Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 130 (Season 4 Episode 32) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 130 (Season 4 Episode 32) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 130 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 130, Even if you win against me they will continue the fight and take these lands as their own. Come. I will report them too. Don’t worry. I will bury those who want a piece of my nation on its soil. Bury them, Osman. Bury them. Once I come back I’m going to bury you too. Do you think I’m letting you go? You can’t go anywhere. Osman Bey. Nayman’s head is Gazan Han’s right. He will go to Tebriz with a good team. Gazan Han wants Nayman alive. Osman Bey. I’m not joking.

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You will accept Gazan Han’s rule who has saved you many times. Nayman’s head is not your right. As Esrigul Hatun wishes. Ayaz come here. Yes, my bey. Alps. You will go to Nayman’s headquarters. Guards are waiting there. No one will go in. We’re going to Yenisehir. Come on get him up. Beys. Don’t forget. These two big armies will join each other. Sir. Sir Osman. He has cornered Nayman. It’s at any moment now he catches him. Osman won’t stop with Nayman. Like his ancestors, he’ll want more.

Osman must have his eyes on our castles already. We need to go to our castles and take precautions. Tekfurs. . . The era of hiding behind walls is over. We’ll attack. We will end the Turks in a field. How will we do that without Nayman’s army Tekfur Valens? I’ll go to Constantinople. I’ll ask Imperial Andronikos for his army. We won’t need the Emperor’s support if we rescue Nayman. No one can save Nayman from Osman anymore. Nayman is a dead man now.

Soon, I will kill Osman and then take his people and everything that he has. Prepare the horses, Leo. Move! Move! Here comes the dog! Move! Move! Move! Move! Hit him! I will kill all of them! All of them! You’re all going to die. What are you waiting for? Kill him? Hold on, now. Just stop and let me through. This is nothing compared to what you have done. You’ll see now. I’m not going to let you walk to your own death.

Make way! What is that, Osman Bey? Everyone gets what they deserve. Come on, now. Come to your end. Come meet your end! Let’s go. Move! Move! People! Here! The one behind all that evil and schemes. The dog called Nayman is in front of you! Now, Esrigun Hatun says that his head belongs to Gazan Khan. But I am saying that the best enemy is the dead one. He tortured my people.

He spilled my people’s blood. Now his blood is ours to spill. What you’ll do will have consequences, Osman Bey. Nayman will go to Tabriz and Gazan Han will deal with him. No. No. I’ll never let him get away again. Gazan Han can have his head. My death will birth revenge, Osman. The fight is bigger than revenge. Whoever is there that wants land from our soil will all be destroyed. And your head will be shown to them. Osman Bey.

Tengri I’ve fought for you and I’ll die for you. But. Everything will be properly done. Your time has come. What have you done Osman Bey? I did what was necessary. Without hesitation! You hunted Gazan Khan’s prey, how are you going to explain that!? The prey belongs not to the one that wants to hunt it but to one that cuts its head off! Tell that to Gazan Khan! Boran, bring me that head. Come on, follow me. Here! Another evil man lost his head!

But there are many others! They all wait in ambush for us! Now, before they attack, we will strike! The conquests will not stop! Alps! Send word to all tribes, properties, and nearby villages. Every brave man that can use a weapon will stand beside us! As you command my Bey! The Sanjacs of the Turks will unite under one Sanjac now! We will attack the oppressors! Allah is the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! Long live Osman Bey!

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