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Kurulus Osman Episode 118 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 118, Nayman says that he will kill the Beys’ children, but Osman stops him. Osman asks Nayman to calm down and says he will find chests full of gold. Nayman does not easily believe what Osman says. Osman says he will find the chests no matter what. Nayman gives Osman one day and says he will wait for him. Nayman then returns to his headquarters with his captives. Yakup starts blaming Osman. Osman says that a great war has started and he will lead the army alone. Turgut continues to fight in the forest. Olof realizes that he will lose the war and begins to retreat. Konur takes the chests full of gold to a safe place and begins to wait for Osman. Dan starts to fight with Turgut and Olof starts to run away.

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Turgut catches Dan in a short time and says that he will use him to capture Olof. Bala asks Bengi not to talk to Frigg. Bengi secretly talks to Alcicek and asks her to kidnap Frigg. Alcicek secretly gives Frigg a knife and says she will release him soon. Osman examines the gold Konur has seized and makes a plan. Osman says that he will eliminate Olof by using Nayman and begins to explain his plan. Osman asks Konur to take the fake gold to a caravansary. While Alcicek is taking Frigg out of the tent, Aisha comes and says the boxes will go to the caravansary. Frigg hears everything spoken and says she will kill the Turks one by one. Alcicek sets off with Frigg shortly after. Osman then goes to talk to Turgut and orders Dan to be taken to Yenisehir.

Konur immediately takes the fake gold to the caravansary and starts to wait. Osman goes to Nayman’s headquarters with Turgut. The shaman starts talking to Osman and asks where the gold is. Osman says he brought something more important than gold. Nayman comes out of his tent and starts listening to Osman. Alcicek stops by the roadside, and the bandits attack. Alcicek helps Frigg escape and asks her not to be caught again. Frigg says she will never forget Alcicek’s kindness and goes to meet Olof. Osman sees that the Bey’s children are alive and says that the chests full of gold are in Olof. Nayman does not believe what Osman says and says it is a trap. Osman says that Olof is a thief and wants to harm the Turks by using this situation. Alcicek goes to the mansion and tells that Frigg has escaped.

Malhun thinks her plan worked and begins to investigate who poisoned Orhan. Esma confesses everything. Malhun asks Esma from whom she got the poison. While Alcicek tries to calm everyone down, Bengi comes. Bengi says Esma is innocent and did everything because Ismihan wanted it. Nayman believes what Osman says and asks him to leave Turgut at headquarters. Osman says he will save Turgut soon. Bengi tells all of Ismihan’s plans. Ismihan says she will go to Konya and will make new plans with the Sultan. Frigg finally finds Olof. Olof wants to return to Inegol, but Frigg mentions the gold in the caravansary. Olof realizes that this gold is very important for Osman and goes to get the gold to harm him. Alcicek talks to her family that night and asks them to support Osman.

Osman calls the Beys to his mansion and delivers the children to them. The Beys thank Osman. Osman says that Beys cannot join the war and sends them from his mansion. Olof goes to the caravansary that night and seizes the chest full of gold. Nayman catches Olof and says he will kill him. Orhan starts walking again after a long time and goes to talk to his father. Osman is very happy to see his son walking and says that he will be fully recovered soon. Olof says he will tell all the truth and stops Nayman. Nayman opens the chest and realizes that the gold is fake. Olof says he fell into Osman’s trap and warns Nayman. Osman says he will attack Nayman’s headquarters and save Turgut. Osman begins to explain the attack plan and gives everyone a task. Orhan says he will protect Yenisehir in his father’s absence.

Nayman asks Olof to go to Inegol and bring more soldiers. Olof realizes that he will attack the tribe and is very happy. Osman prepares to leave with his soldiers the next morning. Oktem comes to the mansion and says he wants to fight alongside Osman. Osman accepts Oktem’s request and immediately executes Dan. Aladdin says that Orhan’s arm will heal soon. Osman’s army slowly surrounds the headquarters. The Turks first attack with arrows and kill the guards. After a while, Osman comes and places small wooden bridges for the horses to cross the pits. The Turkish army then launches a big attack and starts fighting the Mongols. Osman saves Turgut during the war and asks his army to withdraw. Mongolian soldiers follow the Turks to kill them and leave the headquarters.

Osman says he will attack once more and Konur takes action. Mongolian soldiers leaving the headquarters begin to die one by one. The Turks then start blowing up the gunpowder kegs in the headquarters. Osman’s soldiers manage to kill more than half of the Mongols. Kumral Abdal comes to the mansion and begins to tell a story to the children. Some Mongolian soldiers begin to flee the battle. After this great victory, Osman thanks Allah and says that they will return to the mansion. Nayman arrives at headquarters and sees most of his soldiers dead. Nayman says he will kill Osman no matter what and goes to talk to Ismihan. Osman eats with his family that night and says that he will distribute the loot he obtained in the war to all the people. Nayman says that Ismihan secretly supports Osman. Ismihan denies all accusations and says that she hates Osman. Sheikh starts to talk and asks everyone to be a good Muslim.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 118 English Subtitles

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