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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 47 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 47, Suleiman comes to the tribe and asks everyone to obey his order. Alparslan says that he no longer sees Suleiman as his brother and leaves the tribe with a few members of his family. Suleiman tries to stop his mother but fails. Three months pass and Alparslan begins to live in a secret place in the forest. Suleiman constantly searches for Alparslan with his soldiers, but cannot find him. Flora asks Suleiman to stay in the palace now and stop looking for Alparslan. Tughrul wakes up after his dream and realizes that he made a mistake. The palace doctor immediately calls Harun. Grigor says that Suleiman has completely lost himself. Leon says he has put a big prize on Alparslan’s head and that he will find him soon. Grigor says that after Tughrul’s death, everything could get much worse.

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The Sultan starts talking to Harun and asks him to write down what he said to him. Harun prepares his ink and begins to write what the Sultan said. The Sultan says that Alparslan deserves the throne and orders him to rule the country after his death. The Sultan then puts his own seal on this paper. Harun leaves the room and goes to talk to Suleiman. While Suleiman says that Alparslan can do dangerous things, a soldier comes and says that the Sultan has woken up. Alparslan looks at the Byzantine soldiers killed by Yasin and says they should be more careful now. The Sultan says that he realized his mistake and that Suleiman will not take the throne. Suleiman tries to change Tughrul’s decision but fails. The vizier looks at the drop of ink on the ground and begins to suspect Harun. While Suleiman says he has to find Alparslan immediately, the Vizier stops him.

The vizier orders Harun’s capture and sends his soldiers. Soldiers catch Harun in a short time. Vizier takes the paper prepared by the order of the Sultan from Harun and kills him. Alparslan goes to his new tribe with his wife and starts talking to the people there. Suleiman reads Sultan’s order and says again that he wants to find Alparslan. The vizier stops Suleiman and says that Alparslan should not ascend to the throne. Erbaskan plans to leave the castle with Gevher. Leon says the soldiers will find Alparslan soon. Suleiman has a nightmare that night. Suleiman finds himself in a room full of pigeons. Alparslan starts talking to Suleiman. Suleiman says what Alparslan did was wrong and asks him to surrender immediately. Alparslan says he knows everything Suleiman does and is always very close to him.

Suleiman hides Sultan’s order from Alparslan and wakes up shortly after. Flora says she has been looking for Suleiman for hours. While Serdar and Gulce are playing, they get away from the tribe. Leon’s soldiers continue to wander through the forest. Alparslan finds Serdar and asks him to return to the tribe. Suleiman talks to the Vizier and tells him that Alparslan knows everything. Leon lies to Gevher and sends her to Constantinople. Leon later learns that the Byzantine soldiers found Alparslan’s place in the forest and immediately sets out. The vizier calms Suleiman and tells him that no one can take over the palace. The Turkmens in Kutalmis’s army begin to get impatient. Kutalmis says he will not act until Tughrul dies. The palace doctor says that the Sultan has died. While Leon is wandering in the forest, Alparslan starts to attack with arrows. Leon is injured and hides to save his life.

Alparslan says that more Byzantine soldiers will come soon and asks his family to prepare to leave immediately. The vizier says that Kutalmis will come to Rey soon and he has to prepare the army immediately. Flora secretly sends a letter to her father and tells him that the Sultan is dead. Lord then goes to find Leon with his soldiers. Suleiman continues to think that Alparslan will come to the palace soon and gradually loses his mind. While Alparslan is getting ready to set off, he sees a pigeon and reads the message it carries. Alparslan learns that Sultan died and changes his plan. Alparslan orders his family to leave immediately and says he will stop Kutalmis with his friends.

Grigor finds Leon and continues to attack Alparslan. Leon divides his soldiers into groups and orders them to attack. Alparslan kills the Byzantine soldiers in a short time and asks Batur to go talk to Kutalmis. Batur says that Sultan has lost his life and that it is wrong for Suleiman to work with Byzantines. Kutalmis believes what Batur said and says he will go to the palace with his soldiers in Merv. Rasul says it is wrong to only use the soldiers in Merv, but Kutalmis does not change his decision. Kutalmis says he will divide his army into three and attack the palace in this way. Grigor learns that Leon sent Gevher to Constantinople and gets angry with him. Suleiman thinks that Kutalmis will attack the palace soon and begins to panic. The vizier once again tries to calm Suleiman and says he will defend the palace with all the soldiers. On the way to a safer place, Seferiye is stopped by a group of bandits. Hayruts asks Seferiye for money and says they will take her to Leon.

Kutalmis makes a speech and sets out with his army. After receiving Batur’s message, Alparslan begins to tell his friends about his plan. Two soldiers of Alparslan set out to blow up the swamp. Two soldiers take action to roll down the rocks at the top of the valley. Alparslan says he will blow up the bridge leading to the palace. Hassan blows up the water vein under the swamp, thereby stopping part of Kutalmis’s army. Rasul cannot move his army because of the rocks in the valley. Alparslan blows up the bridge and then sets off. Suleiman continues to wait for Kutalmis and says he wants to get his army out of the city. Alparslan comes to the palace and shows the paper in his hand. Suleiman goes to talk to his brother to find out what’s going on. Alparslan says he will attend Tughrul’s funeral, and shows the order in his hand and asks Suleiman to leave the throne.

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