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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14, Hayreddin eats and prays with his family. Luna thanks for everything and says she wants to go home. Hayreddin starts to ask Seyyare questions and tries to understand who the people who kidnapped her before are. Seyyare says she saw Sukufe and suspects Sahsuvar. Hayreddin then goes to the courtyard and starts sword training with Luna. Nazife realizes that Hayreddin loves Luna. Luna says she doesn’t know anything about Seyyare’s abduction and returns home. Marcella asks Luna to stop doing bad deeds, but she cannot convince her. Seyyare says that she will reveal the true face of Sahsuvar. Salih once again visits Medici and threatens him.

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Medici learns the reason for the explosion in the palace and says that the patriarch in Payitaht has a document in his home. After Charles recovers, he wears the crown again and says he will avenge Suleiman. Salih writes on a piece of paper that the important evidence about the Pope’s son is in the patriarch’s house and sends it to Hayreddin. Kandiyeli tells Barbaros what happened in the palace and says that the Pope has a son he hid from everyone. Dervish says this is not possible. Barbaros asks Kandiyeli to send a message to Salih. Aydin tells that Doria’s ship has left Istanbul, but that he has secretly returned with the boats. Hayreddin asks his friends to gather information using the dagger used by the knights. Luna gets angry with Sahsuvar for what Kemankes has done. Sahsuvar says she is not afraid of dying and will continue to keep the secret. Kemankes says that the traitor they are looking for is Sahsuvar and he has to give the seal to Pargali.

Sahsuvar says she is controlling a lot of Pasha. Pargali finally returns to the palace and begins to tell Hunkar what happened during the expedition. Hunkar asks Kemankes to return the seal to Pargali. Pargali says that he arrested Ibrahim because of his wrong decisions. Sultan does not like this decision of Pargali and says he will make Hayreddin grand admiral. Pargali says that Hayreddin cannot do this task well and that Kemankes is more talented. Pope asks Charles to be patient and wait for an opportune moment to take revenge. Pargali continues to defend Kemankes and says that Barbaros is actually a pirate. Hunkar says Kemankes cannot win against Doria. Pargali asks Hunkar for some time to prove he is right. Sahsuvar goes to talk to Kemankes and tells him that she is actually working with Pargali. Kemankes says Pargali is a very strong and loyal Pasha.

Aydin finds a painting and brings it to Dervish. Dervish says this painting is actually a mosaic in a mosque. Dervish says that the man who drew this picture will go to this mosque. Marcella talks to Luna again and asks her to tell Hayreddin everything. After thinking for a while, Luna agrees to tell Barbarossa everything. Luzatto hears what Luna is saying and takes action to eliminate Marcella. Aydin goes to the mosque with his friends and begins to wait for the man who painted the mosaic. Kemankes says he talked to Sahsuvar again and Pargali is doing secret things. Pargali talks to Sahsuvar and asks her to call Luna. Aydin sees a man in the mosque and starts following him. This man walks into an alley. When Aydin is about to attack the man, Doria’s soldiers come.

The soldiers capture Aydin and take him to a dungeon. Marcella sees everything and moves to talk to Barbarossa. Kemankes goes to talk to Pargali. Pargali says he has the plan to control the entire Mediterranean and asks Kemankes to work for him. Luna meets Pargali and says she will continue to do her father’s work. Pargali says he knows where is the island Luna is looking for and asks her to protect this secret alliance. Luna says she will persuade Doria to talk to Hayreddin. Kemankes says that Pargali wants to control Hayreddin. Barbaros says he will never work with Doria. Kandiyeli tells everyone that the knights kidnapped Aydin. Doria learns that Pargali has a job offer and agrees to meet him. Hayreddin learns that the document about the Pope is on an island.

Barbarossa asks his soldiers to capture this document and says he will go to talk to Doria. Seyyare talks to a woman and learns that Sukufe accidentally killed a man years ago. Murat tells Doria that Barbarossa is looking for a document about the Pope. Doria is delighted to learn this information and immediately sends a message to the King. Marcella secretly goes to the dungeon and tells everything about Luna to Aydin. Seyyare goes to Ayaz’s house and says she knows everything about Sukufe. Luzatto kidnaps Marcella and takes her to the dungeon. While going to the island, Dervish prays with Hayreddin and asks Allah for help. Doria sends his soldiers to different parts of the island and asks Christopher to wait with Aydin. Seyyare finds out that Marcella has been kidnapped and starts looking for her.

Pargali says that he will be the new king of France by using Doria and Hayreddin. On the way to the patriarch’s house, Hayreddin’s soldiers begin to fight with Doria’s knights. Pargali says he wants to buy Doria and offers him four times what Charles paid. Doria likes this offer but says it is very difficult to convince Barbarossa. Pargali makes the same offer to Hayreddin and asks him to work with Doria. Luzatto realizes that Seyyare knows a lot and decides to send her to a distant island. The Turks go to the patriarch’s house and seize the document about the son of the Pope. Hayreddin says he will only work for Hunkar. Doria and Hayreddin start to fight on the beach. Christopher injures Aydin and goes to the beach with him. After reading Doria’s message, Charles poisons the Pope. After Doria receives the document, he releases Aydin. Hayreddin goes to help his friend but Aydin dies after a short time.

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