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Kurulus Osman Episode 121 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 121, Nayman’s soldiers manage to stop Osman in the forest. Osman realizes that the Mongolian soldiers are approaching and begins to wait for a suitable time to attack. The Mongols suddenly begin to attack. Turks defend themselves. Nayman catches Orhan in an alley. Orhan tries to kill the commander but fails. Nayman sees that Orhan is still not fully recovered and asks him to come to headquarters. Turgut comes to help the Turks in the forest and kills a lot of Mongolian soldiers with arrows. Osman escapes this trap and executes Nayman’s commander. Aladdin sees Orhan talking to a man and says they have to go to the mansion. Orhan says everything is fine and goes to another place.

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Bengi talks to Alcicek and asks her to convince Aktemur. Alcicek does not want to rush but continues to listen to her mother. Bengi says they have to choose the new Bey as soon as possible. Alcicek agrees to talk to Aktemur to protect her father’s legacy. Bala realizes that Bengi is planning something and talks to Aisha about it. Aisha cannot believe what she is hearing. Malhun says that Bengi wants to declare Aktemur the new Bey. Aisha says she will never let Bengi control Aktemur. Osman says that Nayman will attack the cities soon and asks Turgut to protect Inegol carefully. Osman then sets out to go to Sogut with his soldiers. A woman tries to shop at the market. Meanwhile, Cerkutay comes to the market and buys a fabric. The old woman says she wants this fabric and hits Cerkutay.

Kumral says Cerkutay is crazy and saves him. Alcicek tells the situation of the tribe to Aktemur and asks him to be the new Bey. Aktemur does not like this offer and says he needs to talk to his uncle. Alcicek tells Aktemur to hurry and go to the tribe as soon as possible. Aktemur says he will think about this offer. Nayman sees his dead soldiers in the forest and realizes that Osman is still alive. Osman goes to the inn and blames Ismihan for what Bayindir did. Ismihan says she doesn’t know anything about Bayindir’s treachery, but she will punish him. Osman stops Valide and says they will use Bayindir. Bayindir thinks that he will sell his goods in all Mongolian lands by using the trade document he received from Nayman and is very happy. Cerkutay presents the fabric he bought to Ulgen. Malhun thinks Orhan is missing and starts to panic.

Aladdin says that Orhan talked to a dervish and then went to another place. Bala gives orders to the soldiers to find Orhan. Nayman sees Orhan coming to the headquarters and agrees to talk to him. Osman asks Konur to follow Bayindir secretly and then talk to Turgut. Orhan drinks the medicine prepared by the shaman and faints. Bayindir goes to talk to Nayman and tells him that Osman is still alive. Nayman now believes Bayindir is loyal to the Mongols. When Bayindir sees Orhan, he panics and says that Osman will attack him. Nayman says that the document in Bayindir’s hand is fake and begins to tell him about his new mission. Bayindir agrees to bring the seal from Talay to Nayman and prepares to set out.

Osman returns to the mansion and starts talking to the women. Osman says Orhan went to talk to Nayman and asks everyone to calm down. Nayman asks the Vizier to go to the palace and kill the Sultan there. Orhan hears everything Nayman tells. Osman says that he will have dinner with his whole family that night and asks Bengi to come to the mansion. Orhan secretly goes to the barn and hides in one of the chests there. Ismihan begins to make a plan to kill Bayindir. Sheikh prays before eating. After Osman eats, he starts talking to Orhan and asks him what he learned. Orhan says what Bayindir and Vizier will do soon. Osman realizes that Nayman let Orhan escape and says he will make another plan. After dinner, Osman wants Aktemur to marry Alcicek.

Valide reads Osman’s message and says she will be on her way soon to talk to him. Osman congrats to the newly married couple. Osman’s soldiers sing for Aktemur. The next morning, the soldiers begin to prepare for the attack. Osman cancels the attack plan and says they will defend the city. Soldiers begin to put barrels of gunpowder and spears on the streets of the city. Nayman sets out with his soldiers to attack the meeting place in the forest. Bayindir takes action to get the seal. After talking to Konur, Turgut begins to follow Bayindir. Osman begins to explain Nayman’s true plan to Valide and says that the Vizier is a traitor. Valide realizes that Sultan’s life is in danger and says she wants to go to Konya immediately. Osman asks Valide to be patient and says Bala will help her. After a short time, Bala and Valide set out to go to Konya.

Aktemur goes to the tribe with his wife. Bengi says there will be an election soon and asks Aktemur to be the new Bey. Malhun and Aisha immediately oppose this offer. Aktemur cannot understand why his mother is so angry. Bengi goes to her tent and starts the meeting. Nayman goes to the forest and finds no one there. Nayman sees the message Osman left and asks his soldiers to attack the city. Osman tells the defense plan to his soldiers and begins to wait for the arrival of the Mongolian army. While the Beys in the meeting are complaining, Aktemur comes and says that he accepted Bengi’s offer. Some of the Mongolian soldiers enter the city, but the Turks kill them in a short time. On his way to get the seal, Turgut stops and arrests Bayindir. Valide goes to the palace with Bala and starts looking for the Sultan. The vizier attacks Bala in the garden of the palace. Osman goes out of the city to talk to Nayman. Nayman challenges Osman to a duel.

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