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Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi (The Conqueror) with English and Urdu Subtitles free

Mehmed: The Conquerer is the TV Series about the life of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fateh, who Conquered Constantinople. The Series starts from the 15th century. In 1451, Shehzade Mehmed departed from Manisa to Edirne to ascend the throne after the death of his father Murad Khan. and he has a big dream. Conquest of Constantinople, the most precious city. However, in front of his big dream, there will be big obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Shehzade Orhan, another candidate for the throne, was in Constantinople. Emperor Constantinos wants to put Shehzade Orhan in charge of the Ottoman Empire and decides to send him to Edirne. Chandarli Halil Pasha, who is waiting for them in Edirne, will support who for the throne, this will lead to a new era in the Ottoman Empire.

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In Mehmed Bir Cihan TV Show, Mehmed came to the city where he was dethroned many years ago to become Sultan once again. The memories of his childhood in Edirne collapse on him like a nightmare. While he thinks about what he will decide about Chandarlı, he goes after Shehzade Orhan who is claiming the throne. When Orhan took refuge in Byzantine land, all balances changed. Eleni, who was forced to marry Orhan, faced Mehmed in Edirne. Byzantine is coming to the brink of war with the Ottomans, the decision of Sultan Mehmed will change the course of history. Mehmed, who came to Edirne with the support of Mara Hatun, manages to sit on the throne with the power of the principalities that joined him.

Chandarlı Halil Pasha has nothing to do but submit to Mehmed. Orhan, which was supported by the Byzantines, was late. Orhan, who has become the target of Mehmed, cannot follow the plans of the Greek Emperor Constantinos. In the face of the news that Mehmed came to the throne, the Byzantine Empire was forced to make new moves. They are aware of the danger that will come when Mehmed came to the throne. Because they know that Mehmed will fight for his Constantinople dream. Moreover, the support of Orhan by the Byzantine Empire causes Mehmed to be more dedicated.

Behind secret doors, Sultan Mehmed continues to work for the conquest of Constantine. For this cause, Zaganos Pasha, Sahabeddin Pasha, Architect Muslihuddin and his mentor Aksemseddin prepare the plans for Constantinople behind the hidden walls of the Ottoman palace. Hiding his plans from the Grand Vizier Chandarli Halil Pasha and Ishak Pasha, Mehmed is determined not to repeat his mistakes many years ago. Chandarli has other plans to control Sultan Mehmed. Mara Hatun, the mother of Sultan Mehmed, will take her share from these plans. But this is not the greatest danger in the path of conquest. Byzantine Emperor Constantinos wants to cooperate with Chandarli Halil Pasha. Stating that he wanted to marry Mara Hatun, Constantinos took action for the Crusade. Constantinos, who is familiar with Mehmed’s Constantinople dream, is preparing to make counter-moves.

Mehmed and Delibash came to Constantinople in disguise and came as a result of the monk Gennadios’ call for help. Mehmed, who takes action to prevent the Crusade from convening, succeeds. The failure of Crusade unity with the Sultan Mehmed’s move confused the Byzantine Palace. After the events, all the Turks in the city whose doors were closed by the order of Constantinos were questioned by the Byzantine soldiers. The capture of Sultan Mehmed and Delibash is a matter of time, they are trapped in the city. On the other hand, Melike move’s made by losing herself against her jealousy in Edirne; It causes Sultan Mehmed to learn the secret he has hidden from everyone. Melike’s learned will also activate Chandarli Halil Pasha. The circle around Sultan Mehmed is gradually shrinking both in Edirne and Constantinople.

Aksemseddin expresses that fate has chosen Mehmed at every opportunity and increases the faith of Sultan Mehmed Khan in himself. Mehmed, with the help of Eleni and the pashas, ​​can calculate how to conquer Constantinople. As Mehmed prepares to make moves for Constantinople, the Byzantine Emperor Constantinos makes a plan for Mehmed. Constantinos thinks of using Orhan as his last trump card. Constantinos, who once again plans to confront Mehmed and Orhan, is ready to do anything for revenge. After Demetrios was taken hostage, Constantinos thinks that he can defeat Sultan Mehmed with the familiar Byzantine games and establishes a new game and enables Karamanoghlu to invade the Ottoman lands. He thinks that he will squeeze Sultan Mehmed into the corner with Orhan, who has become his toy again. Yet Constantinos does not know that Sultan Mehmed is aware of everything. He does not know that when they are after small games, swords are sharpened, balls are made, and galleys put down to water one by one. He does not know that praying lines are getting crowded, the faith is refreshed, the sounds of prayer rising from Edirne to the sky are already echoing in the domes of Hagia Sophia. And he does not know that Constantinople will surely be conquered and the beautiful commander who will conquer it will keep his promise to his father and turn the Ottoman state into a world state.

Constantinos cannot accept the abduction and hostage of his brother Demetrios. Moreover, Mara Hatun went to the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinos cooperates with Karamanoghlus against Mehmed. Karamanoghlu begins to invade the lands belonging to the Ottoman Empire. Constantinos, who waged war against the Ottoman Empire with the Byzantine games, aims to end Mehmed’s dreams of Constantinople. But this will not be easy for Constantinos.  An attempt is made against the Karamanoghlu who attempt to invade the Ottoman lands. Mehmed and other Pashas, ​​who predicted that the Byzantine Empire was helping to Karamanoghlu, wanted to solve this problem for Constantinople as soon as possible.

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