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Kurulus Osman Episode 156 Summary

Episode No. 156 begins with the tribe of Osman bey, where preparations are being made for the marriage of Osman Sahib’s son and hanki and the whole tribe including Osman Sahib is swinging in joy. While on the other hand, The Chief Yaqoob reaches his tribe and as soon as he reaches the tribe, he first asks his daughter Gonca Khatun where is my traitor daughter, then his son Muhammad takes her to the tent where Goonj is imprisoned. The one who echoes says to him, “You have become blind in your greed, do not do this to me, but The Chief Jacob tells him that you will marry Ahmad, the son of Ibrahim, the leader of the living tribe. His son Ahmad reaches the Germiyan tribe with his caravan, where Ya’qub Sahib welcomes him, then the scene changes and we see that the chief reaches the place of Light to Uthman and the rebels with him kill the Seljuk soldiers and also capture Mount Noor. The sent Mongol soldier arrives and engages Osman Sahib in battle and escapes with Konoor. He takes Nur to The Chief Abraham, where the chief invites Abraham to join his soldiers and says, “Work with me, I will be your strong ally, and gives him some time to think.”
Then Osman Sahib is very angry because of not getting gold and after a while he reaches his tribe where the preparations for marriage have been completed and the leaders of the surrounding tribe have reached there as guests, including The Chief of the Germiyan Tribe Yaqoob Sahib and the Leader of the Living Tribe Ibrahim Sahib. In which the chief says to Yaqoob Sahib that you have killed Imran Tegan by using my tribe in my absence, if you had not succeeded in this, my tribe could have gone out of my hands. But Ya’qub the chief replies in the affirmative and says that we are doing business with them, so in time we can also go against you, that is, they actually want to stop the further victories of Uthman Sahib.

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Fatnat Khatun, the servant of The Gonca Khatun in the Darshindarmian tribe, secretly hears that Yaqoob Sahib’s loyal soldier Ka U Maz tells him about his treachery and says that my wife and children were in the possession of Imran, so I told him everything about Osman Sahib. When the nature woman sees all this, she is very surprised, then she immediately goes to the Gonca woman and ends the buzza and gets rid of the whole matter, then the Gonca woman writes all these things on a paper and conveys it to Alauddin as a message. Alauddin reads this paper and he gets very angry knowing all this and he immediately tells his father Osman Sahib about the whole matter, on which Osman Sahib tells him that when everyone is busy in the marriage ceremony in the evening, then you go and kidnap the Gonca woman.

He is very happy and when the marriage ceremony of prince and han takes place in the evening, everyone participates in it and Yaqub Sardar and Ibrahim Sardar also participate in this ceremony. So Ahmed also goes after him and as soon as Alauddin releases Goonj from captivity, Ahmed reaches there and says that I already had doubts about you, but I will not let this happen. But after they leave, the Mongol soldier loyal to Ibrahim Sardar reaches there and kills Shahzad Ahmed, due to which all the blame for his murder falls on Alauddin and sends one of his entrepreneurs to the Kai tribe by giving Ahmed’s body and says that now Germiyan, There is a fierce battle between the Living and Kai tribes, which will benefit Al-Jaito Khan. As soon as he reaches the Kai tribe with the body of sepoy Shahzad Ahmed. When The Chief’s Ibrahim asks him who has done all this, he tells Prince Alauddin that he has escaped with the Gonca woman and killed Shahzad Ahmed. So you will have to face the consequences, but Sardar Ibrahim picks up the sword in anger and attacks them.

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What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 157

Then the scene changes and Orhan Bey and Elcil Hatun examine the secret paths of the fort so that they can make an attack easily. During this, some Crusaders come and find themselves in difficulty but Orhan kills all the Crusaders in his paths with his wisdom. They go to the tribe and listen to Malhun Hatun tell Elcil Hatun about the missing Ayesha HAtun.

Then they know that Ayesha Hatun was seen outside Olivia’s tent and on inspection of the tent they find the dead body of Ayesha Hatun in a box. On the next day, Osman Bey reaches with duplicate gold and Cardinial at the agreement place. Emren Tegan says to Osman that a battle has been started between them and it will end when one of them dies. Then Osman Bey says I will take Atranos fort very soon from you and make it the possession of Turkey.

Emren Tegan is celebrating with gold and suddenly bomb blast and he gets hurt during this Osman Bey attacks Fort Bala Hatun and kills Olivia with a poisoned knife Osman Bey fights with Emren Tegan and defeats him. Osman Bey fits the kayi flag on the fort and announces the wedding of his son and Elcial Hatun. Osman Bey kills the emren tegan.

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