everyone about this marriage. Batuga says that he will give this good news to everyone in the palace at a suitable time. Alpagu goes to Temur’s room and tries to wake his son. Mei wakes up and tries to understand what’s going on. Temur wakes up after hearing his father’s voice and asks what happened in the palace. While Gunseli is trying to wake Kaya, Alpagu comes. Gunseli says that Kaya is dead.

Alpagu calms Gunseli and manages to wake Kaya up. Gunseli realizes that her husband is alive and starts to cry with happiness. Obar’s spy returns to the western khanate and says he has not found Barak’s crown. The spy says he poisoned Alpagu, Kaya, and Temur. Obar asks where Batuga and Akkiz are. The spy tells that Batuga took the crown to a secret place in the forest. Obar gets very angry, but when he learns that Saltuk is dead, he calms down a bit. Meanwhile, Barak’s granddaughter Sayina sends a message to Obar. Obar learns that Sayina is coming soon and plans to control her using the crown. Kam tells that the soldiers in the palace are sleeping thanks to incense. Danis tells that the spies attacked the palace but they did not kill Khan. Alpagu tells that the spies came to the palace in search of the crown. Temur says that Obar may have another plan. Calayir says Colpan is very upset.

Alpagu learns that Colpan wants to hold a funeral for Saltuk and gives her permission. Alpagu says he will choose a new commander for his army at sunrise. While returning to the palace with Akkiz, Batuga sees some bandits on the way. Akkiz begins to follow these bandits. Alpagu gives a speech to the soldiers in his army and declares that the new commander is Temur. Temur accepts this new task given by his father and says he will do anything for the army. The bandits stop somewhere in the forest to rest. Akkiz realizes that these bandits are Obar’s soldiers and attacks them to save the captive women. Colpan goes to a place where she and Saltuk had talked before in the forest and asks him to be buried here. Yaman puts Saltuk’s sword and belongings in the grave.

Colpan starts crying and prays for Saltuk. Akkiz kills the bandits and saves the women. Akkiz realizes that these women are Muslims and says that they are free now. One of the women says they were taken to Sayina. Akkiz says that these women can live safely in the city. Alpagu starts coughing as he says they will attack Obar’s soldiers soon. Kam notices the wounds on Alpagu’s neck and realizes that he was poisoned. Obar says that he poisoned Alpagu by using an insect specially grown by Itbaraks and that he will soon bring the crown. Kam says it is very difficult to make an antidote to this poison. Alpagu calms everyone down and says he has a plan. Kam tells him that to cure this poison, she has to use a tree that only Itbarak knows where. Alpagu says he will not give the crown to Obar no matter what.

Akkiz says Sayina will go to talk to Obar soon, but Alpagu stops her. Obar learns that the slaves have escaped and is furious. Vera asks Alpagu to give the crown to Obar, but she cannot persuade him. Akkiz and Batuga later visit Saltuk’s tomb. Akkiz says that she will avenge Saltuk no matter what and begins to explain her plan to Colpan. Akkiz then attacks the soldiers who took Sayina to Obar and captures the princess. Gunseli Kaya says that she will leave the palace after he recovers. Kaya says he loves Gunseli very much and asks her to stay in the palace. Akkiz’s spy dresses like Sayina and goes to talk to Obar. Obar says he will take the crown soon and will control all Itbaraks. Sayina says she doesn’t believe Obar. A short time later, the Russian ambassador comes to talk to Obar.

The ambassador tells that the Russian princess will soon marry Obar and where the crown is. Obar prepares almost all his soldiers to take the crown and sets out. Alpagu talks to his sons and tells them what he has done for them so far. Obar finds Kam’s tent with his soldiers and starts looking for the crown. The shamans in the palace begin to perform a ritual. Alpagu starts talking to his sons so that they do not sleep. Batuga makes preparations for the attack with the soldiers next to him and begins to wait for the Itbaraks. Obar’s soldiers cannot find the crown. Obar finds the message written by Kam and learns that she shattered the crown. A soldier finds several pieces of the crown. Obar says he will take his revenge on Alpagu and takes action to attack the palace with his soldiers. Akkiz and spies enter the western khanate disguised as prisoners.

One of the soldiers notices Akkiz and attacks them. Batuga begins to attack the soldiers who went to help Obar. Akkiz finds the hidden tree in the forest and takes the resin necessary for the antidote from it. Temur slowly begins to sleep and starts to chant Tutkun’s name. Alpagu tries to wake his sons again. Kam continues the ritual but says she doesn’t have much time now. Temur remembers the time he spent with Tutkun and says that he will meet her in heaven. After killing Itbaraks, Batuga goes to Akkiz. Akkiz says they need to go to the palace as soon as possible and sets off immediately. Obar sees Akkiz on his way to the palace and stops her. Obar asks all his soldiers to attack the Turks. Akkiz says that Obar came to this world to lose.

How to watch Destan Episode 26 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 26 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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