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Kurulus Osman Episode 115 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 115, Turgut sets out immediately to learn the latest situation in Inegol. Olof starts shouting from the wall of the castle and says that he will kill Turgut soon. While Turgut is trying to understand the situation of the soldiers in the castle, Olof executes a Turk. Turgut gets very angry and returns to the tribe. Osman says he knows Olof’s plan and will not attack him for a while. Konur tells what Olof did in the castle and says that some of the guards were treacherous. Osman says that he thinks Ismihan is innocent in this matter. A short time later, Osman receives a message from Konya. Osman says that Nayman came to the palace with a large army. Malhun asks how many people are in Nayman’s army. Osman says that the army consists of forty thousand people, and he has to make a plan to stop them.

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Olof says that Turgut will try to take back the castle soon. Ismihan comes to Inegol with her soldiers and starts to get angry with Olof. Olof says he has captured this castle for Ismihan and will help her more from now on. Osman says that escaping from the Mongols will not yield any results and begins to explain his plan. Osman says he will send the soldiers ready to die to distract the Mongols and go to persuade the other Beys. Ismihan believes what Olof says and even says that she will help him. Turgut comes to the tribe and tells them what happened in Inegol. Osman asks Turgut to stay calm and asks him to ensure the security of the border area. Bayindir congratulates Oktem and asks him what to do about the approaching Mongolian danger. While Oktem says he is worried, Ismihan comes.

Ismihan says that she will create an army to solve this big problem caused by Osman. Bengi says it is very wrong for Olof to direct Inegol. Ismihan says that she will solve this problem soon to calm Bengi down. Ismihan then asks Bayindir to talk to the other Beys. Bayindir says he will persuade other Beys to join this army. Karesi says he is worried about the Mongols. Yakup says that he will not allow Osman to get stronger and that he will deal with this problem together with Ismihan. Yakup prepares many gifts for Nayman and sends them to Konya. Ulgen and Cerkutay manage to enter the city. Cerkutay tries to silence the little boy in the house and then runs away from the house. Avci talks to Esma and asks her to harm Osman’s children. Esma secretly puts poison on Aladdin’s sword.

Ismihan asks Frigg to be very careful about Olof. Ismihan then sends a message to the Sultan and asks him to send a letter to the Beys. Osman sets out with his friends and begins to rest in a cave. Olof prepares presents for Nayman and asks them to leave immediately. Olof orders the priests and nuns in Kopruhisar to come to the city. Bayindir first goes to Candar and gives him a chest of gold. Bayindir continues to speak and asks Candar to join Ismihan’s army. Candar does not like this offer, but after what Bayindir says about Mesut, he starts to worry. After praying with his friends, Osman sets out again. Ismihan meets with a spy in the forest and gets new information about Nayman from him. Cerkutay wanders around the city and learns of Olof’s new order.

Cerkutaysays that he has to go to Inegol and goes to the forest with Ulgen. Turgut attacks the Byzantine soldiers wandering in the forest and says he will take Inegol back. Aladdin and Orhan begin to practice swordsmanship. Aladdin accidentally cuts off Orhan’s arm. Aladdin realizes that Orhan’s fever is so high and takes him to the tent. Osman visits Candar and tells him that he wants to stop the Mongols with him. Candar learns that Mesut is still alive and says he will kill the Mongolian soldiers with Osman. While Aisha and Bengi are talking about the upcoming marriage, Orhan comes. While Malhun is trying to understand what’s going on, Orhan says he doesn’t feel his hand. Bala immediately calls Kumral. Bengi realizes that Esma put poison on the sword and thinks that Ismihan is doing secret things. Kumral tries to make an antidote but fails.

Osman then visits Karesi and gives him some gifts. Osman says he wants to fight against the Mongols and gives some of his places close to the Byzantine border to Karesi. Karesi understands what Osman wants to do and says he wants to think about this offer for a while. Cerkutay meets Hristo in the forest and enters Inegol with a priest robe he got from him. Aktemur and Uslu start to argue. Bayindir says that Osman’s offer will put Karesi in a difficult situation and that Aktemur is a very impulsive boy. Malhun gets very worried about Orhan and starts praying to Allah. Sheikh calms Malhun and asks her to be more patient. Cerkutay and Ulgen go to church. Olof says that he will establish a new army consisting entirely of Christians in Inegol and asks the priests for help in this matter.

Aladdin blames himself for the wound on Orhan’s arm. Orhan calms down his brother and gets up. Malhun starts to think that her son is recovering, but Orhan soon has a stroke. Osman learns the total number of soldiers of the other Beys and starts to make plans accordingly. While Aktemur is walking around the mansion, a soldier comes and says that Uslu is calling him. Oktem and Bengi are very upset about what happened to Orhan. Ismihan says that Orhan will not die, but that he will never walk again. Aktemur reluctantly goes to Uslu’s room and sees that he is dead. The traitors begin to attack Aktemur. As Karesi is about to accept the conditions Osman wants, a guard tells what happened in Uslu’s room. Karesi goes to the room and believes that Aktemur killed Uslu. As Karesi is about to attack Aktemur, Osman stops him and says all the truth will come out soon.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 115 English Subtitles

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