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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 48 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 48, Alparslan goes to the palace and shows the last order of the Sultan to everyone. Suleiman says the soldiers should arrest Alparslan. Toygar calms everyone down and asks no one to act until the truth comes out. The vizier says that Alparslan lied and that this order is false. Toygar looks at the last order of the Sultan and says that it is true. Vizier says that the Sultan died, but he never woke up during his sickness. The soldiers in the palace are very sad about the death of the Sultan. Alparslan says that Suleiman is hiding the truth from everyone. The bandits plan to ask Alparslan for gold for the Seferiye. Kutalmis realizes that the army cannot reach Rey and plans to seek help from other castles. Suleiman claims that Alparslan stole the Sultan’s seal. The vizier realizes that the situation is getting worse and asks Alparslan to leave the palace.

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Grigor requests reinforcements to stop Leon. Leon says that Alparslan alone stopped Kutalmis’ army and then went to the palace. Lord worries about Suleiman and takes immediate action. Alparslan returns to the forest and sends one of his soldiers to find Seferiye. Alparslan then sets off for Merv and says he will take back his father’s lands. Kutalmis wants to return to Merv. The vizier asks Suleiman to announce to everyone that he is the Sultan as soon as possible. Suleiman asks everyone to prepare for Tughrul’s funeral. Toygar and his soldiers enter Merv. Toygar says he wants to talk to Kutalmis and will attack the palace with him. Alparslan uses this opportunity and enters Merv. Alparslan shows the official order in his hand and asks everyone to pay allegiance to him.

Most of the people in the tribe accept Alparslan as the new Sultan. Kutalmis enters Merv alone and starts talking to Alparslan. Kutalmis says he will do everything to become a Sultan from now on and asks Alparslan to be careful. Alparslan’s soldier realizes that Seferiye has been kidnapped. The bandits say that Alparslan must pay a lot of gold for the hostages and send the soldier back. Kutalmis realizes that Suleiman has blocked all roads and immediately takes action to go to Gerdkuh. Lord and Leon go to the palace. As the new Sultan, Alparslan mints coins in his own name. The vizier starts the ceremony for Suleiman to become the Sultan and gives him a lot of things in turn. Suleiman panics a little because he is afraid of Alparslan, but the Vizier calms him down. Alparslan reads Suleiman’s message and learns that his family has been kidnapped.

Alparslan says he will go to Rey to save his family and sets out with Atabey. Suleiman eventually becomes Sultan and asks the Vizier to continue his duties. Suleiman captures Atsiz and sends him to prison. Suleiman says he will save Melik Shah alone and asks the vizier to prepare the soldiers. As Kutalmis approaches Gerdkuh, the soldiers in the castle come out and try to stop him. Kutalmis says he knows that there are few soldiers in the castle and tricks the soldiers to enter. The vizier tells that he has made a plan for Kutalmis and that he will die in Gerdkuh. Alparslan sees the soldiers around the palace and asks them to arrest him. Suleiman prepares Tughrul’s funeral and takes him out of the palace. Alparslan sees Suleiman and says he wants to attend the funeral. Suleiman rejects Alparslan’s request and sends him to prison.

Aybars and his soldiers arrive for the funeral. Leon says that the Vizier is controlling Suleiman and begins to devise a plan to eliminate him. When Alparslan goes to the dungeon, he sees Atsiz and understands everything. Suleiman says he will save Melik Shah and Alparslan will stay in the dungeon. The vizier secretly meets with Leon and tells him where Seferiye is. Leon agrees to kill Seferiye and sets out to go to the forest. Leon then talks to Grigor and begins to explain his plan. Leon says that the Vizier will kill Seferiye, and Suleiman will see everything. The lord is very happy and goes to Ani to prepare the chests. The vizier says that Alparslan will be executed in the palace courtyard, but Aybars stops him. Aybars says that Alparslan should be exiled so that the soldiers will not be restless. Suleiman agrees to this plan.

Gevher realizes that she is going to Constantinople and regrets it very much. Erbaskan says it’s too late for everything now. The soldiers in Gerdkuh wait to kill Kutalmis. Aybars says that after Alparslan leaves the palace, the spies will secretly kill him. Suleman likes this plan and continues to wait in the palace. Lord sends chests and soldiers to Leon. At the request of the Sultan, the vizier takes the chests full of gold and leaves the palace to save Melik Shah. Instead of going to the forest, the vizier goes to an inn and waits for Leon’s message. The bandits attack the group carrying Alparslan and shoot arrows at the soldiers. Alparslan gets out of the carriage and starts attacking the bandits together with the Turkish soldiers. Thanks to the plan of Aybars, Alparslan is free and begins to search for his family.

Leon starts looking for the bandits with his soldiers. Alparslan attacks the bandits’ camp and kills them all. Leon watches everything from afar and waits for the right time to attack. Alparslan says he will attack Vaspurakan the next day after he saves his family. Leon surrounds the Turks and says he will kill them all. Alparslan realizes that Leon heard everything and attacks all Byzantine soldiers. The vizier realizes that Leon could not kill Melik Shah and immediately changes his plan. Alparslan kills the Byzantine soldiers and captures Leon. Suleiman gets very angry and asks the Vizier to find Melik Shah immediately. Suleiman prepares to go to Vaspurakan at the Lord’s invitation. Alparslan tells his friends about the attack plan and hides under Suleiman’s carriage then enters the city. Despite being injured, Leon manages to escape and sneaks into Vaspurakan. While Alparslan is waiting to open the gates of the city, Leon catches him.

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