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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 44 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 44, Kutalmis says that Sultan’s son has now appeared. The Sultan announces that the new heir is Suleiman. Kutalmis does not like this decision and says that no one will listen to Suleiman’s orders. Lord catches Suleiman in Flora’s room and says he will take him to the dungeon. Alexander gets very angry and stabs Suleiman. Lord says that Suleiman should not die and takes him to the hospital immediately. Kutalmis says he will continue to listen to Tughrul’s orders but will take the throne after his death no matter what. Alparslan says that he will not hesitate to fight against Kutalmis after the death of the Sultan. After Kutalmis leaves the palace, Sultan asks Alparslan to support Suleiman. Alparslan realizes that Suleiman is the new commander and immediately sets out with his soldiers.

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Seferiye opens her eyes and tries to save Melik Shah. Akinay stops Seferiye and asks her not to make sudden movements. Sultan says he will execute Celal, but Altuncan stops him. Altuncan says she wants to know if Celal is her real son. Kutalmis plans to talk to the rebel Beys and seize Surmari with them. Alpagut tells Alparslan what happened to Seferiye. Alparslan immediately takes action to save his wife. Gulce and Serdar manage to escape, but Burkay catches them soon. Alparslan finds Gulce with Seferiye and saves the children from Burkay. At the request of the Sultan, a man goes to the dungeon and checks Celal’s footprint. Alparslan finds the secret letter Burkay is carrying and says that Zeren is a traitor. Lord learns that Suleiman is Sultan’s new heir and tells him that he must survive no matter what.

Alparslan goes to Surmari with his soldiers and asks where Suleiman is. Batur says that Suleiman secretly went to Ani but he still hasn’t returned. Alparslan gets very angry at this situation and says that the soldiers have already started to gather to attack Ani. Kutalmis learns that Alparslan’s soldiers have started to gather to attack Ani and thinks that they will use the forest. Rebels decide to support Kutalmis. Zeren sees Seferiye coming to the city and decides to hide to save her life. Alparslan says that the Lord knows the forest well and that’s why he will secretly capture the bridge. Seferiye asks the soldiers to find Zeren as soon as possible. Zeren talks to Avar and asks him for help. Sultan learns that Celal is the son Altuncan lost years ago.

Alparslan begins to slowly move towards the bridge with a few of his soldiers. A spy in the army immediately goes to Kutalmis and tells him that Alparslan will attack the bridge soon. Altuncan goes to the dungeon and begins to apologize to her son. Celal says he wants to hug his mother one last time and deceives her. As soon as Altuncan enters the cell, Celal stabs her. Kutalmis gives up attacking Surmari and decides to seize the bridge. Kutalmis begins to attack the Byzantine soldiers with his army. Suleiman opens his eyes after a while. Lord tells that the Sultan has chosen Suleiman as his heir. The message sent by the guards on the bridge comes to the Lord. The Lord leaves Ani with his soldiers and goes to the bridge. Sultan says he will never forgive Celal’s crime, but Altuncan stops him. As Alparslan is sneaking around the bridge, he sees Byzantine soldiers fighting.

Seferiye catches Zeren and executes her immediately. Alparslan approaches the bridge and sees Kutalmis fighting the Byzantine soldiers. When the Byzantine soldiers are about to lose the battle, the Lord comes and blows up the bridge. Alparslan is very angry with Kutalmis because the attack plan is ruined. Kutalmis says that he will capture Ani soon and that he is the new owner of this land close to the bridge. Alparslan slaps Kutalmis and asks him to return as soon as possible. The Lord returns to Ani and says that he has changed his mind about Flora’s marriage. Suleiman realizes that he is going to marry Flora and begins to listen to the Lord’s proposal. Celal escapes from the palace and goes to Kutalmis’ tent. Kutalmis says he does not trust Celal but nevertheless gives him a new task. Alparslan goes to Ani and says he came to get Suleiman. Lord says that Suleiman is not a prisoner.

Suleiman says he will marry Flora and a peace treaty will be made between the two states. Alparslan says that this marriage will never happen and that the Sultan will not accept this peace offer. Suleiman tries to calm Alparslan but fails. Lord says Turks will never attack Ani. Alparslan says that the Turks will soon seize Ani and even attack Anatolia. Suleiman starts shouting at Alparslan and says he will persuade the Sultan to make peace. Alparslan and his soldiers leave Ani. After speaking with Flora for the last time, Suleiman sets out for the palace. Sultan explains why he chose Suleiman as heir. Suleiman asks Sultan’s permission to marry Flora and tells him that the Lord wants to make peace. Alparslan comes to the palace and says that this peace agreement is very wrong.

Sultan gets very angry because of what Alparslan said and accepts the five year peace agreement. Suleiman says they will use this opportunity to make the eastern border more secure. After looking at the stars, Kutalmis says it’s time to attack Surmari. Alparslan says that he will not go to Suleiman’s wedding and soon sets off for Surmari. Turks begin to come to Ani for the wedding ceremony. A man begins to advance into the city with his bodyguards. The Lord invites his guests to the dinner table and talks to them about the upcoming wedding. Alexander learns that the Turkish army is coming to Surmari and sends a message to his father. Kutalmis attacks after a short time. Alparlsan tries to stop Kutalmis but fails. Count Leon comes to Ani and stops the wedding ceremony. The Lord goes to Surmari with his soldiers and sees the lifeless body of Alexander.

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