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Kurulus Osman Episode 119 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 119, After attacking Nayman’s headquarters, Osman goes to the forest and starts talking to his soldiers. Turgut says that Mongolian soldiers will attack other Beys. Osman says that Nayman will wait for a while and begins to explain his own attack plan. Osman explains that it is a very good time to take Inegol back and asks his soldiers to prepare for the attack. Turgut starts looking for a way to enter Inegol. Olof says he will avenge Dan and continues to wait for the Emperor’s army. Nayman comes to the castle and begins to tell what Osman did. Nayman learns that the Byzantine army is coming and asks Olof to attack the Turks carefully. Cerkutay receives Osman’s secret message and learns that Turgut will come to the castle soon.

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Cerkutay tells Ulgen what she has to do. Oktem asks Osman what to do, but he does not get an answer from him. Osman then sends his soldiers to important places around Yenisehir. Frigg says she will kill Osman’s children and begins to tell everything she knows about the city. According to what Frigg said, Nayman makes a plan and asks Olof to kill the experienced Turkish soldiers. Malhun calls Bengi to the mansion and asks her to talk to Frigg again. Bengi does not accept this plan at first but soon changes her mind. Bayindir brings chests full of gold but says he needs more money. Ismihan says she will give these boxes to Nayman and will try to keep him busy for a while. Osman goes to talk to Ismihan and says that she should join the army now.

Osman tells Ismihan that all the choices she has made so far are wrong and warns her for the last time. Ismihan says she will think about it and prepares to go to Inegol. Frigg attacks Bengi but stops when she hears what she has said. Bengi says she still wants to take revenge on Osman and asks Frigg to attack secretly. Frigg accepts Bengi’s plan and sets out to attack Osman’s children. Olof begins to attack the Turks with his soldiers. Osman’s friends save the women and children in the village. Frigg enters the city like a merchant and starts looking for Osman’s sons. Bala and Malhun stop Frigg in a street. Frigg says she will kill the Turks and attacks. Bala eventually kills Frigg. Osman goes to his mansion and talks to the rescued innocent people. Shortly after, Bala arrives and tells everyone that she killed Frigg.

Cerkutay neutralizes the guards and tries to open the entrance to the secret tunnel. Turgut comes to the castle by using this tunnel with some of his soldiers. Osman begins to tell how he will attack Inegol that night. Sheikh and Oktem come to talk to Osman. Turgut enters the castle after a while and tells Cerkutay how to open the gate. Nayman checks the gold prepared by Ismihan and warns her harshly. Olof brings the loot he has captured in the village to the castle and starts talking to the priestess. Sheikh congratulates Aktemur and says that other Alps should get married too. Osman says that they will hold Aktemur’s wedding after the conquest of Inegol. The women prepare a ceremony for Alcicek. Osman prays with his soldiers the next morning and asks Allah for help. Orhan says he will protect the mansion and the city until his father returns.

Turgut and Cerkutay wear Byzantine uniforms. Cerkutay says Ulgen will help the women in. Bayindir studies the map of the castle and begins to plan how to escape during the war. Malhun and the other women prepare in the forest to enter the castle. Oktem prepares his soldiers and says he will set out with them. One of the lookouts on the walls tells that Mongolian soldiers are approaching. Oktem immediately closes the gate of his castle and asks his archers to attack. While the Turks are defending the castle, the Mongols break the door and begin to enter. Ismihan goes to Inegol and starts talking to Olof. Ismihan asks Olof not to forget the past. Olof says he doesn’t work for Ismihan anymore and doesn’t even see her as a friend. Ismihan warns Olof and goes to the courtyard to leave the castle. Osman talks to his soldiers before launching the big attack.

Osman says Cerkutay will open the gate of the castle and asks his entire army to be very careful. Turks fight for a long time but lose the war. Nayman says he will not kill Oktem and sets out with him. Ulgen goes back to the entrance of the secret tunnel and starts helping the women. Malhun and Bala enter the castle in a short time. Cerkutay and Turgut secretly begin to approach the entrance of the castle. While walking around the courtyard with Ismihan, Olof sees Turgut and immediately attacks him. Cerkutay tries to open the door alone but fails. Osman moves towards the castle with his soldiers, but cannot enter. Cerkutay asks Ulgen to open the door immediately. A great war begins in the castle. Ulgen opens the castle door, albeit with difficulty, and the Turks enter.

Ulgen then tries to help Cerkutay. Ismihan chooses her side and attacks Olof’s soldiers. Malhun and the women kill the soldiers inside the castle. Boran sees that Cerkutay is injured and immediately calls Kumral. Abdal takes Cerkutay to a safer place. Osman finally catches Olof and says he will execute him. Olof says that Osman cannot do anything and will take his revenge on him soon. The Turks take Inegol back after a difficult battle. As Osman is about to execute Olof, he learns that the Mongols are approaching. Nayman enters with Oktem. Nayman asks Osman to hand over Olof immediately. Ismihan also tries to persuade Osman. Osman says he will not show mercy to anyone from now on. Oktem says he is not afraid of dying and gives Osman permission. Osman executes Olof, and shortly after Nayman kills Oktem.

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