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Filinta Season 1 Overview

Filinta is a crime story that took place in the Ottoman period. Our main hero “Filinta” Mustafa (Onur Tuna) is a successful police who loves his job and the state. While Filinta Mustafa is about to rise due to his services with his close friend Ali, he suddenly experiences events that upset his entire life. Filinta Mustafa falls into a trap and must solve this event within a year. Filinta Filinta starts looking for Riza as the first job, but Riza has already fled. Qadi (the judge of a Shariʿa court) Giyasettin and Filinta Mustafa must solve the death of the British Atache as soon as possible since it started to be used by people and countries wishing to harm the Ottoman Empire. Boris Zaharyas’ daughter Lara meets with Mustafa and this event will start something between them.

In Filinta Season 1, The relics belonging to Hazrat Osman (Uthman) and Boris’ valuables are stolen the same night. The minister of the interior is shown responsible for this incident. Qadi Giyasettin and Filinta Mustafa are personally assigned by Padishah to resolve this event. Boris uses this mess and makes people pick Esat Pasha as an interior minister. After this incident is resolved, an assassin named Otto comes to Istanbul to kill Padishah.

In Filinta Season 1, A serial killer appears in Istanbul and Filinta Mustafa tries to find the killer using the clues he left behind. Meanwhile, Boris learns that the state will establish a bank and makes treacherous plans to become a partner of this bank. Filinta with what he learned from Mirko, he begins to understand the clocks left at the crime scenes. The three most important Sheiks of the Arabian peninsula come to Istanbul, but one of them is killed in the port. It will be the new task of Filinta Mustafa and Qadi Giyasettin to illuminate this event.

In Filinta Season 1, As Murad continues to work for the new bank, bankers in Istanbul suddenly begin to die. While Filinta Mustafa is trying to solve these murders as his new task, someone tries to show Murad as a criminal. And later, Lara disappears as if this was not enough. Boris kills Murad and tries to make a gun deal with the American delegation coming to Istanbul, but the musketeer named “The Kid” wants to kill this delegation and get their weapons. Lara’s liking of Mustafa disturbs Boris very much and therefore tells his daughter that Mustafa is a prisoner of death. A cartographer who knows the location of water resources in the Arabian peninsula wants to talk to Hunkar, but British and French spies try to capture him.

In Filinta Season 1, There is almost no easy day for our hero Filinta Mustafa. Ringer Grogori finds a map in the church and asks Abdullah for help. Cardinal Fernando, who wants to organize a new crusade to Jerusalem, tries to get this map and also requests a letter of reference from Padishah to be elected as Pope. Qadi Giyasettin begins to follow Boris’ suspicious actions.

In Filinta Season 1, Vardarli Ali Pasha is assigned to calm the events on the Ottoman-Russian border and goes to the concert of the famous German singer who came to Istanbul before starting his mission. What happened to Pasha after the concert criminalizes Sergei Stenoff and makes the situation between Ottoman and Russia even tenser. Meanwhile, the hidden intentions of the German singer Anita are revealed. Immediately after these events, the Ottoman Empire’s London ambassador came to Istanbul and was killed with Mustafa’s gun. Padishah gets angry at this event and, after what Esat Pasha said, throws Mustafa into the dungeon.

In Filinta Season 1, Bekri makes a plan using gangsters and mobsters in Istanbul and creates fear on the streets. At the same time, with the help of singer Boris, Anita gets out of jail and takes action to take revenge on Mustafa. Bekri thinks that Boris and Esat have betrayed him and tries to kill Boris’s daughter. Filinta Mustafa finds a way out of the dungeon to save Lara, but Lara was shot and Boris blames Mustafa. Anita tries to find the government official investigating Boris and then talks to him.

In Filinta Season 1, Filinta Mustafa learns that his friend Ali is alive and tells Giyasettin about it. Mustafa learns that Ali is hypnotized and this situation is hopeful that he can save himself from death. While Mustafa and Abdullah are searching for Dr. Shultz, a mysterious woman named Sureyya comes to Istanbul. This woman, who has a bad past with Boris, will try to take revenge on him. Bekri’s brother Kadri comes to Istanbul and they start to create problems together. Filinta Mustafa thinks he will be freed from death, but Ali does not remember anything about the day of the incident. While Boris is dealing with Sureyya, he also learns that Giyasettin has teamed up to find his crimes. Kadri dies and Bekri swears to take revenge on Mustafa. Sureyya tries to reach the books containing Boris’ bank accounts to finish him, but Anita learns this too. Bekri abducts Qadi Giyasettin. Mustafa and Ali learn this and mobilize all the cops to find him.

In Filinta Season 1, Giyasettin is found and Boris is thrown into the dungeon. Filinta Mustafa is determined to learn all the dirty works done by Boris and continues his research. In the absence of Boris, Anita makes treacherous plans. Mustafa starts looking for Bala Hatun to get more information about his past. Lara’s nanny Gulbahar begins to learn more than her limit and feels guilty. Sureyya tries to partner with the state bank to harm Boris. Gulbahar can not last longer and leaves. Meanwhile, Sir Rhodes meets with Sureyya to talk about the bank to be established. A murder is committed in Pera. While investigating this murder, Mustafa and Ali face someone they never thought possible. Boris tries to get closer to Giyasettin to save himself.

In Filinta Season 1, Bala comes to Istanbul and this situation begins to reveal Filinta Mustafa’s bond with Boris. Padishah forgives Mustafa for his services. Boris, Sureyya, and Mustafa look for Bala. Abdullah helps the police to find Bala. Bekri secretly tries to escape from prison. Meanwhile, Boris receives another anonymous message. Esat Pasha has to find out who is trying to kill Hunkar or he will lose his duty. Esat is in a difficult situation because he will either report Boris or lose his duty. The woman trying to kill Padishah kills a person in Galata and this stops the Ottoman British alliance before it starts. Ali’s memory comes back, so Qadi Giyasettin establishes a court. In this court, the histories and reckoning of Riza, Ali, and Mustafa are revealed.

In Filinta Season 1, Meanwhile, Abdullah continues to research about Mustafa’s past and learns something about his family. Mustafa learns that Boris killed his family and goes to his house. Filinta Mustafa talks to Boris but one person hears this talk. British ambassador Sir Hanry jeopardizes Sureyya’s life. Boris receives an order from the Supreme Parliament to which he is affiliated, and this order deeply affects his life. In the season finale, Mecid learns new things in the port and tells them to his father. Esat searches Azize, but Boris has already eliminated her. Giyasettin does the unexpected thing and resigns from the Qadi duty. Giyasettin goes to the police station to see Mustafa, but there are other guests at the station.

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